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The Bible and The Rose

The Bible and The Rose will always,
Portray in my heart Godís Love for us,
Through His only Son and our sweet Lord,
Who wept tears of blood for us to bless.

Chapter and verse reiterate Love,
The greatest Gift ever found and known,
Is uncovered in inspired stories,
From the Rose Who forever has shone.

The Bible stands in such high honor,
And everyone should always select,
For sweet peace of Godís Majesty spreads,
So beautiful we must not neglect.

For through it all there is His beauty,
The fragrance of the Lordís Love for us,
Every chapter you read He is there,
To give of Himself and then caress.

The Bible and Rose enfold all round,
After all Jesus loved us so much,
He shed His precious blood to redeem,
Divine purityís in His touch.

Our prayers unite our souls with God,
To become closer and reconciled,
For there is none like Him to go to,
O precious Savior gentle and mild.

The Bible and The Rose will always,
Emerge with life giving hopes and dreams,
As they spring eternal in my heart,
Expressing such a Love my soul beams.

Precious priceless treasures I behold,
And lay eyes on and perceive this sweet,
Smelling aroma Godís Son Jesus,
The Savior of all mankind I greet.

©Sondra McPherson
02 May 2007


A Dirt Road

Somewhere there is a dirt road,
Long and narrow and traveled much,
Where trees form a blanket,
And branches lightly touch,

Shadows from the sun,
Float down through the trees,
Like patterns of light,
Caught in a breeze.

Many footprints line this road,
Left by travelers on their way,
The road ahead promised more,
The road behind begged them to stay.

Along this road in wild profusion,
Berry vines twist along the fences.
And growing in colored masses,
Wild flowers swell the senses.

In the trees along this road,
Songbirds spend their days,
And in the roadside meadows,
Horses quietly graze.

This road has all the feel,
Of an old and trusted friend,
And I could travel this road,
Time and time again.

©Richard Netherland Cook

Love For An American Soldier In Iraq

I love you so
Yet I must watch you go
As you walked away from me
I shed a tear
To you who are so very dear

Why must there be war at all
To see visions of the fight in Iraq
So far from me
Never let them take your soul
For you are forever free

I call out your name
Look at God's green earth
An American soldier with a memory
Of something that can only hope to be

In the desert sand
With the sun on his face
Dear God, when will I hear of his fate
I am here, always true
My love, must be part
Of what he must do

When I watch you go
There is so much love for you
I need you to know

An American soldier, with the taste of dust
I understand, you must do what you must
Please come back to me
So I can see, your heart and soul
Which is apart of me

Come home from Iraq
Is the prayer I pray
I am with you in the wind and rain
The desert heat and the strange people you meet
God will help you
I know it is true
My love will keep you strong
You have all my love
May The Lord bless you

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me


For Matthew, an American soldier

God Sees

We see a person, a human body,
God sees what is in their heart and soul,
We see a lake, a beautiful scene,
God sees the fish in it, and what else is in it, yes all,

We see a bird's egg in a nest,
God can sees it's beating heart in the embryo,
We see only the outside of things
God can see what's inside too, that we know,

Our eyes can only see what we see with light
God's eyes see into the depths of anything,
We have great eyesight but God's eyes are much better,
God's eyes can see inside, outside, or through every thing.

©Anne R. C. Neale


Cast Your Cares On Him!

I can't see the burdens you carry,
As I greet you every day.
I haven't seen the tears you cried,
Along life's rugged way.

I don't know how many nights,
You have felt alone and blue,
When you longed within your heart,
For someone to comfort you.

But, I too have had some heartaches.
Yes, of trouble I've had my share.
And I've experienced lonely moments,
When none seemed to care.

But, since I've met the Master,
When things get sad and grim,
I just whisper His precious name,
As I share my thoughts with Him!

©Robert F. Dotson 2007



Only One Chance

Your chance at life comes only once
It starts on the day of your birth
It ends on the day you pass from this world
Then someone else counts up your worth.

It seems rather odd, you strive for the best
With each giant step that you take
And you're remembered only for those
Plus all the tiny mistakes that you make.

When it's my time to go, I want to be known
For the good things I've done for my friends
Because it's the pleasure I did afford them
That makes my life good to the end.

Be it warm summer breezes, soft in my hair
Or thunder and rain in the midst of the night
I will live every day as if it could be my last
For just who am I to say, again, that it might.

And when I grow old in the Winter of life
I will look backward and smile with glee
Saying, "World, I've given all that I had
And thank you for letting me be me!"

©David Allen Kelly


Trust Is...

Realizing there is only one God.

Honoring God as the only One
with all answers for our circumstances.

Seeking God for those answers.

Waiting for God's answer.

Listening for God's answer.

Receiving what God has revealed
as all we yet need to know.

Walking in that faith.

Believing God will continue
to give instruction, as needed.

Letting God do the rest.

Acknowledging the true character of God,
knowing He cannot and will not lie.

Accountability in not calling God a liar.

Remembering what God
has done for us already.

Knowing that God has proved Himself
trustworthy to trust again.

Choosing to even ask God
for help with our unbelief.

Allowing that God is not a respecter of persons,
that however He loved the people of old,
He actually wants to love us, too.

Recognizing whenever something touches our heart,
that is God; as that is where He dwells.

Discovering that God will always do
the most loving thing possible.

Putting the weight of the world back
on God's shoulders, where it belongs.

Running to Daddy's arms;
knowing He will catch us every time.

Faith to stand against all evil;
as per God's individual instruction.

Living above fear.

Seeing God as infallible and undefeatable.

Freedom to be the person God created us to be.

Rejoicing in that God is not finished with us, yet!

~ * ~

The more we come to know and experience God,
the greater our trust ~ because He is always faithful.
Doubt diminishes and our faith increases ... 'til we
finally learn that there is no one we can trust
more than Him, not even ourselves.

© by Joyce C. Lock


"They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion,
which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever.
As the mountains are round about Jerusalem,
so the Lord is round about his people
from henceforth even for ever."
Psalm 125:1-2

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