Christmas Is A Special Time

Christmas is children's
Favorite time of the year
Wondering what Santa will bring
Is foremost in each child's mind.

Often children change their
Christmas list over and over again
Each day they mark off their calendar
Very happy another day is behind.

When dads bring home
Christmas trees, children jump with joy
They hurriedly bring out the decorations
And dump them all over the floor.

Moms peek over their children's shoulders
Many times quite excited themselves
Because for most people young and old
Each Christmas is better than the one before.

Christmas is a special time.....

© Ralph L.Clark


A Letter To Santa

I was going through the house doing my daily chores,
Picking up here and dusting there, now there's so much more.
I wandered into the room, where the children have to sleep,
And there on the floor all crumpled, lay this letter in a heap.
I picked it up to throw it away, when something caught my eye,
I saw the heading addressed to Santa, and I began to spy.
It started out just like most, asking for all the toys,
Race cars and video games, the usual for little boys.
Then half way down the page, my tears began to flow,
When I read the words of this boy of eight,
my heart would swell and grow.
Santa, I really miss my Mother, and my Father too,
I know my Aunt and Uncle, are doing all they can do.
You see my parents were in the towers, the day they shook and fell,
Now me and little sister, are staying here a spell.
You see, I wrote a letter to my Mother, about that day Nine Eleven,
Do you think if it's ok, could you just drop it by Heaven?
I need my Mom to know, that Sister and I are okay,
And we will surely miss her, on Christmas Day.
I read on down the page through the falling tears,
At the bottom it was signed, Merry Christmas and Good Cheers.
I pressed out the wrinkles, this letter I would keep,
And read it from time to time, when the trials mounts too steep.
For in one letter to Santa, this child of only eight,
Has proven without doubt, you can move past anger and hate.

© Lisa Hilbers



Listen my children and I shall tell,
Of the newborn King of Israel!
Jesus, son of David is His name!
For hundreds of years His birth was foretold,
By Holy seers and prophets of old.
Then, in the fullness of time, our Lord came!
In a Bethlehem stable the Christchild lay,
Amidst sounds of animals and the smell of hay.
The King of Glory was born of a lowly birth.
Ah, but this time was to be like no other,
For the virgin Mary became Christ's mother,
And He became the Saviour of all the earth!

© Robert F. Dotson



Little Baby Jesus - He is not far away.
He was a gift from God that keeps giving every day.

You see Him in others that show their love toward you.
You see Him in trials that you could not, alone, do.

Little Baby Jesus was not a one time gift.
He is there everyday, giving you a helping lift.

You see Him in blessings, on you He does bestow.
You see Him in weakness, when He does faithfully show.

You see Him in sad times and in the glad times, too.
Little Baby Jesus - yes, He is still there for you.

©Joyce C. Lock


Where Angels Celebrate

Way back there in the mountains,
fifty miles from any town.
Stands a small Church of stone,
now no one comes around.

Roof leaks a little more each year,
paints cracked upon the wall.
But seems to come alive each year,
when it's late up in the fall.

Something happens at the Church,
fills the animals with delight.
The Church seems to come alive,
mountains light up so bright.

Indian's say the Angels come here,
for to celebrate Christ birth.
All hear their singing in the Church,
Praise God and peace on earth.

Animals gather round this night,
to hear the angels sing.
For we will always be reminded,
of the day that Jesus came.

© Walt Chapman


Christmas Time

While wandering the streets of town
This lovely time of year,
I see the decorations that
Adorn the streets with cheer.

A snowy blanket covers all
While children laugh and play,
And people are so friendly as
They each go on their way.

And then I come upon a scene
So clearly made with care,
And many of us are so touched
To feel the spirit there.

I see the figure of The Child,
The dad and mother too,
And also there were animals,
A goat, a lamb, a ewe.

There were the wise men with the gifts
While angels were around;
So much was said within this scene,
Yet not an uttered sound.

This greatest gift, was what I saw
While tears welled in my eyes,
And others felt the same as I,
That too, was no surprise.

Then as I leave with hope renewed
And warmth within my heart,
I’ll do my best to share this love,
With all I will impart.

©James D. O'Brien


The Old Man

The old man struggled against
the bitterly cold winter winds
and the slippery, icy sidewalk
while holding on to his knapsack
as if there were treasures in it
A long time ago he'd been
a successful businessman,
but he'd given up
worldly pursuits
in order to follow
his heart and soul
on a spiritual quest,
therefore he survived
on a very modest income
Many people pointed at him
and laughed at his tattered old clothes,
but few felt comfortable looking into his eyes,
which seemed to penetrate into a person's being
as if he could see whom they really were inside
Although he rarely spoke to others unless they
happened to speak to him for some reason,
during the Christmas season he always
greeted everyone he met with a big smile,
a twinkle in his eyes, and a "Merry Christmas!"
One December day he cheerfully greeted
a very well-to-do woman and her friends
The woman, who was a bit affronted by him,
sarcastically and condescendingly asked him,
"And just what possible reasons
do you have to be merry?"
while snickering to her friends
"Good lady, I have my faith in God,
my soul which I'm trying to improve,
and my love and respect for all living things,
including you and your companions.
Therefore, I am truly blessed and
richer than I ever thought possible.
So, is it any wonder that I have
ample reasons for being merry?"
The woman and her friends were quite
taken back by the old man's response,
and she replied with bitterness and disdain,
"I think you're only saying that in the hopes
that I will give you some unearned handout!"
" I have not nor would I ask anything from you,
except perhaps for a little kindness in your words."
he gently replied with patient understanding
It was obvious from the look in her eyes
that the old man's comments had
surprised and embarrassed her,
and she lashed out with an icy voice,
"So why do you carry that raggedy old knapsack
as if it contained something of real value?"
"Dear lady, it does hold something of great value,
for you see, I have photos of those I love,
as well as some bread and berries in it
that I'm going to give to the little birds
in the beautiful park over there.
And, I'm sure that those birds are much more interested
in what's inside my knapsack than its appearance."
Then the old man politely bowed to the well-to-do ladies
and quietly and serenely continued walking towards the park

