It's comforting to know people are praying for you,
When you have an ailment inside of you,
It's a comfort to know their prayers are going to God
To help you through a sickness on Earth's sod,

Prayer is powerful and prayers do work,
Prayers can be said anywhere inside or outside church,
In your house, or in a car, or in a store,
Prayers are powerful, that is for sure,

Take comfort in praying for your family and friends
And for people you don't know, too,
Prayers are powerful, God hears them all,
Saying your prayers is good for the soul. Amen

©Anne R.C. Neale


Who Sees?

Who sees your smile
As sunshine from above?

Who sees your touch
As God's given love?

Who sees your laughter
As music to their ears?

Who sees your heart
Through your tears?

Who sees your voice
As God's gift to us?

Who sees your spirit?
Your Friend, in Christ, does.

©Joyce C. Lock


Child of God

Each day is a wonderment
And I do rejoice
To be a child of God
And know His love is forever more
Each day I feel His presence
A joyous gift of love
To shelter me with open arms
A love unknown, to me before
Each morning when I awake
I feel His love within
Each night I pray for another day
To be given a brand new day
I'm a Child of God, I know His love
Each day is my wonderment
A precious gift, My Father above.

©Marty Ford


"My Wish, My Prayer For You"

I wish you happiness,
In whatever God has planed for you,
I wish you God's Love, and peace.

I wish you joy and laughter,
With brighter days ahead,
In whatever you do.

I pray you will be happy wherever you go,
I pray that God will put you where He wants you,
I pray that He will guide you in all you do.

If you are ever lonely, just call on God,
He will always be there for you,
He will never forsake you or leave you.

You will never walk alone,
I pray that God's will,
Will be done in your life.

You are very special to me,
I'm here if you ever need me,
God Loves you and so do I!

"Dedicated To Dawn Liddell"
~*~With Love~*~

© Judy Knight
September 1,2008


Footprints On Life's Journey

Each footprint that we make
Though they be large or small
May go unseen by many
But Jesus sees them all.

Are our footprints on the narrow path
Do they form a path of love
Do they lead to the path of righteousness
Are they directed from God above?

Do they aid the weary traveler
Do they help brighten someone's day
Do they lead to a house of mourning
Do they disperse one's gloom away?

Footprints on our hasty journey
Forget not to lead unto the widow's lonely door
That we may spread a word of cheer
And express our compassion once more.

Do our footprints emit light
As we daily walk our way
Enough to shine on the sinner's path
That they may change and choose to pray?.

Each step will be accounted for
By our Shepherd's own hand
If our name is gently engraved
They will lead to Heaven's land.

Careless footprints, led astray
Though once made on sandy shore
Be washed away by the Blood of The Lamb
To mar against the Shepherd's path no more.

Oh toilsome footprints, on the good Old Path
Lead me in the way of the Shepherd's flock
That I may abide in the Shepherd's fold
Where my feet finds rest on the Solid Rock ...

©Danna Marie Robinette


One More Sweet Memory

A beautiful sunshiny day casts,
Its mental imagery,
Taking me back to when we first met,
And one more sweet memory.

And I know we had a lasting love,
For always through many years,
Life and love romantic school dances,
Beautiful times with some tears.

I remember how you walked by me,
In the hallway that first day,
I didnít know you but knew of you,
You and your Romeo way.

At that time I never would have thought,
Youíd be interested in me,
And yet you walked by so many times,
Looking back casually.

Finally you strolled back one more time,
With a hello pleasantry,
Smiling dreamy as those dimples stirred,
In one more sweet memory.

All the girls told me not to go out,
With you that you were too wild,
I was too unsophisticated,
Really like a naive child.

I guess I was in comparison,
For you had experience,
Which didnít matter we fell in love,
That day without resistance.

And the most wonderful memory,
Was our very own first kiss,
When I saw fireworks flashing all round,
With my eyes closed in fixed bliss.

These are moments of love to recall,
Remembering you and me,
How we met that one day in high school,
Love's one more sweet memory.

©Sondra McPherson


God Gave Us Feelings

God, gave us feelings,
it is a special gift.
It's what we do with 'em,
when our mind's set sail,
to go a-drift.
The best of feelings,
is surely contentment.
The positive feeling's side,
of the letting go of the negative.
So, yes there are always,
those feelings that can't be trusted,
but only as long as we allow' em,
to come-in mind are they're relived.
Oh boy, look whose talking,
don't go pay'en me no mind.
Gotta always,
throw-in my two cent's.
Most time's I too need to just stop,
back on up, and rewind!

©Cheryl Cummins


Sweet Bird of Youth

I have seen Springís awakening
And basked in Summerís sun
I have watched in awe
As Autumnís colors softly sprung
Now that Winterís here
Amid the softly falling snow
I mourn for the beauty
That was lost so long ago.

Oh sweet bird of youth
You lavished me with your love
Whispering sweet nothings
Under twinkling stars above
You led me to believe
Iíd spend eternity with you
Then without a warning
You disappeared from view!

Down through the years
I have searched for you in vain
All I have are memories
Of you that remain
Now, most of my songs
Have been sung
But I cling to the melody
Of when we were young

©2008 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)


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