The Color Of God's Love

The Color of God's Love is Alive,
As lovely blooms in array,
Heighten with sweet intensity as,
He finishes His display.

A lovely Spring day has given me,
Longed for exhilaration,
All because I know my Lord designs,
Creation's decoration.

Watch the loveliness of Spring with its,
Bright beginnings of promise,
Turning the barren into God's new,
Loving Gardens He will kiss.

It's Spring Time when buds are beginning,
To burst forth blooms ardently,
Touched by God's Breath releasing in air,
Fragrant scents abundantly.

Look on lovely flowers showcasing,
In place blooms eloquently,
Listen to birds wanting to begin,
Each new song impatiently.

Beautiful flowers speak happiness,
With elegance so refined,
Standing up tall lifted in beauty,
Bowing in gentle winds kind.

See the gardens ablaze with brilliance,
Each one is God's decision,
See gardens joyful and excited,
For blooming by His vision.

How The Color of God's Love sweetens,
In the air as it dances,
Making my heart come aglow always,
Because He my Lord enhances.

© Sondra McPherson
05 April 2008



You were always there in every way
When your children needed you
You always tried to cheer us up
When we were feeling blue
When we were feeling down and out
You always had a smile
And when you offered a helping hand
You'd go that extra mile
Your smiling face is one of the things
We all will surely miss
But every one of us know
That you're in Heavenly Bliss
God Called you home that Friday night
Because He needed you
He knew your work here on this earth
Was now finally through
We'll miss you mom but we know
It won't be very long
That we'll meet again in Heaven
To join you in Praise and Song.

©Karen King

If You Could Love Me

If you could love me enough to believe me
when I tell you that I AM for you
and stand in that faith ...

If you could seek me for every need,
trusting that I will always do
the most loving thing possible ...

If you could walk in paths as I guide you,
with your eyes on me and not on the storm ...

If you could believe that nothing
can harm you, with me at your side ...

If you could welcome our friendship,
to realize things others only dream of ...

Then you might love me, with all your heart;
And I could love you with all of mine.

Love, God

©Joyce C. Lock


Dedicated to Doctors and entire staff
Gulf Coast Oncology
(And all who fight this dreaded disease)

It seems God sent special angels in human form.
Whose assigned task was to perform,
Miracles through the infinite tender love of the Lord.
So that their patients health is fully restored.

Jesus will surely thank you for your marvelous care.
And bless you when you are least aware.
Because I experience the agony and misery.
I am grateful for your compassion and mercy.

This torment of cancer wracks body and soul.
Takes a drastic toll only God can control.
But through it all there is a shining light,
The positive attitude of everyone makes it alright.

You instill a sense of hope to all you greet.
Making cancer a foe we can all beat.
I thank you for your gentle loving care.
And will always remember you in my prayers.

© Carol G (Cali) Oliver



Rock Me To Sleep Daddy, Rock Me To Sleep

Rock me to sleep Daddy, rock me to sleep
Hold me near your heart, ever to keep
Burst away my tears, let us never part
You are my all, I have loved from the start

Rock me to sleep Daddy, rock me to sleep
Keep me safe in Your arms,
Let me know You are there
Always giving me comfort and care

Rock me to sleep Daddy, rock me to sleep
Promise to stay with me, so I do not weep
Tell me stories of long ago,
Play in the park, we laugh as we go

Rock me to sleep Daddy, rock me to sleep
Together forever, in a garden we meet
All of life's battles, you helped me to win
Without You in my life,
How hopeless things would have been

Rock me to sleep Daddy, rock me to sleep
I will always remember You as day turns to night
I sing songs You taught me, which are just right
So off to bed I go, for You watch as I sleep
In your soul You are with me, as You rock me to sleep

©Linda Ann Henry


Do you remember me
In memory of William Woodrow Henry
Born 12/08/1917-died July 15/2005
The people's poet

One Small Wish

If I had but one small wish
To last my whole life through,
I'd wish for something very small
For that's all I'd have to do.

I'd wish for a smile on every face
Of each person I daily meet
So they could feel the way I do
When they their friends did greet.

A smile is small but it gets so big
And the heart feels warm and free,
So I wish to pass the smiles around
And fill each heart with glee.

When I am gone, and laid to rest,
I hope they'll remember me,
For on my headstone, side to side
A smile for the world to see.

©David Allen Kelly



While Vacating in Florida
With my daughter’s crew,
We watched people parasailing,
Looked like fun from our view.

Then my son-in-law began
Tossing a thought about,
And got everyone excited
So parasailing won out.

All the crew was ready to go.
I rebelled , “no not me.”
After much talking and persuading
Finally I had to agree.

We had to ride in a little boat
To get out to the big boat.
Only the water was really rough
So was hard to stay afloat.

By the time we got to the big boat
We were soaked on every side,
With water in our eyes and face,
Laughing and enjoying the ride.

When getting into the big boat
We had to have some backup.
You had to put your leg up high
Then you had to leap up.

Water being rough, with one boat
Rolling one way and one the other way,
It was hard to get into the boat
Without making a display.

Trying to keep the boats steady
Someone pulled “HA HA”
While another person pushed.
I made it over, “Hurrah”

When our time came to go up,
We were tightly buckled in
And went sailing in to the sky,
This awesome journey to begin.

Since the water was so rough,
And we were connected
To the big boat that was in charge,
All the jerking was not expected.

It was after a few minutes
They always brought you down
To dip you in the water.
Someone yelled don’t dip them.

We were saved from a dipping
By someone with an outcry.
All that was dipped was our feet,
Then back to sailing in the sky.

If you even have a doubt
That Grandma went parasailing,
Pictures were made just to prove
That it was all true.

If you had been around at the time,
You would have laughed too,
Watching Grandma parasailing
At the age of Eighty-two.

© Codell Reed Donehoo



Lebanon Church

Power Of Prayers

Song: "Sunlit Gardens" Courtesy of Dolphins Dreams Quietude




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