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Love's Resting Place

Love becomes my resting place
when you stir emotion of my soul
with melodies of angel's choirs,
sights of Christmas past,
afternoon picnic lunches,
joyous family reunions,
high school rhythm's dance,
and love's flirtatious glance.

When you hold my heart it
stirs my blood,
love rushes through me,
like sunshine fills shadows
leftover from the night,
like happiness lifts spirits,
or songs revive memories view
of compassionate kindness.

When I breathe the essence of you
my mind is inebriated with pleasure,
like generous laughter of a child
whose infectious spirit is delivered,
unaffected by a cluttered world,
untested by negativity's view,
protected by simplicity of this moment;
standing in purpose of, love's resting place.

©R.E. Smith



Thank God For Friends

Sending you this note,
To let you know, I'm thinking of you,
And praying too, for a cure.

Our God is in control,
He knows our every need,
I'm praying for your understanding,
And peace of mind.

During this time in your life,
I thank God for sending a birthday poem,
To someone named Faye, that I didn't know,
At the time, and have never met.

Don't need to, for I know,
You are a lovely person,
With a good heart,
From what I have read in your poems.

That is enough for me Dear Friend,
May God bless you always!
And hold you in the palm,
Of His hands forever!

© Judy Knight


In My Dreams

Way up high near the sun and moon there's,
A warmness that bathes me in,
A sweetness with a flowering love,
Heavenly to feel within.

It has been my prayer a long time,
Will you sense my heart-felt love,
Will I be the girl in your heart and,
Your only love from Above?

In my dreams I envision you well,
You and I in love as one,
You holding me in your arms gliding,
The heavens under the sun.

It's a heavenly moment dreaming,
And believing you are mine,
And will we belong to each other,
Just like the moon and stars shine?

I'm wishing on all the stars sparkling,
Over me that you are there,
With a passion to love me truly,
Soaring the heights through the air.

Will you be unforgettable and,
Will moments be worth my time,
Sweeter than life tell me will I be,
The only girl in your mind?

I keep a love song in my heart I,
Softly sing for you in dreams,
Underneath the moon's radiant glow,
As the stardust sprinkles gleams.

Is your heart filled with desire and,
A love true full of promise,
For me to last forever yearning,
For my lips for one more kiss?

Soon the heavenly winds will stir us,
In my dreams somewhere halfway,
In between God's softly spun clouds and,
Our eyes will cling night and day.

Way up high near the sun and moon there's,
A warmness that bathes me in,
A sweetness with a flowering love,
Heavenly to feel within.

© Sondra McPherson



Child Of My Love

Child of my love
You are such a blessing
To come and fill my life
The good Lord sent you
So you can have a beautiful heart

Child of my love
Let me hold you in my arms
I will try to let you come to no harm
For the angels up in heaven
Sing clear as they can hold a tune
Butterflies surround you
And give you piece of mind
I love you my child
In heaven God made you mine

See the pretty flowers
And the gardens all around
God made them too,
Though they never make a sound

Child of my love
What did I do to deserve you
I will be with you every day
When you cry and are sad
I will never push you away

Child of my love
I need you
To give you all I have
I will thank Dear Jesus
For giving me you
And be thankful for what I have.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet



Your Protection

Father I'm trusting in Your Care
You've promised always to be there
To see me through the darkest days
And keep me covered night and day

I depend on You to be my Hiding Place
To ever show me Your Sweet Grace
You are my life and my strength
The breadth of it and the length

Your Mercy is without depth or height
I seek Your Face as my Guiding Light
Through Your Word I see Your Ways
And desire to follow You all of my days

I turn from You now and then
But You're always close to draw me back in
In the Gentlest and most Merciful of ways
Asking only Your Love I should portray

It's Your Protection that I need
And for that I ever plead
Ease me back onto that narrow road
And Lord please carry this heavy load

I'm so weak but You're so Strong
You can carry me all the day long
So once again I ask of You
To hide me and to forgive me too

2008 August 11



Majestic Mountains

Majestic mountains reaching up toward the sky
With such beauty to fill a young lads eye
A calling which started long ago with my dad
As he took to the mountains every chance that he had

Taking us among rolling hills and clear gentle streams
What memories he did leave us to carry in our dreams
Watching a big full moon rise high on a summer night
Giving such a beauty to the mountains with its light

The call of the mountains Dad instilled in my soul
And tho I lived near the big city Shenandoah was my goal.
When I finished school to those mountains I did come
Not even knowing where my work or food would come from

In a little six room house with no water and only a path
Chopping wood for the tin heater for water for a bath
Times were sure hard but I could always smile
For the beauty of the valley made it all worthwhile

Swimming or fishing at the creek, we made our own fun
Or just a walk along the bank was nice when we were done
Swinging over the water on the grapevine was always a treat
And so such fun to cool off from the hot summer heat

That was long ago when I began having my Dad's dreams
But I still can see in his eyes that far away gleam
When he would plan for those trips, the days a countin'
I'm carrying out Dad's dream for those majestic mountains

©John T. Smith Jr.
Sept 9 2008



I’ll Be There

If I could, I’d ease your pain,
Erase the hurting from your eyes,
Lift the burden that you bear,
Lighten up your skies.

Chase the storm clouds all away,
And make rainbows appear,
Fill your days with joy and love,
And take away night’s fear.

Banish all the loneliness
And sorrow from your mind,
Sweet memories place there, instead,
The joyful, healing kind.

If I could, I’d gladly do
All this, and more, for you.
But I don’t have that kind of power;
That power belongs to you.

I can only be there when you call,
To laugh with you, or cry,
And talk about the way things are,
I cannot answer “why”.

When shared; joy is doubled,
Sorrows; only half as hard to bear.
You are very special to me,
If you need me, I’ll be there.

Revised 2008



9/11 - An American Tragedy

It was a day just like any other.
Work was always to be done.
The sun shone on our brothers,
our sisters, daughters and sons.

Through the sky a plane flew
off its course toward a tower.
No one guessed or even knew
its intent, its mission or power.

Veering lower and closer it hit,
Driving through steel and walls
With force and explosions lit
With screams heard in the halls.

Fire and smoke was all around.
Many died in the plane that day.
More jumped out to the ground
Bystanders shocked in dismay.

But still this was not enough.
The terrorists in another plane
Eyes piercing, looking tough
Headed to Tower Two. Insane.

With so much destruction seen
The fires, the smoke, the lives,
a loss pictured on the TV screen.
We’ll never forget their cries.

We must never forget 9/11,
But be prepared for our enemy.
So many souls went to heaven.
America’s the land of the free.

Never Forget your Heritage!!

©Kathryn Tyler Little
Copyright, 9/10/08






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