Two Sweethearts

God said, "I have something special for you,
I thought I would send one, but I just sent two".

Granddaughters they be, and it's really nice,
God thought to bless Grandpa twice.

Two little girls God sent to me,
Just how lucky can a Grandpa be.

Flooding my life with so much joy,
Girls aren't the same as a little boy.

They just love you and become a part,
Twisting like a vine around your heart.

Each one grows a little each day,
Growing up in their on little way.

Just so beautiful, like two cultured pearls,
My how Grandpa loves his two girls.

Two sweethearts I like to call them,
Gods' gift to me, I should thank him.

None so loved your Grandpa imparts,
Katelyn and Kaysi, my two sweethearts.

©Richard Netherland Cook


How Beautiful Is God

In the morning when the dawn begins to break
I watch the sunrise, wake up from sleep
How beautiful are the colors, red, orange and gold
I look at the rainbow of light
and watch nature come and go

I watch the flowers as the bees flutter around
Making new buds of so much beauty,
Only on earth can they be found
How beautiful is God,
To create such a masterpiece
His love is so great,
There is so much peace

The waterfall and the deep blue sea
How beautiful as we sail
Fish fly in the air
Butterflies fly free
How beautiful is Our God
Who made all of these

How beautiful is a new born baby
As God is so pleased
Watched by Guiding Angels
Our Lord, sent them to help us find our way
How ever long we are here
Only God, Himself can say

How beautiful is The Father
For giving us His son
He died in our place
How much God loved us
We are his children, everyone

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


Where Can I Hide

Where can I hide from everything outside?
Where can I go to escape the arrows flow?
There is no hiding in a physical space,
But I found a refuge in my secret place.

Under His feathers, snuggled in His wings,
I am safe from the torrents of sequential rains.
Hidden in the Cleft of that Rock,
In the middle of God’s hand, and it is locked.

I am safe from the stares and the glares,
Safe from the tongue with the tares,
Safe from the wicked and their teeth,
I am Blood cover-wrapped in the four-cornered sheet.

Hear me; hear me, those in despair,
I am here to tell you that God is everywhere.
Don’t look to the stars or to the sky.
Don’t try to wait until the by and by.

Listen with your heart, bow your knees.
You’ll hear the wrestling in the trees—
The Holy Spirit moving, anointing, soothing,
The power of God near, your troubles to care.

Where can I hide? Where can I go?
Into His arms over and over,
Under His feathers, snuggled in His wings,
I found a refuge, quite a lovely scene.

©Virginia Jack



A Beautiful Fall Day

The cool breeze gently caresses your skin
As you watch the twisting colorful leaves fall to the ground,
The silence is soporific as the sun rays elongate on the earth
Extending shadows of all they touch without a sound,

It's an Autumn afternoon, so beautiful, so peaceful, and so calm,
You can see the trees with their leaves of yellow, green, and red
.Gently moving to and fro in the slowly moving breeze,
A chipmunk is filling his cheeks with acorns so in the winter he'll be fed,

A beautiful Fall day, oh, how we would love to duplicate this day so many times,
This is the calm before Winter's blast of ice crystals and white snow and extreme cold,
Enjoy the Autumn weather as Mother Nature's growth of things slows down,
Once the Winter season is over the Spring Season will renew your soul.

©Anne R.C. Neale


My First Love

My first love still speaks to my heart,
And he will always be there,
Very much so as I remember,
The love that we had to share.

When two hearts give love to the other,
There are feelings that belong,
Without end with all those memories,
No matter what went wrong.

There are many ways I think of him,
How his phenomenal smile,
Melted my heart when he only looked,
At me a little while.

He was tall with a swaggering walk,
And he just had that sweet way,
That fell over all the girls he saw,
My first love still to this day.

Good looking with dimples curly hair,
Big brown eyes with lots of schemes,
When they looked I still can only say,
They had their way in your dreams.

And we had a special song for us,
When it plays I keep my dreams,
As I think back to those sweet moments,
That appear just as it seems.

A first love comes about only once,
And so does just that one song,
It will be in my heart for always,
With feelings that we belong.

There is no greater love than first love,
No matter how it ended,
It is the feeling of love for life,
When our two hearts were blended.

©Sondra McPherson


Ever Changing Love

My love for you is ever changing,
Yet it's steady in my heart.
You won it long ago,
And it will never depart.

Sometimes it shines as the
The brightest shades of gold.
Sometimes it sparkles like diamonds,
And is so lovely to behold.

It's growth is never ending,
It's sweeter with each passing year,
And it's here to hold your hand,
When your heart trembles with fear.

Yes, it's ever changing,
It's sprinkled with much Grace.
Has tenderness beyond compare,
Such beauty it does embrace.

It's put a song in my heart,
And it's melody rings true.
Forever and always it will be,
A never ending love for you.

2007 September 29

Where Lavender Roses Bloom

How my soul desires to be
Where Lavender roses bloom,
The heartfelt love that comes from within,
Permeates through every room.

My heart's desire dwells within;
My child and her offspring, fair,
And a strong man who cherishes her,
With a love beyond compare.

The joy of seeing them interact,
The laughter their teasing causes,
The love shining from baby-blue eyes,
Is the reason my poor heart pauses.

No matter how far I might stray,
My heart shall always remain,
Where the Lavender roses bloom,
Singing love's sweetest refrain.

2007 August 24


The Man in the Chair

We like our freedom
And wave our flag;
Love America,
With the good and the bad.

Just don't bother us
Or require a thing.
We're a people with rights,
What 'ere that brings.

Just watch yourself,
Come a shopping sale.
We claim best parking,
Not considering our error.

Before we forward
A Veteran's Day flair,
Consider showing thanks
To the Man in the chair.

© by Joyce C. Lock














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