Come what may

Without you my eyes cannot see the light
Without you how can the day begin
How can I see the night
I look for you in the falling stars
Please tell me you love me still
That the heart of you, is in your arms

Without you my soul is fast alseep
Wake me, my dearest one,
Only you can bring back my life too me
Without you, life is not the same
I look for you in the sun and when it rains

Do you see me here
You are my great love,
Come to me, dear
Without you, I cannot be myself
Without you, I cannot feel the wind
I dream of you and what might have been.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet



Your Bride Awaits

How long will it be Lord?
Oh, how long, our dearest God,
Until we're in your presence;
Where the Holy Angels trod?

How long until we gather
On Heaven's bright and peaceful shore,
Where there is no more pain and sorrow
And death waits for man no-more?

Your Bride is in agony, Lord.
Oh, She's in such travail.
She waits upon Your coming,
Like a ship waits to set sail.

We look up, toward the Eastern skies,
For Your sign. But, we find none.
O, God, how long before You
Send Your Only Begotten Son?

Heaven seems so out of reach
And, Oh, so far away.
We wait and watch, so patiently,
As we go through each day.

We keep searching toward the heavens,
In hopes that You'll appear.
But, all we find are empty clouds.
Oh, how we need Your presence here.

Just how long will it be, dear Lord
(Oh, won't You tell us true),
Until You come for Your sweet bride?
She yearns to be with You.

Our hearts are growing weary, Lord.
Our eyes are filled with tears.
We keep longing for Your coming.
Will it be days, or months, or years?

This world is filled with trouble, Lord;
In pain, and deep despair.
We can't wait for You to take us home,
Where the Son shines everywhere.

We want to walk on streets of gold
And see those Pearly Gates;
Where there's happiness and love inside,
And our dear sweet Savior waits.

© 2008 by Vickie Lambdin



You're Counted!

You think you’re not important, but you are.
You think you’re a leaf forgotten, fallen afar.
Just as every hair is accounted for on your head,
You can’t hide in the midst, nor can anyone be in your stead.

You think you have no value but you do.
You think you’re not missed and that’s not true.
No one can take your place, so come and run your own race,
And you can one day see your Master face to face.
He will say, “Well done.”

Or will the Master say, “Who hindered you from running?
Who stopped you from coming?
Why did you hide your talent in the ground?
Did you think it would not be found?”

Will your talent be dug up and given to another?
Will it pass on to a sister or a brother?
No, you are more than a conqueror over every lie.
Now, hold up your sword and hold it up high.

You were born for this hour, and you must soar,
Carrying God’s Word from door to door.
Every heart that answers to that knock
Will receive from God part of that Rock.

So take no thought for fleshliness or life.
Bury yourself now in the worthy light.
Remember it’s not by feeling or by sight.
Obeying God’s call is the only thing right.
Obedience is better than sacrifice.

To Valerie S.

©Virginia Jack


The Moon The Stars and You

The beauty of the night alone
Is enough to make me dream on
Of times we spent beneath the moon
Listening to our favorite tunes

Planning our future
Playing love games so pure
Our love always growing
Sweetness between us, ever flowing

The stars twinkling above
As we whisper words of love
Declaring ever to be true
And each day our love renew

You hung the moon for me
And brought the best to be
Sweet memories in my minds view
Remember nights 'neath
The moon, and the stars, with you

©Melva Warr
24 January 2008


Hands of a Man

I was placed in your hands at birth
What a joy it must have been
To feel the softness of your touch
And know that you love me, forever more
Your strong hands will guide me
Thru out my growing years
Like a seed that grows from nurturing
Into a precious life you give
For now, I feel safe in your gentle hands
The hands of my Father, steady and strong.

©Marty Ford



Gently in Jesus' Arms

With simple dignity, Grace
And strength she took her place,
And watched as soldiers carried
Her beloved from his place .

Within her arms that held him near
Her heart while last he breathed.
Her words were soft upon her lips,
Reassuring his belief,

And now she rests her weary head
Upon the flag unfurled,
That drapes the coffin bearing him
Across a country and to the world .

She stands in silent vigil,
And remembers
All those years
Of dedicated love for each other
That calmed all their doubts and fears.

Now a nation mourns, the world follows
Every movement; so sublime,
Carressing the flag which covers him,
Speaks softly one more time.

I have lived with him, and loved him,
Through out all these years.
I lay him gently in Jesus' Arms
Though my heart is full of tears .

She turns to go, she knows not where,
And it matters not, you know .
For his spirit is right beside her
No matter where she goes.

Until the day that she is gently laid
Into Jesus Warm Embrace,
And they can be together again
Heart to heart and face to face.

© Karen Payne



A Handful Of Kisses

He stood beside his mother,
He had never left her side,
It was the first day of Kindergarten,
And his tears he tried to hide.

She kissed him tenderly upon his cheek,
And said, "that it would be O.K.
She would be back to get him,
When school was out that day".

Her hand he still was holding tight,
When he began to cry,
She wiped away his little tears,
And said "let's give this a try".

She took his hand and in his palm,
Lots of kisses she did place,
And said "these kisses will last all day long",
Then a smile came on his face.

Now he was not so afraid,
And if he got too sad,
He would catch just one,
Of all the kisses that he had.

School wasn't like he thought,
The kids were just like him,
They learned and had lots of fun,
And the teacher was sweet to them.

He made a lot of little friends,
That made him feel good too,
And of all the kisses in his palm,
He needed just a few.

After school when his mother came,
He was looking so grown-up,
And into her ear he whispered,
"Tomorrow Mom, one kiss will be enough".

©Richard  Netherland  Cook


The Witness To The Resurrection

With a sorrowful heart, they saw Him die,
They wailed, they wept, they all did cry,
He was placed in a tomb that very night
With a tremendous rock sealing it very tight,
A soldier was placed at the entrance then
So no one could get inside or come out, Amen,
For three days the witnesses of His death walked sadly around
Mary Magdalena went to the tomb where she found
The stone was rolled away from His burial place,
Gone was His body, His Holy Grace,
Two angels were sitting there inside in the tomb,
They said He was alive , raised from the dead from this room,
Mary told many others what had happened then,
A total of 515 people saw Him alive after His death, Amen
It was all recorded, His death and His being alive then too,
There were witnesses to both of these things, that is true,
He has gone now To Heaven to prepare a place for us
We will see Him someday , in Him we must Trust.
There were so many witnesses to His death you see,
And the same witnesses saw Him alive after His death ,
the Lord Almighty,
He's alive right now, He lives, He's alive today
He's our Lord God Almighty, to whom we pray

©Anne R. C. Neale









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