Lord, Don't Hide

I pray that You will stay where I can see You.
Through perilous storm and weather’s thorn,
Don’t hide from me.
For all I’ve sown and journey gone,
There’s much at stake.
Let my faith arise amongst the tide,
Is the request I make.
Let daybreak come and darkness run,
While I wait.
Hear my call and answer all
For my sake.

For sure He came and called my name.
He said, “Quiet yourself
I never left.
I never hide but am disguised.
Open your eyes and see the skies.
All around you, as they hover and dangle,
Are your God-sent warrior angels.
Fear not and don’t be dismayed.
To keep you safe and one day
For you to see my face,
My life was laid.”

©Virginia Jack


God Lives In My Grapefruit Tree

I started to read a story of how God lives in this ladies Catalpa Tree.
Before I got through the first paragraph it was a bit too much for me.
Perhaps you will not understand what I am about to say.
But. I have known from the very first day
That God resides in my grapefruit tree.
The proof of what I say you can really see.
For wondrous happenings emerge
And God's graces He does splurge.
I have always had a brown thumb
And my flowers often succumb.
For I would place them under it's branches to heal
It became my hospital tree and certainly ideal
It absolutely is not a mystery
How the tree portrays the family history
The last thirty years or so the tree has grown
From a tiny spindling to heights unknown...
That tree has been pruned, climbed, stripped with love
By humans below and birds from above
It has provided us with delicious fruit, branches for nests
Shade for the little animals, and protection for pests.
Even when our faithful dog died
His gravesite the tree did provide
Whenever, the children visit from far away.
They stop under the tree just to say,
A simple thank you to God above
For watching over the pet they love.

©Carol G (Cali)Oliver



A Dream For You

If I could dream
The dream I wanted too,
I would close my eyes,
And dream a dream for you.

I would give you all the world
That you are deserving of,
And to you I would give
My everlasting love.

I would see to it
That you were never sad,
And nothing in your life
Would ever happen bad.

I would wish for you
All things would go your way,
And you would always be happy.
Each and every day.

In my dream
You would always stay,
Just as beautiful
As you are today.

Life for you would be as perfect
As the blueness of the sky,
And no one would ever hurt you,
Or ever make you cry.

I know it's just a dream,
But if dreams could come true,
I would close my eyes,
And dream a dream for you.

©Richard Netherland Cook


Going Home

We all want to go home,
but where do we begin?
If we peek through history's window
reflections cross miles of memory
where seasons often blend,
into a lattice of coincidence:
as time is conclusively done.

Autumn of our surreal life's prelude,
to winter's frozen tricks,
angels in the landscape and
trees, full of naked sticks.
A legacy of life recorded,
challenges met in timely display.
Others willing to ride along
on roads of meaningful travel,
waiting like Spring, to grow
into summer's fullest bloom;
like books with happy endings.

Even history understands
to mirror happy feelings
of lives now fulfilled
with purpose, and selfless giving.
What we know, of who we are,
and lessons of loving nature
passed on to those who listen,
to examples freshly learned;
of what is sure to follow.



Jack Frost

Old Jack whispers frost across the window's chilly glass
In patterns spiraling uniquely, beauty BEYOND mortal class.
Degrees below the freezing zone, the ground is covered white
Pale moon's glow makes diamonds on a snowy winters night.

Each year I wait, impatiently, to see this special show~~~
Can Heaven be more beautiful than "Old Jack's whisper" can bestow??
The glorious mysteries we see in Nature's Manifestations
Are but a glimpse at what the Lord provides in His Heavenly Celebration.

So very much holds me here; where those I love and need reside,
And yet, sometimes~~~impatiently~~~I yearn for the "other side".
Enter into this heart of mine, Dear Lord, I humbly plead.
With Grace and Mercy, You provide my every earthly need.

Let Your Light shine through my eyes, Your Love may I bestow,
As Old Jack whispers frost across this world down here below.
Each breath draws me closer, Lord, like the frost melting off the pane
So patiently~~~I wait for Thee,~~~until You Come AGAIN.

© Karen




Memories about all thats left,
can't see and barely hear.
Yet, I can handle all of that,
My memories are still here.

I see Mom out with her flowers,
Dad working in the yard.
See them in Church on Sunday,
their praying to our Lord.

Dad dressed in his Sunday suit,
Mom, in her little pill box hat.
Seeing doesn't mean so much,
with such memories as that.

Some great sisters an brothers,
Wow, the fun that we had.
Weekdays familys did our thing,
weekends for Mom and Dad.

Memories when I was a young boy,
and even my very first date.
Also how I tried to look just right,
and yet not wanting to be late.

Memories of when I met my wife,
never forget that special day.
I looked into her big brown eyes,
then she stole my heart away.

Also memories of my Children.
each one has a special place.
And the smiles they give to me,
each time I see their face.

They will always be in our hearts,
although I may never see.
Still they will be with me forever,
can't take my memories.

©Walt Chapman



Beyond The Scene

You might be thinking every day is the same,
"Same old, same Old", is the expression that is said,
But God is working behind the scenes
You really don't know what lies ahead,

You're thinking nothing is happening in your life
But God is planning good things for you,
They might not materialize right away,
But God is working right now behind these scenes, that's true,

Have patience, have Hope, have Trust in Him,
God knows what He's doing, He'll take care of you,
God is planning good things for you , you'll  see,
He's always working behind the scenes for you too.

©Anne R.C. Neale


If I Was Never Born

If I was never born,
I would never be able to see Jesus' face
If I was never born, I would never be in God's grace
If I was never born,
There would never be beautiful poems for me to write
If I was never born,
The people I try to help, would be out of my sight

I forgive those who give me pain and hurt
They try to crush my spirit but it does not work,
Some are cruel, some do not care
They try to bring me to the bottom of despair

But, The Lord, my God, is on my side
I stay strong, He makes me wise
If I was never born,
The earth could not be beautiful at dawn
The butterfly, I love so much, may not be there at all

I would not smell the flowers, or fly into the air
I could not be an angel, because I was never there,
The loved ones I touched and those that feel unloved
Would never have known me
And with my heart and soul
Never have been touched

If I was never born,
No laughter would I know
I could not see the raindrops fall, or watch nature grow,
I never would have had no one to confide in
And I could have no joy, bubbling from within,
If I was never born,
Without life, there is no eternity
I never have been, so God gave me my beginning

If I was never born,
I would never know the meaning of love
I would not know how to pray to The Lord above,
Thank you Dear Jesus, for keeping me in your heart
You never forgot me,
There is a light from You around my head
"My Dear Child, my blood for you I shed"

©Linda Ann Henry
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