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The Returning

I walked among the leaves
Overhead up in the trees and underneath my feet.
Wind blowing, leaves rustling and crunching,
Between my steps a steady munching,
Always happy to see you come,
Sorry to see you go;
However, as long as the sun keeps rising and setting,
The leaves will return with nature’s petting.

©Virginia Jack


Come know the Father

God speaks to me in many ways.
He always has since the early days.
Even as a child I became aware .
For my senses made me know He was there.
I felt the summer's warm breeze.
As it tugged on my dress's sleeve.
I heard the soft winds rustle.
As it began to gradually bustle,
The tall grass and fallen leaves.
He spoke to me through the sound of birds.
For, no sweeter sound could be heard.
He let me know the world was clean again.
Through the smell after a gentle rain.
I felt His Presence when the winter snows
Touched my head, my face and my nose.
But I saw His beauty so much more,
When I witnessed an eagle begin to soar.
He speaks through the taste of a ripe peach.
Picked from a tree heavily laden so we can reach.
Man was given five marvelous senses it's clear.
If nothing else but to know His Presence here.
So you see God has a language all His own.
We just have to be alert to what we're shone.
The day will come when subliminal signs
Make way for Heavens glorious designs .
Hoping someday to know His saving love.
When we join Him in mansions above.

© Carol G (Cali) Oliver



Today I watched the setting sun,
Content with many things I’ve done,
And yet I see a vision strong,
A pictured love, I’ve loved so long.

Then wispy clouds that happen by
Attempt to hide the sun, they try,
Yet as the sun is brighter still,
Like love, which has a stronger will.

And then a tear drifts down my cheek,
Because of words I long to speak.
My love dwells in the words I’d say,
But you’re so very far away.

And then I sigh a lonely sigh,
While knowing that until I die,
My love will live within my heart
Though providence keeps us apart.

And then a thought occurs to me,
That as I close my eyes I see,
That vision of your lovely smile,
Which then sustains me for awhile.

©James O’Brien
Nov. 2007



Gods' Broken Heart

We are told that we should pray,
And God will comfort you,
Just lift up your prayer to God,
And He will see you through.

We all just seem to want and want,
We pray with breakneck speed,
Just one more thing we ask,
Give us everything we need.

We pray to wash away our sins,
We ask for saving grace,
Hear me one more time my Lord,
Let me make my case.

As we kneel and pray for more,
We should remember still,
That God gave His only Son,
To die upon that hill.

It's bad enough to lose a child,
But to watch one suffer so,
Nailed upon a wooden cross,
In pain no one should ever know.

God gave His Son for our sins,
Surely His heart was broken,
We should be thanking Him,
With words so seldom spoken.

Just one day we should kneel and pray,
And do what is our part,
We should thank Him for his only Son,
And help mend HIS broken heart.

©Richard Netherland Cook


A Wish Upon A Falling Star

As I watched the snow falling to the ground
Watching Baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary
With landscape all around
I looked up for the star, that was bright on Christmas Eve
In the hope I would see a memory
I longed would come to be

Then I saw this falling star
So I quickly made a wish
To bring me the dearest one
I love and dearly miss

I saw the star aglow,
As it fell down from the sky
On Jesus' Birthday
He does not want to see me cry

I wished with all my heart and soul
That the dearest one I know
Would come to me on Christmas Day
Touching heart to heart
Together and always

As I looked up to the heavens
I said a very special prayer
My door bell rang
And there he was, arriving from afar
My dearest love, I knew
Was brought upon a falling star

Thank you, dear Lord Jesus
For giving me this gift
You never leave me
You gave, my dearest Christmas wish

 ©Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet


A Touch Of Autumn

A touch of Autumn is still around
God's beauty can still be found
Across the meadow we see the trees
With a touch of color still on the leaves.

God changes seasons four times a year
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter appear
Each one is different that comes along
Beauty that fills our hearts with song.

Spring brings back the green to trees
Summer beautiful sunsets can be seen
Fall with lovely colors of orange and gold
And Wnter covers the ground with snow.

As each of God's seasons gently fades away
He blesses us with another without delay
Every season is God's gift from above Email
Each one a miracle showing His love.

©Glenna M. Baugh 2007
Living by Faith


"God's seasons are
a precious gift of His love".
~Quote by Glenna~

This Mended Heart

His heart was broken, so mine could be mended,
Head crowned with thorns, so I could see.
His side was pierced, His blood was blended,
Flowing down the cross on Calvary.

He gave His life, He was so willing
To save my restless faithless soul,
That He could give a LIFE so precious
For one so lost He made me whole.

Today I start a new Beginning,
Please guide my way seal my vane pride.
Filled with the fruit of Your Holy Spirit,
May JESUS ONLY in my soul abide.

This mended heart will sing His Praises
Throughout my life, through eternity.
His precious blood makes all the difference,
Flowing down the cross on Calvary.

November 5, 2007



Passage In the Wind

When the sun shall fade from the mountain top
And the sky turn a brilliant fire,
My love shall reach 'cross a million miles
To bring you closer, higher and higher.

When the shade of even' draws to a close
And the night sounds grip the land,
Reach out, reach out from where you are,
My Lover, and take my hand.

There is, I've found, in far-reaching space,
No canyon too wide for the cross,
Nor river deep, or mountain high,
Or winds, raging, with ships they toss,

To separate you from the love I have
That builds with each passing day.
And it comes to you from out of the blue
With many words I just cannot say.

I could spend hours in serious thought
Searching for words I could write
To tell you of flowers, a fast running brook,
Or a flock of wild geese in their flight,

But I know an eternity or two could go by
While we drift to the heavens above,
Before I'd find words, the phrases and rhyme,
Describing my undying love.

©Dave Allen Kelly







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