© dennis j hopkins



It's time for gentle snowflakes
to fall and kiss the ground
Falling from the skies above
Falling without a sound

The whiteness is a miracle
that brings a state of calm
Like angel wings a floating
To a heavenly written psalm

The way it wraps the tree tops
The bushes and the grass
It's beauty all around you
and you hope it will never pass

But you know it will be over
short lived this "special" day
However - keep your eyes on high
For it will come again your way

© Mr. Doug


Christmas Thoughts

The arrival of Christmas
Is like a new dawn,
Remembering the time
When Jesus was born.

The magic it holds
Brings a song to the heart,
It's the time of the year
To make a fresh start.

Snowflakes are drifting
On a light breeze.
Tinsel and baubles,
Adorning the trees.

Brightly wrapped presents
Piled in the hall,
Children all waiting
For Santa to call.

Jingle of sleighbells
Herald the night,
While carols are sung
In the soft candlelight.

Families are happy
Just being together,
Leaving sweet memories,
Lasting forever.

© Marion Jones


What Christmas Means

C - Stands for The Christ Child that was born in Bethlehem.

H - Is the Heavenly Father who sent His son for mortal man.

R - Means our Redemption plan, this Christ Child's birth did bring.

I - Is Intercession for our sins from Christ Our King.

S - Says the brightest Star that led the wise men on their way.

T - Stands for this Treasured babe God sent to us, that day.

M - Proclaims the Meaning that this Christ Child's birth conceived.

A - Means His Atonement, with Grace, that saves those who believe.

S - Is God's greatest Sacrifice, His son's life, for you and me.

© Vickie Lambdin


Home For Christmas

I'm sorry my friend that you lost your loved one
At this happy time of the year.
It saddens me to think of your great loss
With Christmas so very near.

I don't pretend to know the depth of God's plan
For you or your family,
But I know it's true that God loves you each one,
And it's true that God also loves me.

Perhaps God saw your loved one so dear
And said I know how long you've been away.
Then reached out his arms in a loving embrace
And whispered you'll be home with me Christmas Day.

© Bob Hefner


When an Angel Cries

Oh meet me near the Christmas tree
I'll share some moments with you
Of days gone by and times to come
And hope for things we can do.

This tree so arrayed with glitter and bulbs
Stands tall with green arms so spry
And shines on through this season of cheer
Will show what makes angels cry.

Beneath all this glowing array
Are packages one, two, and three
For each and every happy heart
Sheltered gracefully by this tree.

But no is not true for every tree,
That perhaps will just stand alone,
With a father who looks on with sad eyes,
At no gifts for each and every one.

Tho' the greatest gift was given by God,
And still beneath the tree lies,
If not opened by those gathered there,
That's when an angel cries.

© Ronnie Leviner



On a clear cold night in Bethlehem,
Our Prince of Peace was born.
His mother wrapped Him in swaddling clothes,
To keep Him oh so very warm.

The Holy Family was sheltered,
In a stable behind the inn.
There was no other room for Them,
To protect Them from the wind.

A brilliant star was shining,
Upon this manger of our Lord,
To guide the shepherds and their flock,
To God's wonderful and great Reward.

A Savior is given to us this night,
To save us from our sins,
And give us the gift of salvation,
From which our life in Heaven begins.

Oh Loving Son of our Creator God,
All the world will bend their knee to You.
Thank You Father for this Great Blessing,
Bestowed on us that You gave Your Son to do.

© L. M. Wilson


Christmas In Carmel

Along central California's coast
Lies a stretch
Of salty sands.
A sun scorched pier stands
On water weathered posts
Soaked to the knees.

Breakers toss and churn.
Waves gently roll inland,
Soft white foams
Caress the moist beach,
Planting a friendly kiss
On the sandy shore's cheek.

What a feeling
Just watching
Those many little sand pebbles
Being moved as her sudsy ripples
Penetrate the white sands.

Look closely!
See the water
And sand pebbles
Slowly slipping
Out to sea.

© Jim C. Cannon


Let's Not Forget the Reason

Listen to my story of what the word Christmas means to me
It is more than the bright lights you will see

It will reveal of our Dear Savior's birth
How a woman named Mary walked upon this earth

Joseph and Mary were on a journey when they came into this town
There were no room at the Inn, no place for them to lay down

Though Mary was having a baby, no one seemed to care
They went on with their merriment, fun was in the air.

There were no Luxuries for this baby it was born on a bed of hay
Can you imagine if Mary had the comforts of the Women of today

There among the animals in that dirty old barn
No warm fuzzy blanket to keep this Precious Baby warm

He was given the name Jesus, born that Christmas night
These thoughts come to my mind when I see all the lights

Born in a Manger no place to lay His head
Just the Hay for Mary and the baby, no fancy bed

Today there's so much Hoopla, everyone celebrating the Season
It is Jesus Birthday, Let's not forget the Reason

© Rose Ballard Durham


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