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  When God Speaks ...

His Words are like a lamp,
in the darkness, to give direction.

His lamp lights the way, with instruction.

His instruction meets the need of our heart,
wherein it becomes our choice to follow Him.

When His Words are hidden in our heart,
We find the path that leads to Him.

© by Joyce C. Lock


Diana, goddess of the moon and forest
Plays soft mystical music on her flute
Unicorns come out prancing in the moonlight
She rides the white one under her spell,
and when he stops she feeds him fruit
Impish she may seem, although very kind
Diana has magical spells men are mesmerized
Beauty is her grace, flowers in her hair, smiling face
Her persona and stories told are immortalized
She loves the evening air and plays softly on her flute
If you listen ever so closely you can hear her muse
Sometimes you may see her shadow in the sheer moonlight
Surrounding her are all pretty colors of all different hues
When you see her you will experience her enchantment

© Joyce Ann Geyer

Thank you Lord for imagination. Knowledge is limited,
but imagination is endless.



Life's Sea

Sailing upon the sea of life
The endless waves continue to touch your soul,
Giving you times when your spirit is " up",
And then at times when you're down in a hole,

The sea of life has times of peace,
Times when life's sailing is smooth and strong,
But there are times of storms and thunder
When your life seems to be in chaos and everything is going wrong,

Life's sea is constant and forever moving,
Your destination is landing on Heaven's plain,
With God as your compass you'll be all right,
You will disembark one day and meet His Holy name

©Anne R.C. Neale



The announcement of Jesus’ birth
was not made to those in power.
It was broadcast by the light of one star
instead of a huge meteor shower.

When Jesus was but a child
Herod searched him out to kill.
Herod was not successful
since a prophecy was yet to fill.

Jesus was just a baby
but already an enemy of the state.
The secret He was carrying
for thirty-three years must wait.

At the Passover feast
Joseph looked for sacrificial sheep.
Clinking of silver coins
is a sound Jesus would keep.

Jesus was missed on the return trip.
They returned thinking He did stray.
“Did you not know I would be in my Father’s house?”
are the words Jesus did say.

Mary shrugs her shoulders at Joseph at the explanation Jesus gave.
Jesus was engulfed in mystery by the way He did behave.
When the time came for Jesus to leave home
He may have swept the carpenter shop once more.
Though Mary knew Jesus would leave one day
His departure left her heart sore.

Jesus may have given Mary a goodbye hug,
brushed away a tear, and stroked her cheek.
After one last tearful hug and kiss
the path God planned for Jesus,
He must now seek.

©Richard E. Funnell


Where Would I Be Without You
My Loving Friend

Where would I be without you, my loving friend
Jesus, sent a bouquet of flowers,
An angel given with all his heart
You and I were meant to be
Loving friends from the start

Where would I be without you
If Jesus did not hear my call
I was locked in a maze
For I was all alone
I needed someone
Who could find my all

Where would I be without you
If Jesus did not see my tears
I guess I would have wandered
Year after painful year

Where would I be, my loving friend
If Jesus did not hear my prayer
I would never have found myself

So I want you to know
How very dear you are
I can now help others
Find their shooting star
Where would I be without you
My loving friend, I am where you are.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet














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