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A Missing Piece

There is an emptiness in my heart
That will never ever be filled,
My husband has been called to God,
It is programmed by God's Will.

I feel a part of me is not whole,
A piece is missing and is gone,
His soul is up in Heaven now
Listening to the Angel's song,

Life's path is entwined with those we love,
Our spouses, our family and our friends,
But a piece of me is missing now,
Never to be replaced again, Amen.

©Anne R.C. Neale




Jesus stepped from heaven to flesh.
Yet not one sin could He claim.
After His baptism
He stepped down further
to take on our guilt and shame.

God looked down at Jesus with love.
At His son He was pleased and glad.
Prouder could no other father be
than of the Son that God had.

Soon Jesus preached,
cast out demons, and healed many sick.
Later on in time twelve disciples,
it will be time to pick.

Jesus faced strong temptations
as into the desert He was led.
After refusing to turn stones into bread
a cave was often his bed.

Offering our King the entire world
was a scheme that was Satanís best.
Jesus saw through the sham
and scored 100% on the test.

Satan recoiled and slithered off
to return at a more opportune time,
thinking Jesus would be more weak
and vulnerable and not in His prime.

©Richard E. Funnell



My Saviour

You came into my life
When I was lonely and scared
You showed me kindness
When my fears were frailed
You entered my heart
When darkness was there
Your love lifted my spirits
Like Heaven's golden flare
The footprints, I followed
To see where they lead
Among Heaven's doorway
An Angel appeared
A golden halo, surrounded her silken hair
Her soft-feathered wings, flows gently in the air
As loving arms reached out
To those that were waiting there
"Come", her voice echoed
"Your Saviour welcomes you
Follow thy footprints, He's waiting for you".

©Marty Ford


Letting Go

The noonday sun filled the azure sky,
the heat baked the coral sand

Waves lapped silently at the shore
of this warm and distant land

He sat gazing at rocky shoals
as surf pounded through the reef

It was here he came day after day
to find solace for his grief

She'd died in his arms that September night
in a place so far away

He'd kissed her lips and held her close saying,
 "Why can't you stay?"

"It's not my will to leave," she said,
with voice so soft and low

But remember this, my love for you
stays with you even when I go

Then silently she slipped from him,
her earthen shackles shed

His eyes gave forth a rush of tears
for he knew that she was dead

Now here he was just two years past
still living with the pain

He had to learn to live again,
to be void of clouds and rain

He watched the sea as it came to him
on cat feet sure and swift

There was comfort there in the salty air
and his spirits began to lift

"I'll make it, Lord," he said to Him,
Your sea shall be my guide

It brings me up and gives me strength,
no more do I have to hide

He rose in place and turned to go,
leaving sand and surf behind

He knew he'd won, he had caught the sun,
she then gently left his mind.

©Dave Allen Kelly 1989



Somewhere In Time....

Existence is yet a light whisper,
Not ever will my heart hold,
The heartache Iím taking in alone,
Love's a mystery untold.

I know youíre here this moment with me,
Timeless are we just believe,
My love holds on without end and is,
Always for you to receive.

Only to reach through the winds of time,
Will we now be together,
Love never dies or ever goes far,
When sharing one another.

Whispers touch my soul I know youíre near,
Instantly the love of you,
Covers me while I am embracing,
Visions of you in my view.

Can you sense me with you this moment,
Feel my lips on yours to kiss,
I realize my love for you lives,
In a time weíll never miss.

Somewhere in time you and I have love,
Carry on our destiny,
To be timeless wherever we are,
For love is lifeís mystery.

©Sondra McPherson
02 February 2007




Love touches hearts,
Brings smiles to faces,
Arms gather close,
Cherished one embraces.

Love reaches deep,
Imbuing emotions,
Last a lifetime,
Ensuring devotion.

Love reflects in eyes,
Creating a shine,
Brought forth in glances,
Sweet love so divine.

Love is a treasure,
Found in friendship,
Family young and old,
Hold dear kinship.

Love speaks softly,
Words of endearment,
Soothes aching hearts,
In soulful abatement.

Love is eternal life,
A home in Heaven
Freed by the cross,
A promise given.

Love is God,
Creator of all,
He lifts me up,
Each time I fall.

Love is death,
Raised from the tomb,
The perfect rose,
God's sweet perfume.

Gayle Davis©
21 September 2006



Now And Forever

Now and forever, I will stand at your side
I am in every thing you see
I know just how much you believe in me
I am the earth you hold
I am the ocean breeze
When you see the ships
Standing tall, remember I am part of it all

Now and forever, I will see your face
The sweetest voice which is dearer than my own
I can taste the salt from your lips
For I am the dolphin flying in the air
I am everywhere

Now and forever, I am the grass, which grow so sweet
You are the most beautiful one I ever knew
I am the stars at night, the nightingale who sings
I am in the universal, which The Lord made
So you see I have not gone

Now and forever, in my soul, I keep
The vision of you is in my spirit
Which is new, you are so close
I can touch you.
Eternity is always
I will wait at the gate
For you to come through.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet




Peppermint Sticks

Grandpa was a poor man,
living in the sticks of KY,
with rat holes in the walls,
coal for heat, a
kerosene lamp for light ...

and food out doors ~
that you had to pick,
dig, or kill for; provided
you wanted to eat.

But, as oft as he knew
we were coming, he would
make the long trip into town
and buy a box of old fashioned
pepper mint sticks ~ for us girls to eat.

After he was gone,
uncles carried on the tradition.
Yet, an old fashioned peppermint stick
reminds me of my grandfather,
still, today.

His gesture of kindness
is all that I remember.
But, my heart somehow knows
that a peppermint stick
represents love.

© by Joyce C. Lock





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