The Master Potter

While pondering the man I am,
And how I came to be,
I thought of several scriptures
That shed light, that I might see.

And so while reading Genesis,
How God formed Adam’s frame,
And how my Grandpa came from dust.
Oh my, am I the same?

But then I read what God had said,
Be fruitful, Multiply!
So Eve with Adam’s help Begat,
Then down the road, came I.

So even, As with Adam’s clan,
We too can procreate,
But only God could start with dust,
And then form Adam’s Mate.

And as I ponder what He’s done,
With only breath and dust,
I stand amazed at such great love
He gave creating us.

God is the Master Potter,
Yes, from dust he formed a man.
Like pots our bodies hold our souls,
We all are, of His Hand

And so I know just who I am
And how I came to be.
I know the Master Potter lives,
I know that he loves me.

©James O’Brien
Feb. 26 2008



Miracles By The Son

There is none like You O Sweet Jesus,
Loving and gracious are You,
Filling with life everlastingly,
Your Blessedness brings us through.

The Lord’s wonders will always astound,
As true miracles happen,
For the Lord still heals for life on Earth,
And in a twinkling Heaven.

And I believe in His miracles,
Jesus is so very close,
His loving touch is more than precious,
And fragrant as the red rose.

I always know His Presence visits,
Living His warmth right away,
I love Him because He loves me so,
I know He’s healing today.

He said keep Him close forever more,
And follow Him more nearly,
He may lead you to pray for someone,
His miracles work dearly.

His blessings come into existence,
And a new life is begun,
Restoration is done where wounds were,
With miracles by the Son.

How I Praise Jesus for His Sweet Love,
And healings Divine thus done,
For many lingering near death's door,
Live miracles by the Son.

His miracles reach way out beyond,
Flowing virtue revealing,
He heals preciously meeting all needs,
In showers of healing.

He who believes receives His Touches,
His awe inspiring power,
To restore altogether with new,
Needed that same said hour.

Perfect and finished are the wonders,
For the one who loves Jesus,
Tears well in my eyes with Praise seeing,
Miracles by the Son bless.

©Sondra McPherson


Never Judge Another

I saw a man just sitting
On the gutter in the street
His clothes were torn and ragged
There was nothing on his feet

His face looked drawn and saddened
As if troubled by world’s woes
But what really was the problem
Was something I could not know

Everyone just passed him
Not would give the time of day
It seemed the whole world wanted
For him to go away

I went to move on past him
While thinking of his thoughts
Although I wanted to move onwards
My mind said to lend support

I looked more closely at him
Saw he was not that old
That few rags that he was wearing
Would not hold out the cold

Reached my hand out to him
Asked if he’d come with me
His eyes looked dully upwards
Unheard “Help Me” was his plea

He rose and stood beside me
I helped him stand upright
Made up my mind immediately
He’d have a bed tonight

Took him to a restaurant
All other patrons stared so still
Placed an order for him
So he could eat his fill

Then took him further down the street
And left him free to choose
Told him that I’d be paying
For his new clothes and shoes

Once dressed he looked so different
Those around did no longer stare
Then he spoke his first words to me
“Can I thank you with a prayer?”

I took him home that evening
So he could rest his weary head
Told him that he was welcome
Until he knew what lay ahead

Days later would find him working
Found a place to call his own
I know that I felt better for it
To see he was no longer alone

Went to church on Sunday
Saw he was part of the throng
Heard his voice so loudly
As he praised the Lord with song

And once the service over
He walked right up to me
Told all around who’d listen
That I’d helped to set him free

He spoke with great conviction
With clear voice that was so strong
Of days when others chose to judge him
Although he’d done no wrong

He told, never judge another
On whatever you may see
Remember our Lord was seen a criminal
On His way to Calvary

Extend a hand in kindness
Be sure to show your love
And your reward will surely find you
When you meet the Lord above


©Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
3rd March 2008
All Rights Reserved



Hebrews Chapter 13
Verses 1 – 2

Let the charity of the brotherhood abide in you.

And hospitality do not forget: for by this some,
being not aware of it, have entertained angels.

Jesus On Emmaus Road

All that took place that crucifixion day
seems so grim.
In retrospect we thought
everything good had died
but now we have hope because of Him.

