Little Birds Wonder Song

In early morn, before the break of dawn
Outside, chirping little birds seem to stay
Through my window they sound so merrily
How I wonder what they say.

Are they praising the Lord
And thanking Him for another day
Or are they saying "Good Morning"
As their family and friends pass by the way?

Are they calling out to other birds
To say, here's food a plenty
As their little voices softly echo
To the distant flock of many?

Soon their chirping seems to stop
There's silence in the air
They must have flown away
So free without care.

Have you ever wondered
A line or a verse of their sweet song
The value of their hidden treasure?
For we none can sing along.

Sometimes there's a distinction
In their midst we hear a sorrowful song
In the shadow of their merriment
As though something has gone wrong.

An amazement of God's creation
A beauty so ultimately rare
Vivid colors beyond comparison
With the flight of wings so fair.

So often they lightly perch
Upon the tree's shaky limb
To sing their melodious song
Only known to God and them.

©Danna Robinette


Matthew 6:26 Behold the fowls of the air; for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they

Another Day

I stand before the mirror each day
And squinting, wonder what to say;
Then comes to me this bit of truth,
I was much thinner in my youth.

In days gone by I had more hair
And had more muscles everywhere,
But now I flex in boyish pose,
Still wondering why this tummy grows.

Oh well I say, itís not so bad.
Iíve still got teeth, which makes me glad,
And blessed I am to see this sight,
At least Iím standing here, upright.

And then I look into those eyes,
That look right back with no disguise.
Then I remember what to say
As I begin another day.

Come on, letís go, letís wash that face.
Letís greet this day with warm embrace.
Itís time to bend our knee to pray
And give thanks for another day.

©James O'Brien



The Cross

At the foot of a Cross,
In a land far away,
A Mother stands weeping,
In the early day.

In a Mothers' heart,
Are the memories she keeps,
Of a babe in a manger,
Who silently sleeps.

Of a little boy at play,
Of a teen in his prime,
Of a son who is perfect,
So gentle and kind.

Now nailed to a Cross,
By the cruelness of men,
Is Jesus, The Christ,
A man without sin.

"Behold thy Son", to His Mother He speaks,
His words so soundly profound,
As Blood from a piercing wound in His side,
Falls now on sacred ground.

Before her in death,
Is the Savior Divine,
Who has died on the Cross,
For the sins of mankind.

Gently taken down from the Cross,
Away from the chanting crowd,
By Joseph, a faithful follower,
And wrapped in a linen shroud.

His grave is a darkened cave,
Carved from solid stone,
There His lifeless body is placed,
To rest there all alone.

A weeping Mother turns to prayer,
With a heart so full of pain,
To ask His Heavenly Father,
To lift Him from His Earthly chain.

Her prayer is now answered,
He descends to the heavens above,
Raised up on Easter morning,
By a Father's undying love.

The gates of heaven open wide,
And the angels sing His praises,
As He is seated by His Fathers' side,
To reign for all the ages.

©Richard Netherland Cook


Heavenly Children-Angels of Love

God has a special place for all the heavenly children.
He knows their talents and allows them
To aid poor mortals who need their assistance,
In order to meek out a suitable existence.

Sometimes however, life throws a curve.
And man must rely on his own reserve.
Guardian angels are filled with love and devotion.
Ready to share their eternal emotion.

Some of these delightful creatures are called home.
Forever more to reside in the heavenly dome.
To await the reunion with loved ones who miss them so.
And on whom all of heaven has been set aglow.

If someday you feel a flutter against your cheek
That is just your special angel you should meet.
She's by your side through thick and thin
Protecting and guiding you from within.

Come angel of mine I know you are there.
I summoned you with a silent prayer.
Jesus will show you, if you lose your way.
To Him, I open my heart everyday.

©Carol G Oliver



New Goal By Anne R.C. Neale

I just passed a monumental date,
I am 80 years old, so now what is my fate,
My new goal is to reach one hundred years,
Time will tell, year after year,

Everyone says I don't look that old,
They can't believe I'm 80 so I've been told,
One day at a time is what I do
And I think "this too shall pass", my slogan, that's true,

Keeping busy is the very best thing of all,
It's good for you mind, body and soul,
So onward I go to a new goal to meet,
And when I do, I hope you I can meet.

©Anne R.C. Neale


Jesus Doesn't Care

Jesus doesn't care
If I walk the way you do
Jesus doesn't care
If I can paint or sing or dance
He doesn't care
If I can add two plus two
He doesn't see me for my color
Doesn't love me for my money

It doesn't matter if I can write
Or build or teach
Or if I am funny
I only have to believe
to be the one I am
To Jesus
My God, my friend, my Savior
My Lord, my guide, my Shepherd
Jesus doesn't care
If I am anything else but me

©Dennis Hammontree


Never Alone

Feelings rise and fall like the ocean tide.
Some days it is tears and hurt inside.

Daily sunrise from God is a precious gift.
The warm sun is His way of giving us a lift.

Each day is a challenge with another test.
God is our strength till the sun sets in the west.

Birthdays come anniversaries go.
Seasons change. The wind may blow.

Soon God will send
His angel of spring.
Remember Him when hearing
birds chirp and sing.

We never get a burden
heavier than we can bear.
God is always ready
for our burdens to share.

Like an old piano
we may get off key
and lose our tone
but with God for a partner
we are never alone.

©Richard E. Funnell


I Hear An Echo

I hear an echo calling me
It is coming from the mountain and the trees
A voice so tender and kind
It sounds like my sister
Who I will always love
For all time

I hear an echo
So sweet and blessed
It is getting closer
I must see who it is
Before I rest

The wind is carrying her
All the way from Heaven
Such love, the kind I always heard
I want to see my sister
Before she is with Jesus
A miracle must come true

I look at God's Art and the colors He has made
May I see this echo
So in my heart, my sister will always stay
Guild me my Jesus, for your love is very deep
I can see her blond hair and blue eye's
This is a gift from Heaven
A ray of hope, I beseech

I hear an echo
I echo back
Paradise is so beautiful
An angel's wings
Will be mine one day
And I can smile at last

 ©Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
In memory of Christina
The people's poet
 March 2009





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