How Do I See

How do I see the future
when I cannot find my past,
How do I build foundations
That I know are going to last.

With bits and pieces missing
and secrets kept from me,
How do I stop the questions
and find serenity.

My mind is always traveling
down roads that I create,
Where quests are finally finished
and much sought answers wait.

Scenario's repeat themselves
With solutions changed each time,
I roll the imaginary film
and ending I could not find.

My head is always in the clouds
my feet not near the ground,
Can you hear my constant secret prayer,
the song that has no sound.

My heart will always be tied
to another time and place,
Until I find the passage
to that secluded hidden place.

Where it all started long ago
or once upon a time,
Each day until I find the path
I'm searching for those hidden signs.

The one's that will point out the way
the direction I should go,
To stop this life long puzzle
and the past I want to know.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


Poet's Heart

The heart of a poet is broken,
The pieces all tattered and torn.
It's beat has been shattered by heartache,
That has left it bereft and forlorn.

The heart of a poet is compassionate,
To life's woes that have been brought.
It's sympathy flows like a fountain,
It bleeds the most wondrous of thought.

The heart of a poet is courageous,
It's speaks what it knows to be true.
It bears it's soul without avarice,
A message to deliver for you.

The heart of a poet is generous,
Giving all that he has for the source.
It pours out it's feelings unabashedly,
Willing you understand in due course.

The heart of the poet is broken,
So that the poet may impart,
The soothing balm of healing required,
To bring peace to the poet's heart.

© 2007 August 19



White Diamonds

The river rippled on its way today,
Quick and steady hurrying by,
Not slowing down where it resided at,
While brilliant sparking rays sat upon its back.

Collected raindrops and leftover snow,
Tell me honestly, where do you go?
City to city, state to state, diligently on your way,
If I could follow, where could I ride?
You’re covered with diamonds from the sky.

Arm in arm, river and sun,
Working wonders as you run,
Sharing glares, shimmering brightness,
Showing off a genuine whiteness.

Rich and lovely Arkansas Sea,
Keep performing just for me.
I am taking a picture to live inside.
If it were possible, I would ride your tide.

Flowing down and on your way,
The more you go, the more you stay.
There does not seem to be an end
To all your glory and glittering fins.

Tomorrow will be another day.
The sun may refuse to shine this way,
But the river will not be blest to rest—
No diamonds or shining,
But it will keep running no less.

©Virginia Jack


O Lord, I Thank You For This Day

I have seen the birth of day,
And I have heard dear children play,
Risen from my bed to say,
O Lord, I thank you for this day.

Through my window I have seen,
The breasted Robin go on the wing,
And soar above the earth and sing,
O Lord, I thank you for this day.

I have known the joy of spring,
The freshness of an April rain,
Felt the warmth a summer sun can bring,
O Lord, I thank you for this day.

I too have know the fond caress,
Of a loving Mothers tenderness,
And the value of a good wife blessed,
O Lord, I thank you for this day.

And I have heard some people say,
In a good and humble way,
As they knelt down to pray,
O Lord, I thank you for this day.

Upon a mountain top so high,
I have seen the blue in a cloudless sky,
And I have known the reason why,
O Lord, I thank you for this day.

On a distant shore away,
I have viewed the close of day,
As it came to me to say,
O Lord, I thank you for this day.

And I have marveled at the sight,
Of a fiery sunset with pure delight,
And the stars that light the night,
O Lord, I thank you for this day.

And then at night when on my bed,
I lay my tired and graying head,
It is a prayer that I have said,
O Lord, I thank you for this day.

 ©Richard Netherland Cook


The Acorn

Take a look at the little brown acorn,
First God had to design the shape and size,
Then God had to program it as to what to do,
God knew what He was doing as God is wise,

The little acorn has energy stored inside of it,
It is programmed to grow at a specific time,
It has things inside to make it grow into a tree,
It knows exactly what God wants it to do which is fine.

The little brown acorn was created by God,
It has an outer shell to protect it too,
If God can pack so much into a little acorn,
Just think of all the wonderful things God put into creating you.

 ©Anne R.C. Neale


Goodbye Sister Phyllis

The last time I saw my sister Phyllis
a picture of us some one did take.
It was her birthday we celebrated
while having ice cream and cake.

The piano she wanted me to play
though most songs I long forgot.
We noisily sang her happy birthday
but the harmony was not so hot.

We lived so many miles apart
visits were few and far between.
But we often recalled the days
when I was a young teasing teen.

Just last week I sent her a picture
sitting on the grass so very green
If she got to see this photo
it was her last one ever seen.

Also sent a picture of my grandson
who was born on her birthday.
She never got to lay eyes on him
because she lived so far away.

The calendar read February 5, 2005
when God said her time is now.
I hope and pray the last pictures
sent to her she got to see.
Today another chapter of life closes.
Yesterday we did not have a clue.
Only God knows tomorrow and what is to be.

©Richard E. Funnell


Update: She never got to see the picture of my grandson and the picture of her she had never seen. The letter was returned to me unopened.
Live today as if you will stand before God tomorrow. ~~~~~~~ You may.

"A Cuspian"

Swinging like the pendulum
Back and forth I sway
Surely a happy medium
Oh who am I today?

I’d like to fire up a storm
Though question why I bother
It’s not a choice I clearly see
For I am like no other

An energy that thirsts ideas
Often punished and tossed aside
Self harm the pity of the soul
Delivered so it may hide

A child of God I came to be
With the sun my ruling planet
Forces flip and I’m reversed
Drawn by a lunar magnet

One daughter of our universe
Was born of the morning sun
Her stars that line both equally
Born also when night begun.

©Debbie Stevens




The Old Wooden Rocking Chair

Sometimes I just sit out here alone
In the old wooden chair and think,
About our world of happiness together and
How from the cup of life we did drink.

You are a gem, a diamond, and a jewel
That just keeps on glowing,
You take life as it comes
With your love ever showing.

You have brought me more pleasure
Than words could ever tell,
Thinking about the love you give so freely,
Makes my heart thump, putter, and swell.

Sitting here on the porch in the old wooden chair
I pause, reflect and think about you.
I hope when you are sitting out here alone
You sometimes think about me too
©Shirley J. Oremland







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