A Rose and You

In a language and known only,
To the heart flows the rose,
And it speaks of love’s existence,
In you for me that grows.

I know my love one day flowered,
When our two hearts first met,
Not even realizing then,
We’d fall in love that minute.

And when I think of love’s sweetness,
I wonder if it shows,
Exposing all my new feelings,
So everybody knows.

Love is unceasingly desired,
And needed most of all,
And when it beckons heart and soul,
Love without end will call.

For it is like the flowering,
Of the sweetest red rose,
Seemingly unfolding always,
Living love it bestows.

Love’s power mighty and gentle,
Will sweep over to greet,
Then give the most loving repose,
Yielding to me so sweet.

In a language and known only,
To the heart flows the rose,
And it speaks of love’s existence,
In you for me that grows.

©Sondra McPherson


A Summer Rain

Oh to be a summer rain,
A blanket from the sky,
To touch the fields and rolling hills,
Each weary passer-by.

To be dashed upon each window pane,
A drop upon the glass,
To mingle with the brook and stream,
And fall upon the grass.

To cleanse the earth and all there on,
And dance among the trees,
To quench the thirst of savage fires,
And swell the mighty seas.

Oh to be a summer rain,
And from the heavens pour,
To be a part of God above,
Could I ask for more?

©Richard Netherland Cook


Seasons of Change

Blossoms of Springtime, warm gentle rains
Sweet-scents of lilac meadows of green
Freshness of mornings, in baby blue skies
Creations and wonders, as Spring comes alive
Echos of songbirds, drifting about
Bulbs on branches, waiting to sprout
Newness and birth, in this season of change
Along comes summer, fading of spring
Splender of colors, wildflowers in bloom
Fields of new crops, corn on it's stalks
Greeting of mornings, layers of green
Beauty of the rainbow, sunrise at it's peak
Sounds of laughter, as little ones play
hide and seek
Orchards bearing fruit, of apples so sweet
Creatures of nature, housing their young
As Summer turns to Autumn, new colors to view
In this season of change, as Summer slowly fades
Fallen leaves, mellowing and gold
Crimson reds, orange colors glow
Shades of pink and purple shine
Garish the scene, of dawns early light
Chills of mornings, meadows of dew
Warmth from a campfire, singing of tunes
A stroll along a country road
And see the beauty, that Fall bestows
This season of change, will soon disappear
As Winter makes an entry, Jack frost is near
Blankets of white, icicles hang
Coated tree branches, glisten in light
A wonderland for children, the joy it all brings
Leggins and mittens, a sled ride or two
The magic of Christmas, the child in you
The birth of our Saviour, under Heavens
brightest star
This season of change, will soon unwind
As hints of the next season, begins to renew.

©Marty Ford


The Orchid

There was once a beautiful orchid
Who lived in the garden of love
This orchid was so special
It glowed for heaven above

God had an angel standing guard
People ask God if it could be theirs alone
He said, "Only if someone is pure of heart
Would I let it be their own"

Many came and went
The angel did not let them close to view
So I came to hear of it
I wondered if God would let me through

When I came to this garden of love
All was as people said
I was just a humble girl
Would God give it to me instead

I saw the angel dressed in beautiful gold
I looked at the orchid with longing
Hoping to smell its folds
"I have been waiting for you'"
God's voice came from up above
"The orchid is yours for the taking
Given with all my love"

I asked, "Dear God,
You have been guarding it for so long
Why do you give it to me
I am not even very strong'"

The angel smiled, "My Daughter, you are special.
You have been so all your life
You help others first
You always share my loving light

Your heart is pure like the falling snow
So special in God's love
He put this orchid here
So it would not lose it's glow
I, myself have watched you
And have seen how you grow

So you may take this flower
From God's loving care
You are a blossom yourself
You are so very rare"

©Linda Ann Henry



One's Own Opinion

A man must make his own mistakes
Then right those wrongs he's made.
He must accept his life the way it is
In God's sunshine or in His shade.

If what he wants cannot be had
In the most desired way
He must strive to do his best
He has nothing else to say.

God's greatest gift to all mankind
Is the gift of life He gives
Man is surely not to know
Just how long he lives.

©Dave Allen Kelly


Beauty Only God Can Create

Do you wonder?
How that flower was made
With all its intricacies
So many shades of color
With all its wondrous infinities

Do you wonder?
When you see the sky of blue
How were the clouds formed?
With graceful pillows of puff
Then they darken and stormed

Do you wonder?
How you and I were formed
In God’s likeness
By the single thought of God
We have His similar aptness

Do you wonder?
With everything you see
All of its wonders
So delicate and real
How many are God's believers?

Do you wonder?
Why God wants us to believe on blind FAITH
The word doubt is in the Bible over four hundred times
Because we are human, we question all that we see
Then we pray, and faith grows we get it sometimes

Do you wonder?
Why God chose you and me?
There is only one answer…LOVE
All on Earth, sky and ocean created by God
From our Heavenly Father above

© Joyce Ann Geyer



Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty
hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.
1 Peter 5:6

Thank God, I Made It!

As I step from the banks of chilly Jordan,
Into its rolling tide,
My eyes are focused on the Holy City,
Lying just across the great divide.
“Old man death” was once my enemy.
But, now he’s just an open door,
That leads to my eternal goal,
On that bright and golden shore!
My heart is filled with gladness!
Oh, what joy divine,
Just to know I’ve finally made it,
And all Heaven now is mine!
I’m captivated with all the beauty,
As I enter Heaven’s gate!
But, most of all I want to see Jesus,
And I don’t have long to wait!
With awe I look upon my Saviour’s face!
Then, I fall prostrate at His feet,
And as His glory surrounds me,
For the first time I feel complete!
Jesus wipes away my tears,
Oh, the feeling is sublime,
And all memories of life on earth,
Are gone in a moment of time!
Trouble and heartaches flee away!
They’re gone without a trace!
Fears and doubts disappear,
With one look upon His precious face!
Then, I hear my Blessed Saviour say,
“Your race is finally run!”
“You’ve fought a good fight,”
“And kept the faith!”
“Welcome home, My son!”

©Robert F. Dotson (Brother Bob)




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