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Mama's Bible

I returned to the home place,
Dreading to step just inside,
It has been a long time now,
Since my precious Mama died.

I remember her sitting by the window,
Bible lay open on her lap.
She was traveling to see her sweet Jesus,
The Bible served as her road map.

I look around almost expecting,
To see her face with a smile,
Yet I know it cannot be again,
She has traveled her last mile.

Slowly I go from room to room,
Each filled with memories returned,
As I enter Mama's bedroom,
Tears fell as her presence I yearned.

Next to the bed on a table,
Just as when she put it there,
Lay her treasured Bible still open,
With a pink rose she placed with care.

I picked the rose for her the day she died,
Pink roses were her favorite flower,
She said they held the fragrance of Jesus,
And she could feel His awesome power.

I dry my still falling tears,
Oh Lord, I miss Mama so much,
I lift her open Bible,
The dried rose crumbles at my touch.

I will treasure Mama's Bible,
As a remembrance on display,
A reminder of her deep faith,
I will replace the rose each day.

When the fragrance fills the room,
Thoughts of my dear Mama will e'er be there,
She taught me to look to God,
With her memory His fragrance I'll share.

Gayle Davis©
25 March 2007



JESUS Part 3 of 8 At Passover

Passover became commercialized.
A sight Jesus did not behold.
Instead of worship and praise
overpriced animals were sold.

Jesusí face may have flushed
His neck veins protrude
as a whip out of tethers
He made that was very crude.

Before releasing animals
and overturning changerís tables,
Jesus may have used a pillar
as a brace while saying,
ďHow dare you turn my Father's house
 into a marketplaceĒ.

On this particular occasion
His anger Jesus did not hide.
Money changers ran out quickly
as on animal manure they slide.

Religion had become big business
 and the priests lived ever so well.
Making money and gold their God
was a practice at which they excel.
The churchís policy had become
 power, money and greed.
Hearts no longer contain love,
kindness and good deed.

Enjoying the good life
hardened many leaderís heart.
They will later get even with Jesus.
Falsely charging Him will be how they start.

©Richard E. Funnell

All I Know Of Love

When I see your face in my mind
You are all I need or ever need to find
All I know of love is in your voice
You are in the stars shining through
I have so much love, in my heart for you.

I see your soul in your eyes
Let me sing to you what I know is true
All I am, is all in you
Days come and go, yet I will be
To my end, forever in love with you

All I know of love, is in your name
I call at night, I hold you in my arms
Across the distance to your heart
Keep me safe in your embrace
Your arms hold me to your chest
So I can rest and make the best
Of loving you.
So stay with me, in my soul
Now and forever, never let me go.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet



Looking Out Our Windows

I see out my window tonight the neighbor's lights
As they softly glow of the winter's snow.
As I gaze I spy someone waving across the row.
Smiling brightly, a moment is shared.

Stars in the heavens shining so brightly,
Casting down In the cold winter's snow.
A full moon above us lighting our paths,
In an ever so lovely and beautiful glow.

I wonder what lies outside your window there,
Where the air is warm and skies are blue.
As you gaze at wondrous beauty, do share.
What glory do you spy through the window clear.

The dawn is breaking the night,
Golden rays of sunshine opens a new day.
Such a beautiful and glorious sight,
Images of nature's lovely array.

Such a sight is so invitingly serene,
One of glorious expectation.
The day to come in full bloom.
To share on hazy afternoon.

The chirping of the birds, the buzzing of the bees.
Blending nature's harmony, into such sweet melodies.
Up above there are white clouds and blue skies;
One can see the gentle flutter of colorful butterflies.

Blue and grey skies mixing gently,
The grass all brown peaking a look.
Soon to have those butterflies here too.
Outside my window.

Dusk is creeping upon us now,
The sun so slowly setting.
Oh what a lovely day it has been,
Looking out side my window.

©James R. Greene
Doreen Cyr
March 8, 2007


If I Could

If I could I'd be anything but me.
I'd be a stone that someone would toss into the sea.
I could be a tree, where birds nest and kids climb to see.
I could be a flower, enjoyed today, gone tomorrow.
I live a life as empty as can be.
If I could, I'd be anything, but me.

©Leona Koziarski

As He Hung on the Cross

He asked for their forgiveness;
the ruler was killed;
The Creator was destroyed.

Truly, they knew not what they did,
and He asked His Father
the crucifiers, them, to forgive.

 ©Carol Dee Meeks



Angel Of Light

Angel, angel guardian dear
Bless my day and fill it with cheer
Guide me; protect me, and thank you for your love
Sent from Godís Kingdom high above

I hope to meet you one day in His Great Heaven
I know Iíll feel like Iím on cloud seven
We will both kneel and bow to Our Lord in prayer
All of us Christians love Our Lord and He is ours to share

That great day to go forward into Heavenís gate
We can confess all of our sins itís never too late
Angel, angel guardian dear you have watched me since my birth
You have guided me, loved me and guarded my spiritual rebirth

All of us are human and most have gone astray
During these times you have never gone away
Ever so hopeful that I would see the light
Keeping a vigil and praying for my sight

I thank all of my guardians who hoped Iíd improve
Thank you Lord above all, my sins you did remove
I am patient waiting for that day to reach heavenís gate
Thy will be done Lord, I feel this is my fate

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2007



"For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth
to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed
to him."
2 Chronicles 16:9

The Village Carpenter

He was twelve when He spent three days in the Church,
He was aware of His importance and what was to come,
He remained a Village Carpenter for many years,
John the Baptist foretold of Him as God's son,

The Village carpenter began to preach to who would listen,
He never sinned at all, He was now thirty three,
He was arrested and then He was crucified,
He showed us life exists after death, our immortality,

The Village Carpenter is still alive today,
We can pray to Him and give Him our Thanks and our praise,
He watches over us and loves us dearly,
He deeply loves us and guides us all of our days.

©Anne R.C. Neale
16 April 2007



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