The Master's Bench
I've prayed to sit on the Master's Bench
Along beside my Lord
I want to feel His golden touch
To know a love, not known before
To hear His precious voice
My soul did seek
His loving words so gentle
Reaching out to me
To know that He has loved me
From the very start
A love that is eternal
Without suffering or undo pain
No darkness within the Heaven's skies
Just Divine Love and God's Holy Light
Among His garden path, I'm longing to see
My Master's Bench I pray to Thee
To sit with my Lord, I'll await patiently.

©Marty Ford


I'm Going Home

To my Loved ones I've left behind.
I have travel this Earth many years,
But never alone, God has been by my side
All of the days of my life

My time is up on this Earth.
I have a better place waiting for me.
In a place where there no end,
For all eternity with my Heavenly Father

I saw you all standing by my bedside
With tears in your eyes dear loved ones
Don't grieve for me, I have finished
My race, I'm going home

There will be no more pain or tears
Only love and laughter with
My Heavenly Father above
In my mansion in the sky.

I can see those beautiful gates of
Gold opening wide, waiting
For me to step inside where
I will live for eternity.

So to my loved ones this is not good-by.
For we will meet again when your work
On Earth is done I will be waiting for you.
What a glorious day that will be,

Home at last for our Heavenly Father
Made the way when He sent His Son
To die on an Old Rugged Cross
So we could have eternal life.

"In Loving Memory of Betty Morgan"

© Judy Knight
October 22,2008


Soul's Love

Love's power is gentle seeking,
Like a rose speaks love all its own,
Calling a lonely heart and soul,
To one's heart it is always known.

Playing love songs being lonely,
I've always believed a red rose,
Is promising unfolding love,
Flowering lovingly it flows.

My heart and soul's love is my Lord,
I always have a deep feeling,
For God when I play my music,
For to Him my love's revealing.

I fill my heart and soul with my,
Music living it night and day,
Even so I'm overwhelmed and,
Feeling restless in a new way.

God is my everything and yet,
I too need my soul mate to love,
There are times my emotions break,
Wishing I had wings of a dove.

I dream of moments for us and,
The music of my heart so speaks,
Clear to my soul telling me true,
Love's coming yet it has been weeks.

Most every night all around me,
Many people scatter roses,
But one throwing his love wishes,
I'll know without the supposes.

One minute love captivates and,
Holds radiating in sweet glows,
And everyone knows love has called,
Remaining a lifetime it flows.

Music of the night envelops,
Me once again and now I feel,
The music and sounds of sweet love,
Unfolding for me being real.

Tonight I know love beckons me,
Expressing gently it bestows,
All round me overpowering,
Like a sweet perfume of a rose.

Playing music nights and dreaming,
Believing my soul's eyes of love,
See you I hope you'll come to me,
Truly be my love from Above.

Love's power is gentle seeking,
Like a rose speaks love all its own,
Calling a lonely heart and soul,
To one's heart it is always known.

©Sondra McPherson
01 January 2009

Before God Can

Before God can give us more,
We must learn to appreciate where we are.

Before God can help us grow,
We must learn in Whom the answers bestow.

Before God can give us love,
We must learn that all blessings are from above.

Before God can answer prayer,
We must learn to keep our motives always pure.

Before God can give us might,
We must learn to not ever give up His fight.

Before God can give us pow'r,
We must learn to remember just Whose we are.

© by Joyce C. Lock


The Valiant Soldier

Recently, I met a lady while shopping
She was carrying a heavy heart that day
Tears swelled up in her eyes
For her young son had passed away.

My heart then filled with compassion
As I saw the sorrow on her face
The uttered words from a broken heart
He was killed in war now taking place.

Leaving behind a young family
Filled with anguish and a broken home
All because a young valiant soldier
For our freedom, on war zone soil did roam.

May we never take for granted
The freedom that we share
For some brave soldier gave his life
To show us of his care.

Pray daily for each soldier's safe return
And remember the broken hearted
Whose days are as the weeping willow
For us their child's life has parted.

For many families now, freedom isn't free
They are bound by war's prison walls
Praying for strength to daily conquer
Until their Saviour comes to call.

©Danna Robinette


Through The Looking Glass

If, just for once, I could see
All the plans God had for me
A tiny peek, a quickie look
Into His special planner book

To see the blessing or the trial
Coming in a little while
Would I change it?
Rearrange it?

Would I laugh or would I cry?
Would I even blink an eye?
Or tell Him no....I can't go there!
That's too much for me to bear?

He sees beyond and knows me well
But, at times, it's hard for me to tell
What purposes He has for me
And what my life is meant to be

He says, "My child, you will see
My grace is sufficient for thee"
And I'll admit that it is true
His love always comes shining through

No, I wouldn't change a thing
Like knowing what my days will bring
But trust Him as I really should
That He works all things for my good

©Kathi Wright


Mid Winter Doldrums

The days are getting longer and I am so glad they are,
The dark nights of the Winter are getting to me, too many stars,
I like the stars, but not as long as the nights have been this year
I think Mid Winter Doldrums are getting to me I do fear,

I see the days are brighter and that is a great sign to see,
I think of birds singing again, and the flowers blooming for me,
I think of being without a coat, and have fun in the sun,
That Spring will be coming soon, and Winter soon will be done,

The trickling brook, the walks in the woods, the smell of fresh air,
I dream of these things coming soon, for them I deeply care,
The Mid Winder Doldrums will pass I know just when,
As soon as Old Man Winter leaves, and Spring is here again.

©Anne R.C. Neale



My heart holds many memories,
Of all the times we had,
The sweetness and the sadness,
Of the good times and the bad.

In my heart I hold you dear,
Your arms still hold me tight,
I see you in so many thoughts,
And in my dreams at night.

You will live within my heart,
Until my dying day,
And all my thoughts of you,
Will never fade away.

Even though a new day dawns,
My heart still holds you dear,
And all the memories that I cling too,
Will keep you always near.

As the years drift slowly by,
You stay etched upon my soul,
For time cannot erase,
All the memories that I hold.

Oh! my precious Mother,
How I long for your embrace,
To sit awhile and talk to you,
To see your dear sweet face.

Memories now are all I have,
Of the times that were so dear,
When life was full of happiness,
Because you still were here.

©Richard Netherland Cook



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