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Hello My Dearest...

Hello my dearest how I miss you,
I will find no peace until,
You're with me again and safely home,
My husband I love you still.

You always did fancy my speaking,
The way I say things to you,
It's just how I feel and all because,
I so long to see you too.

I can barely stand the wondering,
If you're all right and have food,
I miss cooking meals for you with all,
The fun of being pursued.

You know what I mean I love you so,
You need to be home with me,
Then I can hold and have you always,
The way we use to be.

Each day I look to see you walking,
Down the lane to me to hold,
How my heart trembles thinking of you,
At war that you'll come home old.

You just come home to me my husband,
I'll look in your eyes and cry,
It's been too long without you here now,
Oh how I'll thank God on High.

You'll see my dearest when you get back,
We'll begin our lives again,
Everything will be new like before,
Just us in love and no pain.

How I think of you being at home,
Seeing you come through that door,
I'll be hugging and kissing you so,
Just missing you ever more.

I wish there had never been a war,
I long to see you, take care,
Oh do try and take care of yourself,
I love you with all I dare...

©Sondra McPherson
23 July 2007



In The Garden

I walk in the garden,
Along the rock wall,
Down the footpath,
In answer to your call.

I see you there beneath,
The old Willow tree,
Beaming a loving smile,
As you wait for me.

Patting the weathered bench,
Inviting me to relax,
Clearing away the dust,
Blowing it from the cracks.

I sigh as I eagerly join you,
Lean my head against you.
We thank the Lord for our garden,

Something we routinely do.

We look at the splendor,
Birds and butterflies as they fly,
Brush off and occasional leaf,
When the wind puffs one by.

What a blessing the Lord hath given,
Two people sharing a life of love,
Blessings so abundantly sent,
From the loving Father above.

Children grown and married,
Grandkids bless us along life's way,
We have so much to be thankful for,
We lift grateful words each time we pray.

Thank You Lord for all the flowers,
The little creatures that in our garden live,
The tiny insects that are beneficial,
To this special garden that You give.

Thank You Jesus for a partner,
To share the many blessings received,
We owe our all to You sweet Jesus,
Beloved Father in You we believe.

©Gayle Davis
September 18, 2007



A Loving God

Do you ever feel like giving up,
Because you feel there's no way out?
Don't let your emotions take over,
Because then you become filled with doubt.

No matter what you've done in life,
God wants to forgive you.
He doesn't want you to perish,
So just believe and be true.

Bring yourself just as you are,
Leave everything behind.
All of you who are heavy laden,
Release your heart and soul and mind.

There is nothing God can't do,
He's waiting now for you.
No matter what your sins may be,
God's forgiving kind and true.

God doesn't want you to perish,
So accept His Son, Jesus today.
Jesus is our only Savior,
Let Jesus guide your way.

©Rebecca Starck
September 2007




Fallís Dressing

Well here I am again, itís true,
With all the things I have to do,
Itís fall with all its holidays
With golden leaves and skies of gray

Iím glad to see this time of year
With Halloween, thereís much to fear
While ghosts and goblins roam the streets,
In search of countless candy treats.

And then with only weeks to wait,
Thanksgivingís next to celebrate,
With family and friends around,
And words of gratitude abound.

Itís fall that breaks the summerís grip
With leaves to rake and drinks to sip.
While gentle rains, and snow for some,
Prepare us for the days to come.

So as the colors dress the trees
I gratefully get on my knees,
And thank my Father up above,
For Fall, and for his matchless love.

©James OíBrien
October 2007




My Prayer

In the wee hours of the morning
I come to You in prayer,
My heart is filled with thanksgiving,
And my thoughts I want to share.

Father You are so Merciful,
So Loving, Kind, and True.
You long for my fellowship,
And I just love to talk with You.

As I place my hurts before You,
And my disappointments too,
You fill my heart with love
So I can begin anew.

As it is written in Your Word,
There is nothing to hard for You.
You will move the mountains
Just as You said You'd do.

In the wee hours of the morning
I place it all on the alter before You.
My Love for You, my desires in life,
My thanks for seeing me through.

© 2007 October 17




The Rose Garden Bench

I remember those wonderful days in the park
Where we'd walk hand in hand down the lane

We didn't say much as we strolled along
There was so much we didn't have to explain

The days turned to weeks and weeks into years
But each day, rain or shine, we'd be there

Your eyes bright as diamonds leading the way
Then silver chased the brown from your hair

We still stroll the lane and stand by the tree
Where they erected a bench with our name

The couples who sit there relaxing a bit
Just taking a break from life's game

It's summer time now with the roses in bloom
As lovers walk mid blossom and thorn

They look so much like us in our younger years
And the park with their smiles they adorn

Some pause by the bench which carries our name
And they wonder right out loud at the words

Who were these folks we hear one of them say
As they watch a passing flock of wild birds

Per chance just a couple who came here like us
Hand in hand sharing love in the sun

Maybe someday they'll put us on a bench
Years later when our days are done

The guardians of benches and the lovers of rose
Forever that's what we're destined to be

Soon we'll be joined here by others like us
Watching others like you and like me.

©Dave Allen Kelly



A Manger filled with Love

A manger filled with love
Blessed baby, so divine
Precious, Son of God
You made the heavens shine.
Born of the Virgin Mary
A favored woman extraordinary.
She held you in her arms
So close to her loving heart.
With total grace gave you a start .
Into a waiting world that you might save
What a task your Father gave.
With gratitude we celebrate your Holy birth.
Peace and joy fills the earth.

 ©Carol G (Cali)Oliver




Love Never Fails

"Father, forgive them;
for they know not what they do."
Luke 23:24

How many times do you suppose
We've hurt people and not realized it;
To have reacted without thought;
To have deemed another not ready ...

Worthy, capable, or spiritual enough;
to have picked our favorite over another;
To have excluded one who didn't measure up;
To sit by one more attractive, popular, or fun ...

To have been in such a hurry to greet one
That we bypassed another;
To have closed our heart to someone
Whose words we didn't want to hear ...

To think we've done God a favor
By getting rid of someone we thought
Difficult, different, or wrong?

How many times do you suppose
This prayer has been prayed for us,
"Father, forgive them; for
They know not what they do?"

Were we to ask God to open our eyes,
To see ourselves as He sees us;
To examine our heart, actions,
Attitudes, and motives ...

God would be faithful
To show us how we
Are hurting His cause.

Once we've found our sin
And corrected it,
We can ask God to show us
Another and, then, another.

One step at a time,
We'll be weeding out the flesh
And evil's power over us
While winning the world to Christ.

Love never fails, I Co. 13:8.
It's guaranteed!

© by Joyce C. Lock

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