My Love How Beautiful

My love how beautiful..loveliness,
The girl in my dream with eyes,
Like those of doves in the misty blue,
Shadows high in heaven's skies.

More fragrant than all the sweet spices,
More rich than all the perfume,
Is your love..much sweeter than honey,
More rare than flowers in bloom.

Endlessly our love like,
All jewels light in your hair,
How sweet is your love how beautiful,
You are in my share.

O most beautiful woman to me,
In all the lovely,
Lily among thorns, a bouquet of,
Flowers..a garden for me.

My love, my Bride, the love of my life,
One look in your glance,
By you and I'm overcome as we,
Embrace close..our Wedding dance.

A thread of scarlet covers your lips,
Much more better than mere wine,
To taste and kiss a mouth of honey,
How are mine.

Your love is more rich than all the oils,
More fragrant than all cologne,
Spices, the garden and spring that no,
One else can're my own.

My love how beautiful..loveliness,
The girl in my dream with eyes,
Like those of doves in the misty blue,
Shadows high in heaven's skies.

*Verses from The Song of Solomon*

©Sondra McPherson
14 February 2009


My Will

I leave the beauty of the earth
for all the sunrises and sunsets
on the canvas of the sky,
I leave the appreciation of the aroma
of beautiful flowers that grow,
I leave the winter snow for sports
enthusiastic to enjoy,
I leave the sparkling dew drops
like diamonds to see too you, know,
I leave the smell of the salt air as the
ocean splashes on the shore,
I leave nature's animals
who are a wonder to see,
I leave the silver moon for lovers
to enjoy on a starry night,
I leave, Hope, Faith, and Trust in
God for everyone's spirituality,
I leave the laughter of happiness
as it brings joy to everyone
I leave the warm rays of the radiant
sun for everyone to enjoy too,
I leave the four seasons for everyone
 and everything to do as they want,
I leave an inner peace for having lived
on Earth's planet, and when I leave,
I leave it all for you.

©Anne R.C. Neale


Take My Breath Away

Oh, you take my breath away,
With each stroke of your hand,
You send my senses reeling,
Spanning a lifetime's plan.

Forever, together we vowed,
With God's help it has held true,
You take my breath away daily,
With the simple things you do.

You bring me a beautiful flower,
Kissed with sweet morning dew,
You lift my spirits with song,
Then hold me close to you.

You take my breath away,
When your eyes are full of love,
You are gentle as the summer breeze,
Lifting me, I fly, soaring above.

Early morn, Late at night,
You take my breath away,
I pray forever this will last,
I yearn for you day after day.

So cherished darling of my life,
Hold me e'er close this day,
Kiss me with passionate lips,
Oh, You take my breath away.

Gayle Davis©




Softly as I watch you
I feel so much love
Heaven is near you
Like a whisper, above

Softly I see outside my window pane
A bird calling gently your name
I hold on to the memories I shared
As you slowly lie on a cloud,
I do not know is there

Softly your spirit is given to God
With you I send all of my love
Butterflies are dancing on a moonbeam
I hear a Heavenly chorus
As angels come for your spirit
Remember family's of old taking hold of your hand
To help you to feel safe and understand

Softly all is silent,
For you are going to meet Jesus
He will welcome you, eternity is truth
One day I will see you there
I give you one last hug as I watch your spirit go
Jesus and Mary will guide your soul

©Linda Ann Henry
 Do you remember me
In memory to Christina
The people's poet



Roses Or Thorns?

To every living person
a moment will arrive;
to do what's good or evil,
with a cross, or cross denied!

The strain of life's behavior
offers up a rose or thorn;
and the choice is never ending..
where light and dark are borne.

And the light is ever glowing
that reveals the blood of Christ,
which is adding up new crosses
to seek eternal life.

New choices and new chances ..
when time will only tell,
and the good should never falter..
for hope and faith to dwell.

Yet, the evil still may prosper,
with truth they often scorn;
Truth, forever on the rose,
false, forever on the thorn.

Thorns, the crown they placed upon Him,
to mock the truth and light,
to shame the roses blooming
to kill with evil's blight.

But the rose may fade and wilter,
and within that darken time,
'tis God above us standing,
'til again the roses climb!

(c)William E. Hardison



Our Friendship

Thank you for caring and,
For being there for me,
You always seems to know,

When I am sad and,
Life is not going like it should,
You always know just what,

To say to cheer me up,
I want you to know you.
Are a blessing sent from God,

One who understands and,
Lends a helping hand,
A friend is someone you,

Can always depend on,
In your time of need,
I will be forever grateful,

For the "Friendship"
You have given me,
I don't know what I,

Did or said to deserve,
A Friend as sweet as you,
My forever Friend so true,

I hope Our Friendship,
Will last forever.

© Judy Knight
August 25, 2008

Changing the Score

Walking on Water ~ as Turbulent Tides Soar

Trapped in a Den ~ the Hungry Lions Roar

Being Confronted ~ with Oil Boiling Sore

Midst the Woods ~ Facing a Wild Boar

Falsely Accused ~ Your Garment Tore

Locked in Prison ~ Tribulation in Store

Attacked and Bleeding ~ Sawn to the Core

Lost in a Desert ~ Famished and Poor

Conversing with God ~ an Open Door

Hope and Victory ~ Trials no More

Overcoming Satan ~ Changes the Score

© by Joyce C. Lock


Pictures on the Wall

What great memories come back to me
As I gaze on my family photo tree
My father and mother, when they were young
My little brother, who died before his time
Many photo's brings back a lot of joy, and some pain
But I cherish each photo, as I look upon each precious face
My children growing up, their children now
The two precious great grandchildren,
that I have gotten to see.

©Marty Ford








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