A Moment Of Grace

I am alive and enthralled to grasp,
A moment of grace blessing,
Me in a sunlit garden wondrous,
Like almost a whispering.

There is a fragrance of God's flowers,
The sweetest and heavenly,
Scent covering me in a glow as love's,
Tenderness gently seeks me.

Oh lovely how preciously I feel,
In this warmth all around me,
Such glowings unveiling their posies,
In a maze light and balmy.

My imagination carries on,
In a most pretentious way,
As a tale of pixies dance close by,
On this my fine Wedding Day.

Delight captures the whole of me,
Intriguingly thrills my heart,
In this sunlit garden with almost,
A whispering to impart.

I am astonished and entertained,
Fondly I wish I could sing,
For the magic of love envelopes,
Me reflecting all it'll bring.

Such gaiety blesses my whole soul,
As I dream on our promise,
For my mind stays on the man I wed,
Loving him as time exists.

An enchantment sweeps all over me,
And I'm lost in beauty sweet,
A whispering wishes' and dreams' cloud,
For us only to complete.

I'm overcome mesmerized in bliss,
Sweet euphoria of love,
Exhilarating wondrously in,
A moment of grace thereof.

©Sondra McPherson


Kneel and Pray

When life seems to be a fight
Just kneel and pray,
God hears our prayers.
As you search for peace and grace.
Live one day at a time and trust that,
God will make every thing right.

Every heartache, loss and defeat,
Teaches us a lesson not soon forgotten.
Our Heavenly Father is making us
Stronger for the trials ahead .
So when you are troubled and broken hearted,
Take them to our Heavenly Father in retreat.

No problems are too great for our Father.
He can solve them all, on Him you can depend.
He gave His all for us, there is no other love so great,
So kneel and pray ask God to give you the grace,
To accept what you cannot change. It may be a year
When it seems so near.

God is right there with you guiding,
You through the rough times as well as the best,
So count you’re many Blessings.
You are a gift from our Father above.
He sends down His sweet love.
Just kneel and pray, Let “God” do the rest.

© Judy Knight
May 05, 2008


Another Time...Another Place

I’m painfully aware as I regress down memory lane
That scenes of my childhood slowly begin to wane
And I strive to recall them from the labyrinth of my brain
It was a time of innocence, of carefree happy days
Of childish pranks and mischief and summer holidays
Our doors were never locked, we children all ran free
And oh what fun we had riding the Calliope
We played stick ball, cops and robbers and other childish games
We roasted chestnuts by the fire, tossing pine cones in the flames

We always respected our teachers…mine happened to be nuns
We had never heard of pedophiles, no one came to school with guns
Schools were a place of learning, we had nothing to fear
(Certainly not a shooting gallery conducted by our peers!)
We always loved our country and saluted the flag with pride
And when our President was shot, I remember how we cried
Whenever we misbehaved it was made very clear
Parents were in charge as they swat us on the rear
Respect was a given…. trust was to be earned
You took the measure of a man by the values that he learned

Another time…another place …civility is no more
And marriage, I’m sad to say, is just a swinging door
Childish pranks have changed a bit…selling drugs is done with pride
Gangs roam the streets, shooting rivals who try to hide
Parents are no longer in charge…children can’t help but fail
Spanking is called abuse and now will land them in jail!
Mothers who would have died for them, now covet gin or crack
And babies are left alone to wonder if they’re ever coming back
Every generation thinks that their''s  was the best
I’m so happy to have lived then…I’ve truly been blessed

Another time…another place…I’m afraid it is no more
Yet I’m eager to hang around to see,  what the future has in store

©2007 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)


Those Little Pills

There is a lady on a hill,
She craves those forbidden pills,
As the baby lay quiet still,
He’s fearful of those little pills.

Ah, the world has turned to stone,
Her sanity has come and gone,
Leaving her so all alone,
A baby lies still and prone.

An evil smile across her face,
Rushing at a frantic race,
To fill a need she can’t erase,
But the baby can't keep pace.

