Days Of Old

When I lie down to sleep at night,
I close my eyes and see,
That yesterday I was a child,
Upon my Mother's knee.

A memory that clouds my mind,
But has not gone from me,
Is the dream of all dreams,
The life that used to be.

I see enchanted youth that has been spent,
A sadness of days too few,
Endearing to my heart, as yet a man,
I recall the days I knew.

The sweetness of the days gone by,
I smell with sadden joy,
And cry aloud to hold a few,
My moments as a boy.

The days of old forever gone,
How quickly fade away,
And to soon the day we live,
Becomes our yesterday.

And now I see the day we live,
As youth has grown to be,
A Father to a child my own,
To bounce upon my knee.

And I in quiet slumber rest,
Hear a voice so weak,
And feel the touch, a fond embrace,
As loving kisses brush my cheek.

A new day dawns my life anew,
My eyes awake to see,
Those tiny arms around my neck,
Bring back the youth in me.

©Richard Netherland Cook


Crown of Glory

He has risen, are words to rejoice
A time to celebrate, a time for joy
A crown of thorns, a wooden cross
The piercing nails, driven deep within
On Calvary hill, one Friday morn
Our Lord was crucified, and darkness set in
Woven shroud wrapped His body, as He laid
within the tomb of stone
The breath of life given, thru a loving God
He's Risen, the Angels rejoiced
Our Lord has Risen
The joy of this day, the gift of eternal life
No greater love than one gave
A Father's love for, His only Son.

©Marty Ford


 An Adoptee's Prayer

Dear Lord in Heaven, help me today
I feel very lost in so many ways
My birth mother had to give me to another
Please pray with me
For I never knew who I was
My adopted parents could not accept
I was a little slow. I did not bring them happiness

Dear Lord in Heaven, say a prayer for me
To find who I am so I do not grieve
Where did I come from?
What are my roots?
Why was I a puzzle, why was I last
To find out my unknown past

I knew not what my name was at my birth
I had to find out as I searched and searched
Dear Lord, You gave me a reason to be
In writing my beautiful poetry

Forgive me if sometimes I cry
I found who I am so I will let the past die
You have given me a gift, to share with people like me
I am in your heart, forever free.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


Written for those lost in adoption

Lovely To Behold

Beautiful vibrant colors of Spring,
They're so lovely to behold,
I well imagine sweet violets,
Daisies and dogwood unfold.

Oh that which above all others yields,
The sweetest smell in the air,
Is the violet of romance with,
Celebrations sweet we share.

And how we give our hearts most of all,
Sending beloved wishes sweet,
Filling in all the honey in life,
As lovely flowers complete.

When life casts a shadow at times let,
He who loves us show the way,
To hand over one sweet little thought,
For He may yield His bouquet.

Yes I so long to smell the sweetness,
To see God's beauty of Spring,
All the lovely flowers in array,
When love in the air will sing.

To give heavenly fragrance in cold,
Winter's bright snow purity,
I must see God's flowers bloom sensing,

Feasting my eyes upon God's beauty,
Whispers of His Love blessing,
Me every where I look for He is,
Right there with me caressing.

In a valley truly God's garden,
Are lovely sweet violets,
Bright yellow daisies, soft pink dogwood,
And honeysuckle eyelets.

Oh they spin their glory beauteous,
God's flowers are fields of gold,
How they burst bestowing sweet fragrance,
They're so lovely to behold.

~So Preciously Inspired By Melva~

© Sondra McPherson


Happiness comes from within
When we know we are Godís child
We are free from all fear
We please Jesus and He smiles

We take His Holy Book and learn
Lifeís lessons are all within
We try to keep His commands
Now our lives truly begin

His Holy Spirit guides us
He taught us The Lordís Prayer
We feel comfort and peace
He forgives us when we err

Bright sunny mornings we start our day
We thank Heaven for our beautiful blue skies
Raining we thank God as He waters the plants
Windy times we can hear how the wind cries

Lord we are grateful for all Blessings
Our changing seasons are our prize
We plant and sow, then reap a harvest
Time for a season to end as we say our goodbyes

Seasons of our lives begin at birth
Some have longer or shorter lives
Happiness still is held in our souls
Youth and then adulthood arrives

Going through life we make choices
Whatever the lesson we learn from
We choose who we want to be
This makes us the person we become

Yes, there are times we arenít real happy
When given a chance those times will pass
Life has many changes thatís how we grow
Giving us color and many contrasts

Thank You Lord for living in my soul!
© Joyce Ann Geyer 2008

Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Do not be wise in your own eyes;
fear the LORD and shun evil.
This will bring health to your body
and nourishment to your bones.

Proverbs 3:5-8

©Joyce Ann Geyer




An Early Spring Morn

Like sparking diamonds the dew drops shine in the early morn
As the rising sun, beams rays of brilliant light on the wet lawn,
The birds are busy searching diligently for food, they had their night- rest,
While other birds are busily searching for strands of twigs to build their nests,
The silence of the new morning is a peaceful time before man made noise starts,
The shortening shadows made by the sun rise shows God is doing His part.

An early sunny morning is a beautiful time to take a walk,
The peace and quiet of watching Nature awaken is great without man's talk,
The yellow leaves of the forsythia can be seen stretching in the sun,
The greening of the emerald grass begins with the sun rays created by the Holy One,
As the sparkling diamond dew drops disappear slowly with the warming of the air,
The early Spring morning is opening another day ,watch it develop slowly as you stare,

©Anne R. C. Neale


Believe In Yourself

Believe in yourself and dreams will come true
Believe in yourself . and others will too.

Believe in yourself, with all of your heart
Believe in yourself, you'll have a head start.

Believe in yourself, and youíll find the way
Believe in yourself, and youíll not go astray.

Believe in yourself, when life treats you wrong
Believe in yourself, and youíll always be strong.

Believe in yourself, and hold your head high
Believe in yourself, look yourself in the eye

Believe in yourself, itís the right thing to do
Believe in yourself, just do it for you.

© Larry Munson


To My Favorite CatÖBongo

Such a lovely, handsome cat you are.
Over a decade youíve been my pal.
You sleep near my head or on my arm.
You jump up on my lap, you never fail.

The Lord used you to bring healing.
My hands hurt and as I stroked you,
Relief came and brought warm feelings.
You deliberately came to my rescue.

Even when we added our cat Patches
To keep you company as you aged,
She always fought you with scratches,
But now you both look like youíre engaged.

When you no longer can run or jump,
Or climb on the couch or window sill,
Iíd never throw you away to the dump,
But lay you down where itís quiet and still.

Youíre the best cat ever!!!

Copyright, 2007, Kathryn Tyler Little


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