Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

The sky's all-embracing love tonight,
As Heaven's sparkling stars light,
Sweet moments in time for you and I,
Can you feel the love tonight?

Is love when another life begins,
A marvelous love story,
Living in our hearts will we then see,
Love exists eternally?

Will we feel in that instant Heaven's,
Touch of love overflowing,
Will you and I know when love truly,
Has begun and is growing?

I've been waiting and hoping for you,
Will love whisper sweetly those,
Precious and thrilling feelings over,
Me when you hand me a rose?

Roses are expressive in real love,
Overwhelming hearts of two,
Always unfolding life's preciousness,
Oh will we soon come in view?

Hoping for a love I'm wondering,
When the time comes will you too,
Want a forever kind of love and,
Will I know when I see you?

Will loving you be like another,
Life or a new beginning,
Will falling in love with you over,
And over be beguiling?

Because we've both waited a long time,
For true love to really be,
We'll enjoy every minute I know,
But will you want only me?

The sky's all-embracing love tonight,
As Heaven's sparkling stars light,
Sweet moments in time for you and I,
Can you feel the love tonight?

 ©Sondra McPherson


My Love _My Life

You are the Love of my life.
One I can count on now and forever,

You are a blessing from above
And someone that I Love,

You're Love has given new meaning to my life,
You're the one I needed right from the start.

I could not ask for anyone any better than you "My Love,"
You're everything I've ever wanted, youíre my dream come true.

Iíve made mistakes in my life, but there is no mistake in My Love for you,
Youíre the Love of my life now and forever until the end of time.

Thank you for always being here, you're Love is true.
I will cherish the Love we have forever.

This Love inside my Heart has grown stronger day by day.
I look forward to each new day for I Love you more each passing day.

And for all of my tomorrow's yet to come I will Love you still.
I thank the Lord above for sending me you're Love.

You are the Love of my life today, tomorrow and forever.
I Love you with all my Heart and Soul, I will Love you forever!

"For My Husband on His Birthday"
I Love you Darling!

© Judy Knight
~*~July 28, 2008~*~


Prayer For Peace

God of Love, whose Gospel is Peace.
We pray that through your Divine Love, that Peace would come. Together we say, May Peace Prevail on Earth. In saying this we also know that we are to be your hands and feet in this world. Therefore, loving God, enable us to be the change we wish to see in the world around us. Let us be witnesses for peace and let our peace testimony have an impact on the whole world. All for your glory and the improvement of the human race.
In the name of our Sweet Prince of Peace,

 ©David Holdsworth



22 January 2009


A lost soul drifting in the current of life,
Floating where ever the current flows,
Bobbing up and down on life's seas
Going only where the current goes.

Drifting aimlessly without a destination
Bobbing up and down in the undercurrent of life's waves,
Seeing other floatation's moving onward,
Waiting to enter a port to be saved,

As the current of life moves you to a new destination,
Unknown only to God who knows where it will end,
You ride the tide of life with all it's turbulence
Waiting for a calm sea and a destination to come, Amen

©Anne R.C. Neale


You are Loved

May God reach down
and love you,
in His own special way.

May you know
you are loved,
each and every day.

May you see,
from God's dear eyes,
the value of your worth.

May His love show you
the most precious things
on this earth.

© by Joyce C. Lock


The Day Jesus Carried Me

It was a day unlike any other
The day Jesus carried me
I said a very special prayer
To help me in my need
When I could no longer cope
And Jesus must carry me

I had no one to count on
Or hold me to their hearts
I needed Jesus ' love
To comfort me with His Sacred Heart
For He always understands
And anoints me when He can

The day Jesus carried me
All my pain left my soul
He talks so lovingly
I begin to feel whole

How I love my Jesus
Who looks after me, day and night
I thank Him for staying close to me
And making miracles to make me right
The day Jesus carried me
Ever after I need
To pray a little prayer
Always keep me close to Him
For my Great Father really cares.

©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet


God Bless You

If I could sing a song
It would be a song of cheer
That your joy would last all day
And God's blessings would be near.

If I could give you wings
As of the peaceful dove
I would pray for God to give you freedom
And to fill your heart with love.

If I could plant a flower garden
That would fill the earth
Each day I would send a fragrant bouquet
To represent to you of Jesus' worth.

If I could capture the blowing wind
And all the seeds that it scatters afar
I would ask God to send one to your heart
And let you shine as His star.

If I could but catch a snowflake
As it falls gently to the ground
And to distinguish its uniqueness
In you its likeness would be found.

If I could hold in my hand, sunshine
I would dry up all your tears
I would ask God to bless you
And to brighten all your years.

But I can not very well sing
My flower garden is planted yet small
I don't have the power to give wings
Nor to make someone's stature tall.

I can not capture the wind
Nor hold sunshine in my hand
Or distinguish the uniqueness
Of a snowflake in a winter wonderland.

But I can ask God to Bless you
And hold you gently by the hand
And to be with you and smile on you
Until we reach Heaven's Glory Land.

©Danna Robinette



The Knight

I polished up the armor
But could not get the tarnish off
I guess I've gotten rusty
And broken from the falls
But my heart still rides a white horse
And my soul's still giving all
Trapped within my duty
Of standing in this hall
Still my times were glorious
With not a battle lost
Till I polished up the armor
And couldn't get the tarnish off
Now I'm just a relic
Just adding to the scene
And no one gets to know the history
Of the man this knight had been

©Dennis Hammontree






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