Come now! Bring her more,
She waits eagerly by the door,
Like a drowning man finds shore,
Baby's fear he can't ignore.

Evil laugh, money in palm,
Seeking a psychotic calm,
Little pills a much loved balm,
Baby retreats from his mom.

The bell rings at the door,
Her wait is over once more,
Serenity will wash ashore,
Baby's dread begins to soar.

Mom’s happy, laughs with glee,
From reality she is free,
Habit fed is calm to be,
Baby needs invisibility.

There is a high upon the hill,
Once more she's had her fill,
She's reaping a happy thrill,
Sweet baby lies so still.

There is neither night nor day,
Pills show their horrid way,
Little one begins to say,
Baby's hungry now for days.

No! Do not utter one more word,
Reason's now so awfully blurred,
Hunger should not have occurred,
Baby has her anger spurred.

Reaching out to quiet the cry,
No sense in her brutal reply,
She lifts the baby way up high,
And to the floor she lets him fly.

Now her brain is in a rush,
The pitiful cries come to a hush,
Her face now a deep red flush,
The noise she just had to crush.

All is quiet throughout the day,
Mind demons come to play,
Many things they do and say,
Motionless the baby lay.

After the high comes a down,
Again the face takes on a frown,
She feels as though she will drown,
She phones the man that lives in town.

There is a lady on a hill,
She craves those forbidden pills,
The baby lay forever still,
The end result of those little pills.

Gayle Davis©
23 July 2007


Delight In The Lord

Delight yourself in the Lord.
Look not at the evil-doers
That flourish and prosper,
And always seems to achieve.

Look to the God of creation.
Trust Him with all your heart.
Look forward with an eye of faith,
To envy the wicked has no part.

Live a life of confidence in God.
Make Him your heart’s delight.
Praise Him for His majesty
And glory, for this is right.

To delight yourself in The Lord
Is a huge privilege.
This pleasant duty has a promise
One the world cannot give.

He will continue to bless you,
And shower on you
All the Spiritual Blessings
That will be more than a few.

There will be a craving of the soul,
To know and love the Lord God.
To please Him in the way you live,
And to make Him your guide.

Commit your way unto the Lord,
This promise is not slim.
He shall bring to pass
All you have committed to Him.

Rest in the Lord and wait patiently.
He is working in your life,
To make all things work for good,
He will give you peace without strife.

You should delight to do God’s will,
To please Him in all you do.
To watch the words that you speak,
That they may all be blessings too.

©Codell Reed Donehoo


New Home, New Friends With Great Big Hearts

For years we lead an active life
but health issues come visit us.
The Master holds us in His hands
when days are long, His touch expands.

He moves us to a bright new home,
nine hundred miles, no one we know;
but neighbors down the hall we meet
and Jesus' word, they know and keep.

They treat us well like we are kin.
We visit back and forth each day.
Lots  fun we share with Holy Book,
our Master knows to Him we look.

We build a bond with great new friends.
God’s spirit winds and binds our faith;
He led us to Retirement pad,
we are His people, He’s our Dad.

© 2008 Carol Dee Meeks



How Beautiful

I ache for you to know
how beautiful I think you are
as you nourish flowers
on warm spring days.
How beautiful you are
as you tend the garden
of people who depend on
necessary rations you supply.
How beautiful you are
to care for my daily needs,
feed my childish ego,
submit to my adult desires,
and fulfill my preposterous dreams.
How beautiful you are
to bring rain to my garden,
to nourish my soul,
to teach me to love,
while selflessly loving me in return.
Allowing me all the while
to use these inadequate words
to express my appreciation
in an attempt to tell you
how truly beautiful you are.



When God Speaks ...

His Words are like a lamp,

in the darkness, to give direction.

His lamp lights the way, with instruction.

His instruction meets the need of our heart,

wherein it becomes our choice to follow Him.

When His Words are hidden in our heart,

We find the path that leads to Him.

© by Joyce C. Lock



Lebanon Church

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