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Take Me Into Your Heart, Dear Jesus

Take me into Your heart, Dear Jesus
I am blind, I want to see
Take me into Your heart, Dear Jesus
Can You hear the prayer
That comes from me

You have been with me since I was born
Bitter tears, You have seen me cry
Yet You gave me this gift for the world to see
In 'God's Art' I will always fly

Take me into Your heart, Dear Jesus
Whatever You ask I must do
For You gave Your blood for everyone
In my heart, I will forever be true

I give You my pain and suffering
For me You were beaten
With nails in Your hands and feet
You gave Your life
So I could live
You give me Your strength to fight

I thought I was at the end of the line
Until You whispered in my ear
I your burden bear
Take Me into your heart, Dear Child
I, Your Savior, go with you everywhere.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The People's poet



A Perfect Rose

So deep and pure, the one I chose,
From this earthly garden, a perfect rose,
Fragile, yet it only bends,
In times of rain or days of winds.

Close to my heart, this rose I hold,
Its' beauty to me like solid gold,
A perfect rose that means so much,
That I am thrilled by a single touch.

A perfect rose it has been said,
Is the symbol of love, a long stem red,
No others can or will compete,
For my perfect rose so soft and sweet.

My love for the rose, a beauty still,
Has not faded and never will,
This rose I hold, the one I chose,
My loving wife, a perfect rose

©Richard Netherland Cook



Today is my new beginning
A new life awaits for me
My Father has call upon me
To live in His house
From now, until eternity
His love is everlasting
My soul He will embrace
His arms will shelter and cradle
My fears, be not afraid
My faith, will be rejoice
His mercy, I will feel
His light will shine forever
In my heart, His spirit will forever live
He's my King, my Prince
My Truth, my Lord
The path to His doorway
Is thru the golden doors
My new life will have new meaning
My soul has come alive
Cause God has called me to come home
Thank you, My Father, I'm here.

©Marty Ford


Wonderful Winter

Snow falling softly to the ground
So beautiful and children playing around
Dressed with mittens and scarves
Snow Angels they have carved

Watching the boys play hockey with pride
Winter is fun and you should be outside
Just a walk around your block will do
Youíll feel refreshed and look it too

Enjoy the season and stay real warm
Feed the birds before the storm
Ask a neighbor if he needs a hand
Your friendships will expand

Keep all in prayers we never know
Weather may turn with too much snow
Helping others showing love
With help from Our Lord above

© Joyce Ann Geyer 2008



"We can love Jesus in the hungry,
the naked, and the destitute
Who are dying If you love, you
Will be willing to serve. And, you
Will find Jesus in the distressing
Disguise of the poor. "
Mother Teresa

Life's Games

No game was played that day.
The decision was made real quick.
It was over faster than a fly ball.
Jake, the pitcher, had called in sick.

Perhaps 'tis I each young boy thought,
To fill Jake's shoes today.
But, they all knew down deep inside,
Not one could match Jake's play.

We all have positions to play in life.
It matters how we play the game every day.
But sometimes our game--is just not the same
When the Jakes in our lives can't play.

Do we tell the Jakes we miss them?
Help them--ask them what can we do?
Or do we just go on without them,
Thinking oh well--happens to me too.

God gives us each our talents and abilities.
Each one in his own way.
But, we just must care about one another,
Every day -- especially those days ...
When the Jakes in our lives can't play.

©Charlene Heeren


What does the day Easter mean?

Jesus, my Savior rose from the shadow of the cross.
His life, death and resurrection, was the cost.
So that mankind could have a chance
To claim God's promised advance.
To the gates of Heaven and our Lord.
If only they live according to His word.
I love you Dear Jesus with all my heart.
I believe I have from the very start
Ever since I can remember: You have been a part of my life .
Especially during times of pain and strife.
I pray for my faith to remain strong  steady.
So when you call me I will be ready.

©CarolG(Cali) Oliver



Always There

She was always in my memory
My one true shining star
Each day when I'd wake up alone
She was never very far

It's like I could just reach out
And touch her pretty face
She was wearing a gown of white
Covered with lovely lace

My life had taken me far away
And leaving her behind
But she seemed to come to me
Even if only in my mind

She had a way of being there
When I needed her most of all
She'd prop me up and hold me
When I was just about to fall

Days and weeks and years went by
But, I held her close inside
I looked for her everywhere
In hopes she'd take the ride

I finally found her one yesterday
After many of them had passed
I held her close and hugged her
Just wanting it to last

She won't be with me when I sleep
Or there at the morning's light
But now she's near and very dear
And makes my days so bright.

©Dave Allen Kelly


Easter Lamb in Heaven

Itís Easter time in heaven
Christ sits upon the throne
His faithful sheep are gathered Ďround
This palace made of stone.

A rugged cross comes into view
Beyond the crystal sea
A sun-filled room, an empty tomb
A spectacle to see.

In heaven, God reminds us
The reason we are there
How Jesus suffered on the tree
Our burdens, He did bear.

In paradise, on Easter
As far as one can see
Are scenes of Easter long ago
And how this came to be.

There is no toil and trouble
The wages have been paid
The walls are built with diamonds
The streets are lined with jade.

The pearly gates of heaven
Such beauty to behold
The sky is clear as crystal
The walks are paved with gold

A rainbow stretches overhead
Sweet cherubs fill the sky
Angels sing and church bells ring
They lift their voices high.

There is no need of moon or stars
Where everything is bright
For all who dwell within this land
Are bathed in Holy Light.

Like brilliant prisms in the sun
And beams of colored hue
Somewhere beyond the universe
The Lamb of God shines through

Itís Easter time in heaven
And everything is grand
The only thing thatís earthly made
Are nail scars in His hands.

© 2007 Marilyn Ferguson




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