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The Poet's Desk is recognized as a Family Friendly Site.
No poems will be accepted with sexual content, profanity, porn, racism, hate or any poem that is inappropriate for the Family Friendly Organization guidelines.
Please limit your poems to Two (2) on the pages at ANY time.
Any more than TWO(2) will be DELETED without notice.
Also you will not be able to add but one(1) poem per day.
When one is selected for publishing, it will be retrieved from the Preview page and you may add another.
When you submit a poem, you MUST put your NAME and EMAIL address, along with your URL address, if you have one. If you want your poem linked to your website, you must designate it in the required place.
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The Poet's Desk is now open for you to submit your new poems for publication.
I do thank you all for being a very important part of this work.
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