My Heart Belongs To Only You

Happy Valentineís Day my darling,
Wherever you may be you know,
My heart belongs to only you and,
I love you so, I love you so.

I've prayed we could be as one again,
Soon Iíll have you close without end,
My heart belongs to only you and,
Keep me close, keep my love I send.

No matter how long it takes we have,
Our hearts that share Oh feel our love,
My heart belongs to only you and,
I know itís from the Lord Above.

I too live seeing your face close by,
Wherever I go you are there,
My heart belongs to only you and,
Iíll always love you, always care.

I need your love just as you need me,
Look for me whenever you can,
My heart belongs to only you and,
Godís sweetest gift to us will stand.

Happy Valentineís Day my darling,
How I feel your love, want you here,
My heart belongs to only you and,
I love you so, I keep you near.

©Sondra McPherson
January 14, 2005


Darling, I love you

Many years together,
Binding love has grown,
Hearts enlacing devotion,
True love has been shown.

I took your hand in mine,
Have held it through the years,
We have shared the happy times,
Held firm in times of tears.

The love we hold for each other,
Grows stronger day by passing day.
We trust upon the heavenly Father,
Faithfully He leads the way.

We have grown older in time,
Age has changed our pace,
Yet the love we have shared,
Is blessed in amazing grace.

I love you so my darling,
Forever it will be this way,
I would not want to face tomorrow,
If you were not with me today.

Gayle Davis©
February 5, 2005



With This Rose

I saw a rose the other day,
That really caught my eye.
It seemed to hide within the leaves,
Pretending to be shy.

But as I took a closer look,
Itís seemed to look at me.
It opened up itís petals so
Itís meaning I could see.

Each petal, shaped so perfectly,
Embraced with fragrant scent,
And colored with a velvet red,
So Iíd know what it meant.

Itís loving message spoke to me,
Then I knew what to do,
So then I took its picture and
With love, I give to you.

You see, I love you, oh so much
And with this rose I say,
I hope youíll be my Valentine,
Forever, and a day.

© James OíBrien
January 2005



A Message To My Wife On Valentine's Day

I have loved you darling since we first met,
Those early days Iíll never forget.
Weíve had our good days and our bad.
But weíve stuck together and I am glad.

I pledge anew on this Valentineís Day,
That I am your valentine to stay.
And I want you to promise me,
That youíll always my valentine be.

Valentineís Day is for the young you see,
And thereís no one younger than you and me.
Youth is just a state of mind,
And to us the years have been so kind.

I loved you so much in those days before,
And every day I love you more.
Whoíd have thought when we celebrated our first Valentineís Day,
That after all these years weíd still feel this way.

I thank God for giving you to me,
And for letting me your valentine be.
Iím happy to say that I love you,
And Iím thankful that you love me too.

©Bob Hefner
Revised 11-08-01


Godís Valentine

God sent a special Valentine
For all the world to see.
I hope youíve tasted His sweetness.
It lasts eternally.

It leaves you white as new-fallen snow.
It brings new life into your soul;
This blood-red Valentine of Love,
Sent from the Father up above.

Yes, sweeter than Valentine cupids
Was the Baby on the hay;
Better than any famed romance,
Was the plan from foundation laid.

Gentler than cooing lovebirds,
More lasting than the sea,
Is the Sacrifice of the ages
God made for you and me!

© by Joan Clifton Costner


My Forever Valentine

Sweetheart, I know sometimes you wonder
If my love for you is true,
But, darling you don't need to worry
Because my heart sees only you.

Years may come and years may go
But my heart will never stray,
It beats for you and you alone,
As it does each passing day.

Hard times always seems to find us
On this rough and rocky road,
But, we can leave them all behind us,
When we bear each other's load.

So, I need to tell you just how lucky
This woman feels because you're mine,
And that I'll always want you near me,
To be my "Forever, Valentine."

© 2005 by Vickie Lambdin



Open Up Loves Door

Will you be mine and love me from
now till ever more?
If you will, you have the key to my heart,
just open up loves door.

I've waited a whole lifetime for you
to come to me.
I just didn't know it then, but now, I
plainly see.

I need to have an answer and I want
you to be sure.
My heart has opened up to you and
my love for you is pure.

If you decide to be mine, I'll hold you
oh so tight.
I'll give you all my hugs and kisses
and our love will find new heights.

You're all I ever wanted and I can't
imagine life without you by my side.
Just put your hand in mine and God
will be our guide.

Will you be mine and love me from
now till ever more?
If your answer is yes, then use your
Key, and open up loves door.

©Peggy Ann Hardy



There is a feeling wanting and warm.
Subtly it grows into a raging storm.
Deeper and deeper its roots wind deep.
Like the rose in winter it silently doeth sleep.

Love is like the petals of the velvet rose.
Slowly it unfolds for it's beauty to show.
Once the roots grip the earth like a vice
It cannot be torn away for any price.

For even in the snow lying white and still
The roots of love have a living will.
The flames may smolter and smoke may be
But love will conquer your heart for me.

As the years come and go and I grow old
You hand and heart I still will hold.
Even as my eyes in death close
My spirit and soul will hold the rose.

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved



The Dancing Floor

I looked and I saw beauty,
It was shining from your heart,
I knew you were the one for me,
Right from the very start.

I wondered if you saw me,
Standing just across the room,
If you could hear my heart just racing,
If you could see me nearly swoon.

I walked across to greet you,
And dared to take the chance,
Reached for your hand with mine,
And asked you for a dance.

You smiled at me that moment,
But somehow I was unsure,
As I took your hand and led you,
Onto the dancing floor.

Just waited for the music,
Hoped it would be soft and slow,
So I could hold you closely,
Never wanting to let go.

I still recall the music,
It was your favourite song,
We danced along into the night,
Together we belonged.

From that very moment,
I knew you were for me,
Somehow into the future,
Together we would be.

Spent long times together,
It really was no bother,
We really liked to share it,
That time with one another.

The next thing that did happen,
Was that we were married,
And from that day so long ago,
Together, burdens we have carried.

We've gone and had our children,
For we were truly blessed,
No matter where life led us,
It was healed when e're we kissed.

As I look back just now thinking,
To that night so long ago,
I cannot help but wonder,
Did my love forever show?

So again I took your hand,
But this time I was so sure,
There were no questions needed,
As I led you to the dancing floor.

©Dark Blue Knight






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