My Praises To The Lamb Of God

Lord You're worthy of my worship,
And You are worthy of my praise.
As I bow my head before You,
It's my heart You set ablaze!

As I enter into the Holiest
By the Blood of the Precious Lamb,
By faith I believe what You said,
And that You are the Great I Am.

Praises to You my Lord,
May my lips forever sing,
Of Your Glory and Your Grace.
You're my life and my King!

The covenant You have made,
Has been written into my mind,
By the Holy Spirit of God,
Into my heart it's been entwined.

My sins are washed in Your Blood.
There is no more offering for sin.
I hold fast to my profession,
By faith You live within!

I worship You my Lord.
May my lip's forever bring,
Praises of You to everyone,
My Precious and soon coming King!

July 09, 2006



Scripture: Hebrews 10: 23~24
Let us hold fast the profession of our faith
without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)
And let us consider one another to
provoke unto love and to good works .

What Your Prayers Show

When you pray you SHOW four things
You show first of all you BELIEVE in God,
Otherwise you would not be praying to Him
As you live here now on earth's sod,

Secondly you show you have FAITH that He hears your prayers,
That you know your prayers will always reach Him,
You know prayers are powerful and they transcend the universe,
They go directly to God, no one else, Amen,

Thirdly you show you have HOPE and great expectation
You hope God will answer soon all your prayers,
You know God will in His own time
Because you know God loves you and He cares

And Fourth you show that you TRUST God,
He created you and knows everything about you,
With your Belief, your Faith, your Hope and your Trust,
You are blessed, so always give thanks to Him, please do.

©Anne R.C, Neale


Caught by an Angel

The late afternoon sky
is painted deep aquamarine
with layers of whispering pink tissue.
Glory so unexpected,
my heart stops beating.
I was caught by an angel
in mid-air,
whose wings folded around me
and kept me from despair.
I am so grateful.

©Sarah L. Cornett-Hagen
at Stillpoint


Butterflies In Heaven

When we lose our loved ones they never die
For I know once heaven takes their souls
The Dear Lord leaves a little of them here
To turn into beautiful butterflies
So they can be near our hearts

Blessed are those who can see the beauty
Of the life which has gone to what is 'God's Art'
When we look for the angels
They will send us Jesus' love
I saw a butterfly today, my last prayer I gave away

Heaven is more than souls of our loved ones
When a father, mother, a brother, sister or a child dies
Their hearts live in those who have loved them
Every grain of sand, every sunrise and sunset
All the good things we know and love
They all go to Jesus for Him to protect

As a gift, The Lord, lets us have a glimpse of those we love
For a brief moment in time, for a short while
A butterfly is seen at our window, sent from heaven
Then we know, all will be well with those we love.

©Linda Ann Henry © 2005


Do you remember me
The people's poet

In Loving Memory Of William Woodrow Henry
May The Lord In Heaven give us hope.
May we see the love of The Father and live life
with the beauty of a butterfly at our window, sent from heaven.

Giving Your Best

Be a doorknob, if that is the need.

Be a planter that is planting seed.

~ * ~

Be a blessing, so that you can be blest.

Be a Christian whose giving your best.

© by Joyce C. Lock

Sow to yourselves in righteousness,
reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground:
for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come
and rain righteousness upon you.
Hosea 10:12

©Joyce C. Lock


Vivacious Flutter

Fluttering of the wings I capture
Into my sights so vividly clear
Filling my soul and mind enraptured
Chasing away all fear.

Feeding my eyes with much assortment
Showing it's beauty is divine
Splashes of colors are so vibrant
With each an original design.

Moving along with grace and wonder
Draping the sky a cool serene
Flowing fields of creative pleasure
Providing a most tranquil scene.

Flowers a host of beautiful things
It's petals swaying in the breeze
Awaiting a visit from a colorful friend
To hear tales of wonderful journeys.

Soaring high up in the sky
Moving from place to place
Always excitement and fun nearby
Songs of freedom embrace.

Cherish the joy of hues you see
That are of God's many colors
The next time you see a butterfly
Dancing the vivacious flutter.

~Inspired by my daughter Abilyn...
my baby butterfly.~


My Church

On Sunday morning, chances are
You will find me sitting here,
In a church pew among the friends
I’ve made throughout the years.

We sing many uplifting hymns
I think I know most by heart,
The choir sings beautifully too,
Each voice has their special part.

We have numerous happy times,
Baby Christening, a wedding for sure,
Homecomings, baptisms, holiday fairs,
And prayer meetings to keep up pure.

From time to time there is a funeral,
When a loved one has said "goodbye.”
Here we have brothers and sisters
Who hold our hand and just let us cry.

Sometimes I come here and sit,
Just to be alone with God,
I talk to him freely as a friend
While life’s journey I trod.

I’m glad churches were established
As time has come and gone,
God knew we would need guidance
And not have to travel the paths alone.

©Shirley J. Oremland



Mark 11: 23

For verily I say unto you,
That whosoever shall say unto
this mountain, be thou removed,
and be thou cast into the sea;
and shall not doubt in his heart,
but shall believe that those
things which he saith shall
come to pass; he shall have
whatsoever he saith.

I Believe

I believe the sun will shine,
After the clouds have blown away,
I believe that spring will arrive,
After the snows that cannot stay.

I believe the flowers will bloom
After April showers appear,
I believe I'm so glad to be alive
After such a long winter's 'drear'.

I believe that every tear that falls
Will heal a heart that's badly broken,
I believe that every pain that's felt
Bespeaks a hurt that goes unspoken.

I believe that on Jesus, once you call,
He will guide you through life's path.
I believe He will never leave nor forsake,
His Grace and Mercy, you will never lack.

I believe He brings you life abundant,
And all your heart's desires will be realized.
I believe that LOVE is the final answer,
And it's written in the stars that fill the skies.

I Believe

2007 March 8


A Promise of Love

A rainbow with colors of every hue,
Stretched across the sky so blue,
A masterpiece of God\'s work up high.
As white puffy clouds float slowly by.

Blue birds sing happily in the trees,
Flowers freely give nectar to the bees,
Sweet honey in gratitude comes to be,
God watches over all as you can see.

Moonlight at the end of every day,
Shines brightly to enlighten our way,
Millions of stars twinkling as if to say,
God\'s many mansions are here to stay.

God made the earth and heavens too,
Placing on them great wonders for you,
He made all things in a very special way,
Sending His Promise of Love every day.

When I see a rainbow in the sky above,
I know in my heart it is God\'s Love,
Bringing to man a promise made true,
Stretched as an arch in the sky so blue.

©Mary Jane Balthazar













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