A Whispering Flower

Existence is only a whisper,
A gentle wind breezing by,
And a beautiful angel smiling,
Flying through the heavens high.

Her sweetness continually breathes love,
As hearts still quietly cry,
While the lingering fragrance of her,
Flourishes bringing a sigh.

A whispering flower ever thrives,
Heavenís new beautiful bloom,
Graces each of us as her essence,
Gently perfumes every room.

Existence is only a moment,
A breath of fresh air blowing,
As sweet bouquets from eternity,
Are an angelís love flowing.

Beauty inconceivable to us,
Still going beyond living,
Our beautiful angelís love showers,
In a timelessness giving.

A whispering flower for always,
Filled with love forever more,
Yes the Lordís resplendency eíer shines,
Oíer her to us from His Door.

Our beautiful angel and her smile,
Far beyond and reaching through,
Filling us with the warmth of her love,
Always sheíll be with us too.

Existence is only a whisper,
A light breeze blowing her kiss,
Her loving preciousness we have close,
And feel as we reminisce.

©Sondra McPherson
23 December 2006
* Our Sissy *


From a Higher Place

What a beautiful sight, as we looked out the plane's window
The stain-glass images as we crossed the Nevada
A plane trip that wasn't planned, but death of our
brother was a sadden journey we must undertake
Bright lights blinks steadily, in Reno's native land
A majestic sight, for unknown eyes, who cross this grand terrain
No wonder my brother loved this place
The sites and sounds, the mountain's range
Even though his life was shorten with cancer
He lived his life with ongoing love, for life and family
I miss my baby brother, but he said, "I've come to terms that God will come and take me home
From a higher place, Heaven will be my final
dwelling place."

©Marty Ford
(Written in memory of Joey)


I Danced

You canít hold me down,
Not even with a frown.
No matter how hard you try,
You canít look me in the eye.

Iím endowed with power,
Sent free for this hour.
Now I have my chance;
I am going to dance.

I danced through the storm.
I danced right through the rain.
I danced in troubled waters.
I danced just the same.

I danced through the land.
I danced on the sand.
I danced through the fields.
I danced as I willed.

I danced in the valleys.
I danced over the hills.
I danced all upon the mountains.
I said ďThis is where Iíll build.Ē

Way up high further than the sky,
In my Masterís eye,
Until I could even fly,
But I danced on high.

No, you canít hold me down.
Iím not staying on the ground.
Iím where trouble canít romance,
Because I am going to dance.

I have finally made it.
Iíve been elevated,
For I have put my trust
Far above lifeís lust.

I am exceedingly glad!
So if you are mad,
Rejoice and shift your glance.
Come with me and dance.

©virginia jack
9 August 2007


Love's Dream

In this carriage of plush richness,
Alone I sit in the dark of night,
Waiting for you to come to me,
My heart stirs in sheer delight.

Of kings and queens I dream,
Ah my imagination races,
Your Highness I hear spoken,
In dreams only are such graces.

A candle glows, my heart throbs,
I know you are getting near,
I wait in sweet anticipation,
Holding thoughts of love so dear.

The door opens and you enter,
I see the smile upon your face,
Slowly your hand touches mine,
Our fingers gingerly enlace.

I am enchanted with you,
In love with a prince so gallant,
Held in gentle yet strong arms,
My heart beats e'er so vibrant.

A ball, a crown, a scepter,
Heralding trumpets and a throne,
The night will last forever,
But I awaken all alone.

I lived for the moment in dreams,
Imagination filled the air,
I was loved by a handsome prince,
Though itís a sweet fantasy's flair.

©Gayle Davis
08 March 2007



 He Died For Us

He died for us, Upon the cross,
 Way up on the hill,
He loves us found, And even lost,
And He always will,

Love us Jesus, Love us Lord,
Your wish ours to fulfill,
For my Jesus, We love You,
 And we always will,

 He died for us, Upon the cross,
On that fateful day,
He bled for us, That crimson blood,
To wash our sins away,

Love us Savior, Love us Lord,
 Your wish ours to fulfill,
 For my Savior, We love You,
 And we always will.

©Robert Soderholm



When My Time Has Come

When my time has come and I am lying still
In a quite place of rest.
Do not grieve for me, it was Godsí will.
I have passed my final test.

Shed no tears were I am laid
I am no longer there.
My debt on earth has been paid
I am now in God's care.

Do not in sadness dwell
For I have passed away.
Rejoice in all the memories
That were made with everyday.

Someday you may visit
My grave and feel alone,
And I will be there sitting
Upon my granite stone.

Even though you won't see me
You can hear me softly say.
Let not your heart be saddened
I am with you everyday.

I am in your mind
We will never part.
Always keep my memory
Deep within your heart.

Someday in the future
Only God will know when,
We will meet in Heaven,
And be together again.

©Richard Cook


A Grandmother's Jewels

A Grandmother's Jewels,

Her priceless treasures,

Are most clearly seen

In the lives of those

She leaves behind.

© by Joyce C. Lock


God of All

Our Holy Father, God of all being, today,
Help us Lord to follow Thee, all the way
Help us through all the darkest nights
Praying Thou will keep us always in Thy sight.

Help us to us watch the signs through it all,
That when you come to us one day to call.
Help me pray for me and mine; our Country the USA,
Then watch carefully for that wondrous day.

Thank you Lord for all the things to us, you bring,
By helping our hearts and souls truly; to sing
Minister Thy word to our heart each day,
Let us ever remember each night and day to pray.

Calling on our God of all to give us our needs,
By each of us every, day planting; Thy seed
God of all, forgive us our sins, family and friends
Help us oh Lord to truly, our deeds amend

Dear God of all help us daily not to forget to call,
On Thee our Almighty Lord of Lords and God of All
Help us to remember to watch the eastern sky,
Knowing in our hearts, that Jesus will soon be by

©Pearlie Duncan Walker
August 16, 2007











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