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Past Present and Future

God created the Past, the Present and the Future,
God made it so you cannot live the past again,
He wants you to learn from your past experiences,
And live to enjoy the Present Day, Amen,

God created Tomorrow to give you Hope for your dreams,
He wants you to Trust Him in all you do,
He wants you to have Faith, that you'll live the entire present day,
This day is God's glorious gift given to you too,

God knew what He was doing when He created the Past, Present, and Future,
God always gives you the best that He creates,
Give Thanks to Him and live one day at a time
The Past is gone, the Present is here and Tomorrow waits.

©Anne R.C. Neale


Can I Light A Candle

Can I light a candle for my little one today
If I make a wish on a star
Will I be carried far away
Is she sleeping in her bed
Or is she calling my name
My life and her life will never be the same

Can I talk to an angel with wings of pure gold
Will they tell me how my little one is
For I have never been told
I cry so many tears
I cannot count them all

My little one is so tiny, so very very small
Can I blow her a kiss on a gentle breeze
Can I send my love to her on such days as these
Can I light a candle in my hour of need
I want my child, Dear God, give her back to me

©Linda Ann Henry

Do you remember me
The people's poet

Today Is Almost Gone

In the quite stillness of the evening
When the sun is sinking low,
There is a somberness and tranquility
As the moonís face is beginning to show.

The trees in the distance
Are fading, they are turning gray,
The stars are appearing
Itís time to call it a day.

The day so closing
I must take inventory,
What have I said or done today,
Worth adding to my lifeís story?

Have I been a good steward
Of the time given me,
Have I helped and encouraged someone
A kinder person have I tried to be.

Yesterday is past, now a memory,
Today is closing: it's almost gone,
I ask you Lord to use me tomorrow
Be near and guide me all day long.

©Shirley J. Oremland



The Myrtle Tree

Looking out of the back windows,
It is a very wet day.
Leaning toward me, the myrtle trees,
Heavy with rain drops as they sway.

Shades of pink, so prosperous and so rich,
Bowing down to His glory.
Uniform, one accord, performing art,
Synchronized beauty, natureís heart.

Collecting mist rays and nectar,
Preparing for days less favorable,
Generously taking so you can give,
Many years faithfully live.

Never saw such beauty.
Now that you have come my way,
Iíll thirst for your Love,
Iíll search for your display.

So unique at every stage,
Replica of heavenís trees,
Loaned to us, anointed seed
For us to see, to smell, to breathe.

©Virginia Jack


Hands of a Man

I was placed in your hands at birth
What a joy it must have been
To feel the softness of your touch
And know that you love me, forever more
Your strong hands will guide me
Thru out my growing years
Like a seed that grows from nurturing
Into a precious life you give
For now I feel safe in your gentle hands
The hands of my Father, steady and strong.

©Marty Ford


Just my Friend

Help me raise this Boy Lord,
want to bring him up right.
This is my first time praying,
i'm trying with all my might.

He's praying for the right things,
family and friends good health.
Not like many others I've heard.
just asking for toy or wealth.

Would like to be with him forever,
yet guess that will never be.
Understand no Dogs in Heaven,
Hope someday room for me.

Now I ask you answer his prayers,
cause all things he ask is good.
So please Lord help me to help him,
in the same way that you would.

For myself ask you Lord think it over,
I'm not asking to be the only one.
OH! the joy we would give the Children,
over clouds we could jump and run.

Just a Dog full of Love

Walt Chapman
2 / 15 / 2007




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