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Lucky Days

When I was in my younger days,
Which doesn't seem so long ago,
I lived life in the fastest lane
Without concern for where I'd go.

And as the time passed quickly by,
So did events I cherish now.
The days before my parents passed
Are times, I wish, relived somehow.

And now as I'm remembering,
Events that slipped so quickly by
Were opportunities to live,
I wasted, can't remember why.

But now, maturity is mine
With wisdom closing in behind.
The years have helped my spirit see
The treasures missed, I could not find.

And now, so armed with all I've learned,
I'll treasure each and every day,
For in each day are blessings rich,
That I now see along my way.

©James O'Brien
Aug. 2007



Places I have Been In My Mind

The book on the shelf takes me places
I know I will never go,
They tell me of lifestyles and people
I will never meet or get to know.

They introduce me to streets and
Homes that are inviting and warm,
To their families, schools,
Churches, factories and farms.

In my mind, I have rowed in their boats
Sunbathed on their beach,
Driven their fancy speedy cars,
Chased their rainbows just out of reach.

I like to dream about places
I would like to go myself,
Chances are I’ll never get there, so
I visit by reading the books on the shelf.

©Shirley J. Oremland



Life's Journey

Peaceful skies and calm waters,
Sun setting beyond the darkened clouds,
The waters are peacefully lapping,
The shore covered in a misty shroud.

The lighthouse stands tall,
It's beacon a promise brightly glowing,
To those seeking help,
A ship in the midst of turmoil’s flowing.

Storm clouds roll across the sky,
The tide rises as the water rushes,
High winds create white capping,
Along the coast salty water gushes.

The tranquil day has now slipped away,
Serenity is lost to the dark night,
Fear slips into the soul unprepared,
Assurance has suddenly taken flight.

I'm in the middle of the sea,
Surrounded by fierce waves,
My ship sails uncharted waters,
Tossed about my spirit waives.

My heart cries out in urgency,
Control of the ship is not mine,
My life has been surely wasted,
The world I made into a shrine.

Lord, reach down and save this ship,
I flounder upon the turbulent seas,
Without You as my Captain,
I will list and sink, fore'er lost I'll be.

Oh God the seas You have calmed,
The water is placid and slow,
This ship is on a homeward course,
It is guided by Heaven’s sweet glow.

You are my Lighthouse,
A constant Beacon to light my way,
Cleansed by Your blood,
In safety I sail onward today.

©Gayle Davis
26 May 2007


Will I Live To See Tomorow ?
A Prayer Against Terrorize

Will I live to see tomorrow
For I saw your face today
I will never let you take me
Or lose my soul in anyway

I read about you in the papers
I look at the fear in your eyes
I have been on the plane of terror
In the bombs and every cry

I look at our country
In a world I will not lie
For I AM the people
I will never die

Will I live to see tomorrow
I have seen brave soldiers
Lose their lives
But I pray for every man and women
Children who kneel and pray
God I will never let them take my freedom
Or give my soul away.

I hear the words of a great hockey player
As he helped his fellowman
Take back a plane
Even though he would never
See his loved one's again

I see myself in flames
Will I live to see tomorrow
For if I die, it will be in freedom's name
I may see terror, but my heart will forever live on
I AM the voice of peace,
And I will carry on.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet



Written for the innocents and those who will never have their soul taken away.

His Mysterious Ways

When you least expect it, it will come,
A nice surprise from someone,
God always is watching out for you
And He puts nice ideas into your friend's minds too.

A kind gesture, a compliment, or a surprise,
All of these are God's ideas as God is wise,
We never know when these surprises will come
But the idea is initiated by God, The Holy One.

©Anne R.C. Neale


Autumn Sunset

God fires His sunset in warming love,
Majestic blazing high or low,
An Autumn Sunset to embellish,
And grace hearts in love’s sweetest glow.

As the sun sets and the evening calls,
God beckons beautifying high,
Stunning is the night of dusky fall,
Calling romance breathing a sigh.

Let your eyes glide across the night’s sky,
Clouds of beauty feathery soft,
Gently drifting by sinking shadows,
Go o’er the horizon aloft.

Look at the Autumn Sunset ablaze,
Brilliant rays reflect the sun’s glow,
Splendor and illusion dance in light,
And the magic of love will flow.

God calls powerfully in beauty,
Light dancing upon water soothes,
Hearts breathless as stunning hues dazzle,
And the Voice of God truly moves.

Autumn Sunset tells the love of God,
And He fires all aglow in fame,
God speaks to you and me His beauty,
And He calls each of us by name.

©Sondra McPherson


This Love

How much love can one person have
To love until it hurts,
Some are not blessed with this lasting love,
They only love in spurts.

To love someone so much that your mind
Looses all control,
When someone holds all your heart,
And encompasses all your soul.

This love loves in spite of
Hurtful words and sad deeds,
One love knows the other,
And what the other love needs.

This love gives hope and trust
Treasured memories and tenderness,
Changes lives, fulfills wishes,
This love knows forgiveness.

Two lives merge in this love
Two hearts come together,
No one breaks the ties that bind,
This love lasts forever.

This love is so cherished,
A love cries when this love cries,
A love hurts when this love hurts,
A heart dies when this love dies.

©Richard Netherland Cook



For every loss there’s a cost.
The price is always right.
Those bereaved, they must receive
Much wealth in solitude and comfort.
What goes around comes again.
Next time you may have to help a friend.

Comfort and compassion cannot be bought.
It certainly cannot be taught.
It is earned, and not learned.
Unless you know within yourself
Your neighbor’s turmoil and sorrow,
Unless you know the route
The heart for sure will follow,

You’ll never really know how deep you’ve reached.
But, if you have experienced the hammering,
The hammering of the soul,
The nailing of the hands and feet,
Then you will surely not retreat.
It will be experienced in your life.

Loss is never the end;
It is only another place to begin, love.
Those passed away will not be forgotten,
But that will pull you up to a higher height
In compassion and love for hurting others.
They are waiting, for your cover.

©Virginia Jack


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