The Silence Of The Ocean Waves

In the silence of the ocean waves
As the water touches my feet
I feel you are with me
And know, one day we will meet

In the silence of the ocean waves
There is only the seagull's cry
Out in the ocean, I can watch the ship glide
Somewhere, past the sunset
Over the sky, I know you with come
With tears of gladness, in your eyes

In the silence of the ocean waves
I watch the fish, of all different kinds
Where is my darling, please do not hide
I have waited long, to be by your side

So, in the silence of the ocean waves
I see my feet, in the wet sand
I look to the Heavens, with a great big sigh
I look at the water, so deep and wide
You will come from over the waves
I know it will be soon
The light will shine from your eyes

©  Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


Lord, Help Me Cry

Sweet Lord, help me cry, when dear ones die.
When they sin against Thee and I know not why.
Bring them closely to Thine own loving heart.
Let not those ever in life, from Thee depart.

Guard all from the enemy, that Thou doth detest.
Help us all to live in wonder, in Thy rest.
Help all to love one another and have trust.
Help all to know to live in Thee, as we must.

Help me to cry for fallen soldiers of the Cross-,
Keep clean our souls Lord, to suffer no loss.
Help me cry when we live from Thee, apart,
Knowing we ever need Thee, inside our heat.

Help me to cry, when our world feels upside down
Bring back the good deeds in life, back around.
Help us live with Jesus inside our heart,
Daily Lord, give each the mind to set the mark.

Help us pray in Jesus name, each day.
Before we sleep, kneel down to Thee and pray.
We know Lord that you love us; help us to cry,
As we see loved ones, just passing Thee by.

©Pearlie Duncan Walker


I Owe You Everything

Lord, I owe you everything.
I owe you for watching while I sleep,
For guiding me like a sheep
Through dawns early morning haze,
To drink in the fresh new day,
For nourishing and quenching thirst
And giving bread while providing purse.

For health and strength of all my limbs,
Making me strong with eyes not dim,
With many blessings overtaking me,
For the sacrifices made on that tree,
For washing my past from east to west,
For ransoming me from evil’s quest,
For clothing me with salvation’s sheet
To be a witness to those I meet.

I owe you for all of the love
That you willingly sent from above
To cover me from head to toe,
Inside out, everywhere I go.
A love like this is not a risk.
It glows and shines; my heart is kissed,
Stamped all over, and it can’t be missed.
Happiness is now on all of my list.

I share this love wherever I go.
I send it to everyone I know.
I also share this with all I meet:
Strangers, poor, and those on the street.
They apologized, repented, and some even cried.
How can I not pass it to those outside?
I am truly in awe the way this works.
The more that I give, the return is rebirthed.

©Virginia Jack


A Gift From Above

There's few greater joys
than having a friend
To nurture and cherish;
to love and to tend ...

The joining of hearts,
sharing God's love;
Becoming soul mates,
a gift from above.

© by Joyce C. Lock


I Will Always Be Near You

I will always be near you,
Even though I am dead,
I will feel all your sorrows,
And every tear you shed.

Even in your darkest moments,
When you are sad or blue,
Do not be discouraged,
I will be there beside you.

My breath will be the breeze,
That gently brushes your cheek,
And I will hear your voice,
In every word you speak.

When troubles seem to be,
Just more than you can bear,
I will always be near you.
And give you special care.

I will be there when you are happy,
When there is joy within your heart,
We will laugh together,
Even though we are apart.

I will help you face your fears,
When you need me oh so much,
You will feel my spirit,
Even though we never touch.

I will walk in your footsteps,
Although I am out of sight,
And you will feel my presence,
Each day and every night.

And when you go on with life,
As I would want you too,
Remember that I promised,
I will always be near you.

Someday in the future,
We will once again embrace,
As God has always promised,
In another time and place.

©Richard Netherland Cook


Blue Skies and Rainbows

The clouds are dark and drawn to black sheets
The storm is surely rising from a place called near
How shall I walk through this thing I face
Or from its place away to steer

Hold these clouds that cover me as darkness the night
Is the boat so long to be shaken at sea
Or else shall this end quickly that time of relief
Or for yet a time shall this thing continue to be

Hold fast says the oarman I knew not to be
The ship is safe and all is at full sail
For sure is the Hand of the Master that guides
For blues skies and rainbows shall not fail

©Ronnie Leviner


Dreamers' Bliss

What used to be so real,
Has turned into a dream,
The thought of kissing someone,
Is now fantasy it seems,
Once, to have a boyfriend,
Seemed not so strange at all,
In fact I had one so it,
Seemed perfectly normal,
But now to have a boyfriend,
Seems as real as raining dogs,
And kissing one now seems like,
Princesses kissing frogs,
To have someone who knows,
What each thing you say means,
Now only seems to happen,
In fairytales and dreams,
Just to have a boyfriend,
Which you can hug and kiss,
Now could be described,
As only dreamers’ bliss.




Born Again

There I was at the end of my rope,
Feeling as if I had no hope.
Nothing at all was going right,
My world seemed dark, where was the light?

Every day was filled with dread,
And I wished that I were dead.
I thought that death would end the strife,
But was I ready to end my life?

Something deep inside of me,
Said this is no way to be.
There has to be a better way,
To get me through another day.

A friend then told me about a book,
So I decided to take a look.
It was The Bible, which is God's Word,
And I read until my eyes blurred.

I learned and truly felt God's love,
And I lifted my eyes to the sky above.
Then I asked God into my heart,
From then on, a new life did start.

Now my life is complete,
I know not the meaning of the word defeat.
With Jesus, I am truly blessed,
And now my soul is at rest.

. Jesus loves me personally,
And He lives inside of me.
He died to save me from sin,
And with me He's always been.

©Rebecca Rence Starck
14 September 2007




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