Come Sail Away

Beautiful is the midnight lily,
A water lily lighting,
Up the flowerlit bay surrounding,
The enchantment inviting.

Once upon a time a beautiful,
Girl beaming from head to toe,
Was watching a vessel sail the bay,
Thus hoping love would bestow.

Love Oh sweet love how long she's waited,
Where fantasy's reverie,
Exists and time's ageless and ceaseless,
Ever wanting to marry.

And she sings come sail away with me,
Oh gallant one I am here,
In a world where time has no meaning,
I'm waiting, waiting each year.

In this land of exquisite lighting,
A mysterious galleon,
Enters in the candescent waters,
Slowly moving there upon.

And beautiful clear waters glisten,
With a glittering chateau,
Like castle that soars way up higher,
To charm visitors below.

And larger than life unique and rare,
Birds of beauty ever blue,
With eagle eyes seeking out lovers,
Untrue letting in the true.

So maybe this time a gallant one,
Will whisk her to far away,
Places for adventures yet untold,
Following his heart today.

Yes such is lands of midnight glowings,
Where the flowerlit bay lights,
By the exotic water lily,
That live amongst dazzling sights.

This lovely handmaiden eagerly,
Awaits a lover to come,
Sail away with her to lands far off,
Somewhere wholesome and winsome.

©Sondra McPherson


In Love

I am in love with Love,
And the waters ran from my head,
Down my face past my feet and legs,
All upon my bed from above.

Itís everywhere and if thatís not enough,
The oil is now flowing over the same places.
I can hardly stand; it is filling all my vases.
The Love of it all overfills my cuffs.

Love is full of Godís promises in
The prophetically, highly anointed wind.
Summoned from without and within,
They meet together and kiss again.

Yes, it is time to realize Love:
The promises, the glory and, finally,
The anointing, the power, the fire,
The water, the oil, the joy, continually.

Stay in love with Love.
It's call is eternal life inside,
But all the other blessings and anointing,
They go along for the ride.

©Virginia Jack


Dance With The Butterflies

Dance with the butterflies, as they fly in the air
Like pretty ballerinas, so graceful and grand
Dance with the butterflies, as they land in your hand
Butterflies are all different and so very sweet
Watch them in the light, as you and they meet

Dance with the butterflies, give them a kiss
Around the world how they fly, with so much bliss
Twirl on your toe, 'til you reach to the sky
Dance with the butterflies, then when day is done
Live for tomorrow, for soon it will come

Dance with the butterfly, tonight in your dreams
Swan Lake is playing, or so it seems
Dance with the butterflies, whirl to the moon
Meet your Prince Charming, as you waltz to a tune
When day comes again, out the door you will glide
To dance with the butterflies, with them you will fly

Linda Ann Henry © 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet



Our Feathered Friends

Sweet sounds of early morn
When birds begin in song
The echo of the chickadee
Racing among the trees
The bluejay's color, beauty to see
Woodpeckers hammering, on the old walnut tree
The vivid beauty of the cardinal
A nuthatch rambles up and down
Soft-purring coo, a dove's gentle tune
The bobwhite call, a red-tailed hawk
A little owl hoots, into the darken night
The grace of the eagle, soaring in flight
Red-breasted robin, a sign of spring
Wee-size hummingbirds, hovers lively
A summer bluebird, builds for her young
Whistling meadowlarks, fluty in song
The gray heron awaits by lakes and ponds
A kingfisher moves fast, noisy in call
Fields and scattered trees, shelter the hawk
Birds of many, marvel in color
Our feathered friends, gives beauty and song
To view, to listen, to linger, and pause.

©Marty Ford


Never Too Late

It is never too late to begin something new,
Each day gives you another chance you know,
Your dreams, your desires, your goals too,
All are ready waiting for you to begin, that's so

The choice is yours, you'll find new opportunities,
What happened in the past doesn't matter anymore,
What matters is today, the now, to begin
You got a new day to begin, what are you waiting for,

The wonderful thing about living each day,
Is you are never too late to begin again
The choice is yours, don't procrastinate,
Start today to achieve your dreams, Amen

©Anne R. C. Neale


Goodbye My Love

Goodbye my love, goodbye,
The world will carry on,
But my love can I,
Face this life alone?

Seems that only yesterday, I stood,
To look upon you in silent sleep,
Longing to hold you as I would,
But I could only weep.

Each passing hour, my saddened heart,
Fills with thoughts that shall never be,
And the overflowing tears will start,
From all the sad reality.

I wish that I may steal upon your pathway,
To once again see your loving face,
And feel the joy of just one day,
Of all the memories I could trace.

A tide of sorrow that floods me so,
Clings around with grief and dread,
And all the loneliness that I must know,
Follows me nightly into bed.

'Tis no soothing of the pain,
An aching heart does bear,
No more embraces shall remain,
No more memories shall we share.

Dear God unlock the golden gates,
End the darkness and endless day,
My love lies still and calmly waits,
For my love has passed away.

©Richard Netherland Cook



Love is all around
If you take the time to look
It doesn't require a sound
You can't find it in a book
Sometimes it's captured in a Mothers smile
Or apparent in a Sweethearts eyes
It's void of mischief and guile
Never clouded by repeated lies
It's honest fair and true
Don't be afraid to grasp it while you may
For it places no demands on you
But may not be there another day

©Carol G (Cali) Oliver



Walking Daily With Jesus

Early morning breathes the words
The Holy Spirit wants to be heard
Share the gospel night and day
Fear not little ones be not in dismay

For the love of Jesus comes as we pray
Developing our character day by day
Why is this important you say?
It's a matter of the heart and destiny

Making Jesus the Lord of your life
Will remove sorrow, pain and strife
Stay alert for wolves in sheeps clothes
The Holy Spirit entuned lets you know

This is why fellowship is a must
An intimate relationship with Jesus
No sweeter time can you spend
Than in the presence of your King

From the top of your head to the soles of your feet
His love will develop God's family
He longs throughout each passing day
Our drawing nearer to Him to communicate

 © Pastor Linda Begley















Music by Bruce Deboer

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