On the road from Golgotha to Emmaus
Jesus’ followers and friends start to walk.
Being careful not to be recognized, Jesus asked,
“As you walk to Emmaus,
about what subjects do you talk?”

The reply,
“Are you only a visitor to Jerusalem?”
The one who would redeem Israel has been crucified.
Their hope had always been that Jesus was the one
but now all hope seemed gone
because Jesus had died.

“How foolish you are and slow to believe.”
Jesus chides them
for not believing and being so dire.
Step by step, verse by verse,
He extinguishes the sadness in their hearts
and rekindles the salvation fire.

Jesus starts to walk ahead and over the hill
but they like what they hear
and beg Him to stay.
This stranger is their Savior
and as soon as the recognize Jesus
He vanishes in a strange way.

Seeing Jesus for just that short moment
gave them hope and ended their grieving.
Sadness and loneliness quickly disappeared.

Whatever pain I may endure
is nothing compared to the tortures
begun at Gethsemane.
Dear God,
help me clear up all the confusion in my life.
Help me appreciate
the depths of Your love for me.

I wish I could have been with you Jesus
during the time of Your suffering
just as You are now
with me during my time of need.
I could not dry even one single tear for you
nor help carry your cross but thanks
for planting into my heart a “love seed”.

“Love thy neighbor as thy self.”
“Love one another as I have loved you.”
The example and the lessons were all there.
Jesus is the best example the world ever knew.

I never got to feel the pain
of the crown of thorns.
I forget to say thanks
for the blood You did spill.
The thorns and nails
I have known are insignificant.
I regret I could not have helped you carry
that heavy cross up to Golgotha Hill.

The road to Emmaus is straight and narrow.
Thanks for the love You send.
After reliving the horrors of Golgotha,
we can now travel a road that will never end.
Thank you, Jesus.

©Richard E. Funnell




"Bloom where you are planted"
I've heard that phrase before
It seems to sound so trite
But, really, let's explore.....

To bloom you need some moisture be sure
Living water from the Father
Holy, true and pure

Nourishment to grow healthy
God's Word will do just fine
Feasting on the Bread of Life
Is the only way to dine!

"Son" is so important
Without it, you will die
Seek the light continually
From our Lord on high

Now you have the basics
Blooming will succeed
It's time for you to open up
And reach out to those in need

The leading of the Spirit
Is the proper way
Let Him be your guide
In all you do and say

There are lives around you
That only you can touch
So, bloom where you are planted
Your witness means so much!

©Kathi Wright


A Beloved's Kiss

What is in a Beloved's kiss
A lovely smile, a gentle hug
Most of all a sweet desire
A heart you can feel
Forever real, a Beloved's kiss

What crosses your mind
When you are held
I think of a man's loving soul
Who is your own
Wherever you go, you will know
How wonderful and true
He means everything to you

A fire that burns
Within your heart
A beginning with no end
In which the two of you take part

What is in a Beloved's kiss
A gift so rare, beyond compare
To love like this, is a special day
To give your all, in every way

Yes, it can come true
If two love's find their way
To a special place in time
Where you are always mine.

©Linda Ann Henry



Portrait of Jesus

Jesus is the Son of God
A blueprint for all men
A beam of light within the night
To bring the lost ships in.

He wasn’t known for gold and jewels
Nor did He strive for fame
But people came from miles away
When they would hear His name.

He wasn’t rich by any means
Not in the earthly way
But just the sound of his dear voice
Would brighten up the day.

His eyes were filled with holy light
As clear as crystal sea
Little children gathered round
To sit upon His knee.

His soul was draped in holiness
He had the faith of Job
A sense of healing came about
To all who touched His robe.

He didn’t walk in laced up shoes
His feet were often bare
One time a sinner washed them clean
And dried them with her hair.

His voice was not so debonair
But yet it told no lies
The wisdom that He did bring forth
Was honest, true and wise

His hands were not like hardened steel
But yet they held our fate
They bore the burdens of this world
How could He bear the weight?

His ears did hear the haunting cries
Of sickly, poor and weak
Even lepers came to Him
He listened to them speak.

Jesus walked upon the earth
A gentle sort of guy
A portrait of the Son of God
Hangs up there in the sky.

© 2008 Marilyn Ferguson




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