My Relationship With God

I sit in quiet reflection,
At the path my life has trod,
Then my mind did simply focus,
On my relationship with God.

For many years I simply was,
A doubting kind of man,
I went from one day to the next,
Not caring of Godís plan.

Many miles filled with pain and sorrow,
Most times feeling so alone,
But my God did speak to me,
And for my sins he did atone.

No matter what I did or said,
I felt something was missing,
Then one day I stopped a while,
And to the Spirit I did listen.

I listened to Godís Holy Word,
It fulfilled my every need,
I no longer did feel hungry,
My empty soul it soon did feed.

I learnt to talk to God often,
Simply just in prayer,
During the time that I do speak,
He sees my soul laid bare.

But it is not a one way thing,
In that I do all the talking,
Because I know that every day,
Beside me He is walking.

The sun does shine much brighter now,
My life is born anew,
And through the faith I now do have,
I know what God can do.

So please just let me tell you,
Itís not something within my head,
Because of that relationship,
God helps where eíre I tread.

©Eddie ~ Dark Blue Knight
17th May 2007
All Rights Reserved



Response to 8 year old Tejasí question on how does God talk to you.

God speaks to you in many ways.
When you see
A butterfly warm its velvet wings in the morning sun,
When the silver moon plays peek-a-boo with you
Through your bedroom window,
When you taste a raindrop
Fresh from a summer shower,
See two rainbows on the same side of the sky,
Smell your motherís perfume mixed in the cookie dough she is making
Feel her goodbye hug she gave you this morning
When you scraped your knee in a soccer melee.
This is how God speaks to you when you are listening.

 ©Sarah L. Cornett-Hagen
At StillPoint
February 9, 2005


Every Sunday

There's no combination of words that could show you how I feel about you. We will talk about what to do. You are so far away, But I know I'll see you every Sunday. And the sunset is falling, another day gone. I know you'll still be there till the day is done. "Please don't leave me", I say it all the time. Show me a little something, so I know youre mine. I love you babe, can't you see? I'll cherish the moments spent with you and me.

 ©Kade Kramer


I Shall Say A Prayer For You, My Dearest Friend

Today I shall say a prayer for you
For you are my Dearest Friend
I will ask for flowers to surround you
Eternity is just around the bend

I send you and your loved ones
Blessing, Jesus' love has sent to me
May you feel The Holy Spirit within you
I pray, I can give to you
some of the comfort you have given me.

To me, you are my sister,
My Dearest Friend, I pray
Whatever you may be feeling
Our Lord Jesus too, has passed this way

I shall say a prayer for you,
With all my heart and soul
You are my Dearest Friend
For you,
The streets are already paved with gold

Linda Ann Henry © 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet


When A Puppy Licks Your Face

Ever had that funny feeling
When a puppy licks your face
That somethingís really special
And itís fairly full of grace

Puppies are the cutest lot
You canít help but pick one up
You pet it's fur and touch it's nose
Itís such a cuddly little pup

But when you hold it up real close
And look right in it's eyes
Then it reaches out with a loving lick
Your heart, it fairly flies

For the puppyís said, ďI love you.Ē
And just wants a little taste
You know itís true and you always do
When a puppy licks your face.

©Dave Allen Kelly

Who Walks My Path

Who walks my path at morn.
Amidst the dew drops newly born,
When all the restful of the night,
Arise to greet the early light?
Along my path ,a troden way,
Who walks and brings each lovely day,
To light my way, though I stumble,
To give me strength, though I crumble?
Should I wonder what is so,
Is God who walks my path I know.

©Richard Netherland Cook
25 April 2007


Evening Skies

As the sun slowly slips from our view,
The colorful sunsets of summer appear,
Crickets can be heard chirping in the grass,
This is all programmed for every year,

The stars start to stud the darkening sky,
The moon may be shining its silvery beams,
As the darkness of nigh slowly approaches
The air of serenity slides into the scene,

The evening skies come at the end of the day
When people start to get ready to sleep in their beds,
A peaceful place to recharge their energy
Then they get up in the morning and see the sun now red.

The evening skies are a glorious sight
Unless it is raining, but that will clear,
Another evening sky will come again,
Nature is programmed for you year after year.

©Anne R.C. Neale



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