Mama was the name I gave
To my husband,s sweet Mother
She was a precious lady
Who was like no other

She birthed a little boy
Who grew to manhood, tall
She shared him with another
Who would love him with her all

Mama taught me many things
Of which I am grateful for
That homemaking was wonderful
Not to be thought of as a chore

I tried so hard to please her
For she gave her only son
To be joined in holy wedlock
And walk with Jesus as one

 ©Ann Marie Fisher
May 2, 2006


Forever In My Heart

Forever in my heart is your love,
And the sweet look in your kind eyes,
Your beautiful face I’d always kiss,
I miss you so much my heart cries.

Happy Mother’s Day again, Mother,
How I long to hand you roses,
And a precious card giving my love,
Wishes and all my supposes.

Forever in my heart do you live,
I still see your face and sweet smile,
Just to hold you close how I’d love you,
Oh it’d be grand a little while.

You know Mother, I just miss you so,
It seems like only yesterday,
We were together talking ‘bout things,
You telling me I’d feel this way.

I remember you so beautiful,
How the scent of a rose touched you,
The love of you bloomed in everyone,
And forever in my heart too.

I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day,
My love to you is for always,
One day we will be close once again,
Mother, I’ll love you all my days.

©Sondra McPherson
22 April 2006


Season's Of Our Life

As Mothers, we are special.
There is no nobler call.
We are the Masterpiece of God.
He designed us, one and all.

His plans are always perfect.
With each season, there comes change
And, just as Summer follows Spring,
Each life He has arranged.

In the Springtime of our youth,
A mother's love is always near.
She shows us how to serve the Lord,
In the growth of tender years.

She loves us unconditionally,
Has patience beyond measure.
She cultivates our eager hearts and
Thanks God for this great treasure.

As this season of our life
Gives way to Summer's sun,
It's in these years we blossom
And a new phase has begun.

As a mother, she knows that danger
Into this season will creep.
So, with a prayerful heart, on bended knees,
She prays our souls He'll keep.

We're no longer tiny babies,
When a kiss could heal our pain.
It's then she listens, with her heart,
And quiets tears that fall like rain.

We, slowly, start to break the ties
Of Mother's apron strings
And, right before her very eyes,
Her little child takes wing.

Her years of prayer and teaching
Are now put to the test
As we begin the search for love,
Which is a awesome quest.

She prays that we are listening
To the sound of God's still voice.
For, if we are, she knows that "He"
Will help us make the choice.

Then, once again, the seasons change,
As we listen to God's call,
And, now, her child has made the journey
Through Summer into Fall.

It's in this season that life begins
The circle to complete,
As our lives change and we understand,
With the patter of little feet.

We now can know and comprehend
Just what our mother meant
When we heard her thank our God, above,
For the miracle that He sent.

Now, we will teach our children,
Just as to us was taught,
That Jesus gave His life for them
And their soul His blood has bought.

We'll teach our children to love the Lord,
As they sit down at our knee,
And, as we bow our heads to pray,
We'll remember our mother's plea.

We, too, will thank our God, above,
For the children in our arms
And with prayerful hearts on bended knees,
Pray He'll keep them safe from harm.

Now, we will watch, as our children journey
From Spring and on through Fall.
As they grow in spirit and in truth,
They will answer to God's call.

It's then, as Grandmothers, we reflect
On the Seasons and all they've blessed,
As we step into tomorrow
And the years of Winter's rest.

It's in this season we look back
At our joys and all our trials.
With thankful hearts, we turn to God
And thank Him for every mile.

God's presence has always surrounded us.
He, now, keeps us free from strife
As we journey into the future,
Through the Seasons of our Life.

© by Loretta Coley Lipsey & Laura Lipsey Hayes



She Is So Special

She may be tall, a willowy blond
Or shorter with walnut curls
She may wearing a gingham dress
Or adorn her neck with pearls
No matter how you shall see her
Be it angry or peacefully calm
She will be known to all about
The one you love best, she’s mom
When I was young I knew her wrath
If I spilled the last milk that we had
Sometimes I’d get it right on the spot
Other times I’d just wait for my dad
She understood why I did things
She’d seen them done way before me
Maybe she’d laugh at what I had done
She’d smile and giggle with glee
At others she would look in disgust
Probably thinking how stupid of me
Regardless of whether it was all good
Or maybe it was turning out bad
It would be her to turn me the way
That I needed to go and I’m glad
That she was there be together or not
Through all of my life, high and low
When I got in a bind much later in time
I could hear her voice, softly and low
You can do it, my son, and do it well
I would hear from deeply within
I would stand up and then I’d press on
She’d given me the courage to win
So it goes throughout your whole life
You will love and respect many others
But when you are through being here
You owe an awful lot to your mother.
Thanks, Ma!

©Dave Allen Kelly


 Mother's Day and Every Day

My Mother was the dearest person,
Like an angel sent from God.
She filled my life with worth while things,
Especially, her undying love.
She loved me unconditionally,
Though many things she knew,
That didn't deserve the love,
Yet, still her love, was true.
She always baked us birthday cakes,
Everyone their own special kind.
There never was a secret kept from her,
I think Mother could read our minds.
When holidays like Christmas came,
Thanksgiving, and Easter too,
She spent her time baking goodies,
For people just like you.
It filled her heart with happiness,
To see our face light up,
To see our favorite cake or pie
Sitting there on Christmas night.
I can smell her applesauce cake,
And the fresh coconut, tall and white.
And the black walnut cake,
Was strictly out of sight.
There was always a big fruit salad,
With oranges nuts and such,
That always added something special,
For the coconut cakes extra punch.
It was an absolute have- to- thing,
Or it wasn't Christmas dinner.
We never complained about anything she cooked,
For it all was just a winner.
Of course we had the dressing,
Why, without it what would dinner be?
With all the extra trimmings,
Cranberry sauce and celery.
And, Oh, that goose, it had to be goose,
Nothing else would suffice,
She worked so hard and long,
Just to get things right.
For us on Christmas night.
Who could deserve a special day,
More than a caring mother?
One who always put her family first,
Always thinking of others.
Roses makes a real sweet gift,
But a hug and kiss is so much better.
It's something she appreciates more,
Than a rose or just a thank you letter.

©Faye Reyenga



When you view the twinkling stars
within the darken skies,
you'll see the same reflections there
that danced in Mother's eyes.

Always with a gleaming glow
and smile upon her face,
and everyone adored her so
with love and warm embrace.

And Mother had a zeal for life
without some selfish greed;
she eased the pain of other's plight
by serving those in need.

So herein lies the words I feel
and thoughts I share with you;
off all the strength she came to yield
was courage brave and true!

For the illness that befell her
in latter days gone by;
only showed her faith and trust
in mighty God on high!

The silence that surrounds me,
I'm bound to understand....
that everything is meant to be
and ends in God's own hand.

And how I love and miss my Mom,
I know she's free from pain;
and someday in the great beyond...
I'll be with her again!

©William E. Hardison








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