I Am The One

I am the one who sings you to sleep
In my heart
I will always have peace,
I am the one who dries your tears
In my arms
I hold you without fear.

I am the one who helps you learn
In my eyes
You do nothing wrong,
You are good, kind and loving to me,
When the time comes
I will set you free.

I am the one who gave you your heart
I did not give you birth
Yet, I played a part,
I am the one you call mom
I helped you feel
That you belonged.

You may not be my blood
But you are my very soul,
I am the one
Who kisses you each night
Then say a prayer
You will be alright

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet



Come Walk With Me

Come walk with me, My Lord
Take my hand in yours
I'm ready to come home
My place is with you, oh precious one
My life has been so wonderful
The love of family and friends
But my time for rest has knowingly come
My journey home, by Heavens Path.

©Marty Ford


A Prayer On Birth

Bless this child dear Lord above,
And fill his heart with grateful love.

Give to him a strong mind, no less,
And make his temper of gentleness.

Instill in him an inmost glow,
So from his heart a light will flow.

That other lives may brighter be,
From this greater gift from thee.

Make him bold in that he seeks,
To learn the all of what he speaks.

And give him courage so that he may,
Keep his faith along the way.

But most of all let us find,
His every thought with thee in mind.

Then those who meet him will surely see,
That he is indeed a child of thee.

©Richard Cook


Inside Out

Lord, clean my house.
Donít let litter lay all about.
Hose me down and wash me new.
Take my heart out; scrub it too.
Shine me up; shape my mold.
Rake my yard; clean my soul.

Inside out Lord clean my house
Free from everything even a mouse.
Clean my closets and my floors;
Wash my windows and my doors.
Bleach my seats and clean my sheets.

Wash my dishes hot with steam;
Wash my walls; clean the beams.
Wash my curtains; change my lights.
Let everything be nice and bright.
Take all my garbage out of sight.
Clean all my clothes with all your might.

Wash my ears; wash my eyes.
I will not listen to any lies.
Take my heart out; check every socket.
Put love back in and then you can lock it.
Then your love will always stay,
And Iíll have enough to give some away,

Wash my feet so I wonít cheat.
Soak my hands; run your scan.
Remove all fumes; turn on the fan.
Take my thoughts and line them up.
If not like you, pour out of the cup.
Lord, if this is not enough,
Light my fire; turn it up!

By the way, donít forget to clean my car.
My basement, too, or I canít go far.
This list seems to get longer and longer.
Thatís because I have such a hunger.
So Lord, just clean me from head to toe;
Clean me everywhere I go,

©Virginia Jack

To Sadie W. L.

Butterfly Bliss

A tickle of wings

Beautiful butterflies at my feet

Circling my ankles

Dancing with me in the street

Enjoying the beautiful humming

Fluttering wings make.

Gaiety fills the air

Happiness in the wind

Indelible impressions made

Joyful hearts will sing

Knowing love is there.



Written for literary group as an ABC Challenge...


Lord know my time is drawing near,
please would you walk with me.
Guess I'm just a little frightened,
although I know I shouldn't be.

Heaven being a place I've never seen,
Lord it lays heavy on my mind.
Never talked to someone from there,
so just not sure what I'll find.

Sure streets are paved with gold,
like so many seem to believe.
But a place where all are happy,
not one soul has to grieve.

No more pain through our body,
no more crying in the night.
For when I get to Heaven Lord,
all things in us will be alright.

Yet I'm asking you to come along,
Lord just walk along with me.
I could use someone to talk with,
and feel there's no better company,
than Thee Lord.

©Walt Chapman
Walt and Marion



Just Because You Are Here

Let me take your hand
And travel lifeís road with you,
I have loved you for so long
Without you I wouldnít know what to do.

We rode the hobby horses
Then the mighty Ferris wheel,
We ate ice cream and cotton candy
And played letís make a deal.

When we became newly weds
We were anxious, made quite a fuss,
We knew we were now on our own
The life we make is now up to us.

Then came our children,
They taught us much, for which I am glad,
Oh, they were challenging at times
They were the best years we ever had.

My love let me take your hand
And walk the autumn of our years,
We have shared so much together
I am happy because you are here.
©Shirley J. Oremland



The Prince In Dreams

My eyes begin looking up at stars,
And suddenly I wish from,
The highest heavens to send me love,
And someday my prince will come.

So what is love but magical times,
Wishing and dreaming to be,
The beautiful princess of the prince,
Who gives all his love to me.

For all young girls wish upon that star,
And have dreams of one true love,
Dancing in the moonlight romanced by,
The prince in dreams from above.

A girl and boy fairy tale wedding,
So in love their faces beam,
With joy and happiness filling hearts,
Loveís wonderland it must seem.

Imagine an elegant carriage,
Drawn by prancing horses fine,
And the handsome prince finding his love,
Always once upon a time.

And I believe in the grand castle,
And the prince and his lady,
Gorgeous gowns with all the frills and lace,
Loveliness ever ready.

Hoping and wishing Iíll be the one,
The slipper fits perfectly,
Then Iíll truly believe in my heart,
Love is a song just for me.

The prince in dreams and wishes is there,
When seeing a shooting star,
Falling in my sight and all for me,
To be my love from afar.

©Sondra McPherson
02 March 2007


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