When the bright sun shines
And the waterfall gleams
I see a painting of love
In all I do see

Paint my eyes blue like the blue in the sky
Paint my lips pink as the pink in the clouds
Paint my dress green for the man I love
Feel like echoing from the green mountain tops above

Paint my heart red as a beautiful rose
Paint my soul white as pure as the snow
Paint my life as a butterfly
Her colors are always sweet as true love

Paint me a picture of a husband and wife
To do what he ask, never ask twice
Paint me gentle, kiss me sweet

Paint us happy and so much in need
Let us watch the stars blinking
As bright as you please
We will be loyal and ever so kind
In my heart I am glad that your mine

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


My Shepherd

My Lord is my Shepherd,
I am a sheep in His care,
He takes care of me daily
He is with me everywhere
He dearly loves me you see,
He'll always be with me too
Even in Eternity,

My Lord is my Shepherd
He's my Savior, my guide
He's always watching over me,
With me He abides,
I never need to worry,
If I stay focused and love Him,
My life will be grand then
With my Lord, my Shepherd,

©Anne R. C. Neale



You touch my heart
Each and everyday
I feel this love within
Your blessings You give freely
Each and everyday
In songs of praises
And glory so written in your name
Your wondrous love, touching many
Awakening their precious souls
I cherish each day, that you give me
Your presence will be forever
In my heart-string heart, within my loving soul.

©Marty Ford


My Unforgettable Friend

I thank God for your friendship,
You are a special friend,
One sent from Heaven above,

A perfect gift of His love,
To share with friends,
Far and near,

The gift of friendship and His love.
Always shining so bright,
Like a twinkling star in the night,

With His unconditional love,
Sent from Heaven above,
What a difference you have made,

In this life of mine,
My Unforgettable Friend!

"Dedicated to Ethel Nelson"
~*~With Love~*~

© Judy Knight
September 2,2008


A Proud Father

T'would be joyous to view God
Holding a newborn in His heart,
Looking over fingers and toes
As He checks out every part.

Work begins at the potter's wheel,
Fashioning him into a man;
Preparing against evil,
Giving him two legs to stand

Redesigning the eyes to see,
Producing ears that hear His words;
Redeeming souls to His beloved,
Making wings to soar like a bird.

The wonder of each creation
A proud Father must feel within,
To be watching His children grow
As into the image of Him.

©Joyce C. Lock


When We Think Of Strength

When we think of strength,
Where would we start?
Would we think of the lion's mighty roar,
Or would we think of a humble heart.

Would we think of strength
As the builder's mortar and stone,
Or doing good for evil
And kneeling before God's throne?

Would we think of rulers and Kings
With all their earthly power,
Or to pray for those that despitefully use us
From a heart filled with care?

Would we think of strength
In the anchorage of the earthly ship,
Or the One that calms the sea
And has the power to equip?

Would we think of strength
As the natural shining sun,
Or the Son of God when He will say
It's the end, do I say well done?

Would we think of strength
As wars and bombs flood our land,
Or peace that passeth all understanding,
Given by God's mighty hand?

God's strength comes not by
Power in great numbers of earthly men
But by the Will of God
And Jesus our dearest Friend.

When we think of strength
Think of the One mightiest of all,
Think of God that made the universe,
The One that answers, when on Him we call.

©Danna Marie Robinette


Doorway To The Stars

One morning I awakened to find,
I was living one sweet dream,
And I saw all things are possible,
In one whispering air stream.

I was dreaming of a beautiful,
Enchanting place I could be,
Yet all I could think of were castles,
And one handsome prince for me.

With my eyes closed I was releasing,
All my imagination,
Entering the doorway to the stars,
Divine illumination.

Exhilarating are the wonders,
And sweet tranquility fills,
Me quietly by a blue river,
Of peace in a world that thrills.

Far as I can see there are mighty,
Pyramids and mountains nigh,
Sitting alongside castles glowing,
With flashing stars way up high.

A world where the sky's filled with planets,
All kinds of stars and the moon,
Where the sun's never ending shine warms,
Me as I shiver and swoon.

Yes it is my dream world coming true,
My imaginary place,
With white castles softly giving light,
And visions of my love's face.

I even see shooting stars flying,
High in the sky for wishes,
And truly my heart is believing,
My happiness flourishes.

Elegant flowering blooms leave scents,
Everywhere in creation,
Wherever I look I sense sweet love,
All feelings of elation.

The doorway to the stars ringing true,
Happening or just being,
Depends all on your heart's hopes and dreams,
How much you wish you're seeing.

And if you dream that special person,
Believe as your own love too,
Along with the stars and moon and sun,
Your heart's desire is true.

©Sondra McPherson


Through Eyes Of Love

Through eyes of love gentle winds,
Softly caress with unspoken words,
Soundlessly they beckon to me,
Striking like lightning in a storm.

My heart races as I return your call,
Through eyes of love words exchange,
Anticipation sets aflame emotional desires,
In my heart, carefully your words I frame.

Lightly I feel the touch of your hand as,
You brush your fingers across my cheek,
Through eyes of love I stand motionless,
Silently your aspirations bespeak.

Willingly I walk into your arms,
Lifting my eyes to see your face,
In loving kisses hearts are joined,
Through eyes of love we embrace.

Time stands still for eternity,
Our fate is destined and sealed,
Through eyes of love we are bound,
True love's forever revealed.

Through eyes of love gentle winds,
Softly caress with unspoken words,
Soundlessly they beckon to me,
Striking like lightning in a storm.

©Gayle Davis
03 June 2008





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