Reflection (In Tulsa Now)

The river reflects beautifully.
It opened up a part of me.
Thinking back and looking at how,
My life was and the way it is now.
Just sharing a little part of me so
We can put it together in a portfolio.

Nothing will last unless you write
Your thoughts, intentions, and heartís bites.
So capture your moments; harness your will.
Put it on paper, tapes, and reels.
Someone will find comfort in your mindís meal.
Leave it on record; leave it unsealed.

The same lovely river has been here for centuries,
But no one has seen it exactly as me.
No one can express how it makes me feel,
For out of my heart is out of my field.
Beauty is everywhere you go.
If you canít see any, itís right under your nose.

You can find beauty in everything.
Push out the negative; see the King and Queen.
Everything was here before we came:
Already made, already named.
So care for it; romance it;
Enjoy it; enhance it;
Write about it; remember it;
Love it; share it one-on-one;
Leave it for centuries to come.

©Virginia Jack


Be My Valentine

How can I begin to tell you,
All the things you mean to me.
You are my wife and lover,
You are my destiny.

You are the reason that I live,
And my heart wants you to know,
Why I write this poem,
And why I love you so.

You know my thoughts and all my faults.
You are my very best friend.
I know you stand beside me,
Until the very end.

You are always there for me,
In our times of sorrow,
With a sweet and tender love,
You are my promise of tomorrow.

You are the rock that I lean on,
The love of my life.
I thank you for the gift you gave me,
The day you became my wife.

All I need to know from you,
As I write this rhyme,
Is will you now and always,
Be my Valentine.

©Richard Netherland Cook


Winter's Trail

The cold winters winds, whistled thru the
naked trees
Frosted images appear, like a Jack Frost scene
Icicles draped, in winterly attire
Tiers of recent snows, sparkle like a diamonds
A carrot-nose snowman, stands all alone
Snow mounted hills, comes alive with the young
Wifted-frayed fields, meadows of gray
Unflowing streams, from the winters freeze
Bright colored lights, hangs from roofs eve
Wreaths and red bows, dress up the doors
Pine trees glimmer, with frosty dew
Snowflakes swirl weeping down too soon
Images of mornings, vivid to ones eye
Purples and pinks, light up the skies
This wonder of nature, will soon come to an end
As spring makes her entry, with beauty
and grace.

©Marty Ford


God Bless Our Love

As we hold hands and look in each other's eyes
We see the heavens open wide
Then together this is what we pray
"God bless our love, all of our days".

As the clouds begin to drift away
A gentle light appears
We know then God is near...
Let us not ask for treasure or for gold
Or anything that we can hold

But, may we ask with every breath
"God bless our love anew
May we be true to You
Who sees all things we do
Each day as we grow old and grey
One little prayer we will always say
God bless our love in every way".

Linda Ann Henry © 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet



To Heaven

Without fear or trepidation
He rode the colt on the palm covered path,
" Hosanna", they were all shouting,
No one had any wrath,
He knew what laid ahead for Him
As He rode His way into town,
He would be crucified on the cross
And rise from the dead and be reknown,

They whipped Him so unmercifully,
And put a crown of thorns upon His head,
They gambled for His clothes too
After they crucified Him and He was dead
He walked and talked with 515 people
after His death, for He was alive again,
He showed us all there is Life after Death,
For our Souls will go to heaven. Amen

©Anne R. C. Neale


Quiet Reflections In Song

Awakening I see a soft glow,
Hearing sounds close around me,
Composure besets with a soothing,
Gathering in all I see.

In the hushed and still moments that be,
Refreshing waters I long,
So wash over me flowing loveís sweet,
Quiet reflections in song.

In the beauty of brightest blue skies,
And crystal clear waters lives,
The energizing life source of God,
Who is Love and always gives.

In lifeís misty times of heartachesí tears,
Sweet promised hope comes along,
Calling on my soul to weep gently,
Yielding a repose I long.

Beautiful images echoing,
Happiness and lifeís laughter,
Smoothly current over me that are,
To be now and thereafter.

Even to sense quiet reflections,
In song with Godís melodies,
An emotional release frees me,
Moving my soul with much ease.

All the beauty of sweet times that are,
As innocent love in bloom,
Flowers quiet reflections within,
Whispering in my heartís room.

In the hushed and still moments that be,
Refreshing waters I long,
So wash over me flowing loveís sweet,
Quiet reflections in song.

Love amazingly washes over,
Above all ever hoped for,
Is the warmth of quiet reflections,
Feeling the Life of God pour.

©Sondra McPherson
21 May 2007


It's Never Easy

I canít believe youíve grown up with so much pain.
Grown up, in spite of loveís lost and,
learned to live in love, with love.
Itís hard for me to understand the salad of
your choices, when you deserve the full meal
to savor, rather than a bite to nibble at each setting.
Youíve washed down disappointment with a fresh glass
of compliments meant to sustain each new beginning.
Having mixed the entrees and desserts for so long
you blanch at the plate too bland, or so sweet,
each mouthful insults your taste buds and sours your hunger.
Yet you approach each table alluringly,
with confidence as your guide, experience as your teacher,
and hope as your belief.
Youíve become one in a million, a woman for all seasons, and loveís truest example.
You are my banquet of dreams. All Iíve searched for my entire life, knowing now,
Iíll be forever saddened that you have been prepared
for someone else; while my destiny,
will be to grow in love, without you.

©Rick E. Smith



Merry is the twinkling sunlight
That dances in her eyes so bright
Warm is her love so sublime
That she gives to all mankind
She gives the bird so cheerful
The loveliest song to sing
She gives the earth a heart full
Of the joy her blessings bring
She waters the flowers with her teardrops
That are always shed to keep them here
Summer will never fail us
She'll come again next year

©Carol G (Cali) Oliver




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